What is a Mindful Eater?

Mindful eating happens when you pay attention to what you eat, where you eat and how the food is making you feel in the present moment.

By becoming aware, you end the meal when you intuitively feel full and feel more satisfied. Mindfulness eating helps you to create a relationship between your food and your mind, body and soul.

Do you eat Mindfully?

Let’s find out by you taking the Mindfulness Eating Self-Assessment below.

Read the statements and note how they describe you or your eating behaviours in the past week.

There are 21 questions and the next question will appear after you answer the current question below.

The assessment will provide you with a score.

This is your starting point. Take the assessment on a regular basis (at least monthly) and notice how your score and mindfulness will improve over time especially when you follow the simple tips provided in the Live Love: Keys to Your Success video ~ Knowing and Treating Your Body as Your Greatest Asset.

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