For me, I’ve noticed that success no longer means excess.

My life is simplified.

Bringing much more joy and happiness.

Beyond what I ever felt possible.

Sometimes when we are busy chasing the huge success that we feel means more, more, more, we get lost in the pursuit.

We disconnect from our true self.

Becoming an addict looking for the next shiny thing that we think is going to fill that big void that we have within us.

A void that can’t be filled by things, experiences or others. You can only reconnect to you by STOPPING.

Taking the time to ask those deep questions, about what really brings us joy – in every area of our life?

ATM we’ve all been asked to stop.

Many of us are fighting it. Wanting their old life back.

Not knowing how to just BE.

Forgetting that life is constantly changing.

Loss always comes to visit to assist us to change.

To stop us living in a ground hog day daze!

Assisting people to move beyond any kind of loss is my speciality.

I’m looking forward to the new world we’re all creating.

I feel it will benefitthe many, not just the few.

How about you?

Are you ready to make joy your new focus?

#beyondloss #lovelife #joyfulife