Today Karen ask you to take the time to be grateful for your #1 friends. If we are lucky we have 2 or 3 of these. You know the ones, that are always there for you. Calling you before any major event to wish you luck. Then after to see how you went.

Are you also being that friend as well?

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Today Karen Shares that the quality of your life comes down to the quality of the questions that you ask yourself.
What questions are you asking and answering each and every day?
Listen for three great end of day questions that you can ask yourself and ask the family, which will improve the quality of your life and relationships.

Today, Karen shares all the healthy habits she has learnt from her male spoodle, Sirius. Please post below what habits you have learnt from your pets.

Today, Karen shares why she and Andrew, her husband bought their male spoodle in June 2012 and why they called him Sirius.

Would you like to take your intimate relationship to the next level? In this video Karen shares how you can easily go to the next level in your intimate relationships. Your Live Love Relationships. Reach out to Karen if you’d like her to assist you in designing your Live Love Life.

Would You Like to Create Balance in Your Life? In this video Karen shares how you can move beyond the “Total BS” that you can not live a balanced life. Reach out to Karen if you’d like her to assist you in designing your Live Love Life.

Do you ever take the time to Ground Yourself? Karen shares her morning walk to Forty Baskets (Northern Beaches, Sydney Australia) by herself, where she decided to ground herself whilst meditating.

In this video Karen discuss the song, “Affirmation” from Australian group Savage Garden. The beliefs mentioned in the song are very thought provoking. If you have never listened to the song, do yourself a favour and search it here on Youtube.

In this video, Karen shares 8 easy to implement Live Love Gems that will assist you to get rid of the brain fog and improve your mental clarity. With Clarity you can easily design your Live Love Life.