Beyond Loss Comments

During a recent beyond loss webinar after sharing that there are over 40 loss events that can affect our lives, some attendees listed some of the losses they have experienced.

“Marriage separation, eldest son leaving home, moving house, income loss, retirement, sudden death of my 60-year-old husband, loss of certain friendships and career dreams, loss of work and income.”

We all will experience great loss many times throughout our lives.

As you can see it comes in many forms.

Yet it seems quite strange that most of usdo not know what to do or say when loss comes to visit.

We do not want to talk about, think about and we tell ourselves and everyone else “get over it, just carry on.”

No wonder there are so many people suffering in silence.

We have $trillionalcohol and pharmaceutical industries and that the suicide rate has grown to such high proportions.

Now with all that is going on in the world, thankfully we have a better solution.

I’ve schedule a Beyond Loss Webinar, every couple of weeks, to assist people move beyond any kind of loss.

Are you ready to know how to do this and create a better everyday life?

Then join me on the next webinar.

Link below.

Below are some comments from the Beyond Loss Webinar.

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