Alan Stevens

As I walked into a networking event this man walks up to and says “Hi, I’m Alan Stevens, please tell me all about you as I’d love to know how I can help you.”

We chat for a little while.

Instantly connecting and knowing “he gets me.”

Then you find out, Alan has agreed to stand in for the advertised keynote.

Unflustered Alan shares he has spoken to most people here and whilst the conversations were similar, they were purposefully different.

As a face profiler and communication specialist, whilst walking towards you, he reads your face and then adapts his conversation to the way you like to be spoken to.

Are you big picture or detailed?

Your face tells the answer and much more!

Imagine how business would grow, when you and all your staff know how to effectively speak to everyone including each other in their preferred manner.

How quickly would that build rapport?

Would your closing rate increase?

Alan loves sharing how easy it is to learn this skill, as it is important that we all know how to communicate effectively, in all areas of our lives.

Below is Alan’s link The 7 Secrets toReading People to Increase Your Sales Conversions and Build Better Relationships.

Are you ready to communicate more effectively?

Here is the link:

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