Birth Certificate

Does your birth certificate have an expiry date?

If it did, would you be doing something different today?

For years, I’ve been planning and living my life making sure that when the time comes, I’ll have no regrets.

That I’ve given life my best shot and done all the things that I was driven to do.

That I have lived and loved my life.

This is why my business is called “Live Love By Design.”

Are you doing that? So often we live like we have forever, we waste our most preciousasset, the one thing we can never replace ~ time.

Procrastinating, not doing what lights us up. Not saying what we would like to share.

Hanging with people who are no longer “our crowd.”
Oblivious to the fact that we can’t get back that day when we sat on the couch, not feeling well because we overindulged the day before.

I believe we are all here to leave our fingerprint. To make a difference.

It could be a huge difference where we touch a multitude of lives or a small one where we touch a few.

Are you consciously designing a life you live and love?

It does not matter how you leave the world as long as its better for having you here.

Are you ready to get out of your own way and start living like your birth certificate does have an expiry date?

Lets chat.

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