Have you noticed that when loss comes to visit most people become all consumed by the loss?

They rarely look for the gain.We all live in a world of opposites.Negative: Positive.

Love: Hate. Win: Lose. Dark: Light Happy: Sad. It’s how we create balance.

We know this. Our whole life has shown us this.

We have free choice, so why do many stay stuck in one, never looking for the other?One of my friends could not move on from her ex cheating on her which led to their divorce.

Five years later she was still talking about the pain of it all.

Even with her lovely new boyfriend sitting beside her.I started asking her questions about what she had gained from the separation/divorce.

At first, she thought I was crazy.

Though I persisted. I even started suggesting a few.Then she started adding to them.

We came up with 20 different things shehad gained.

They are the gems that I love to call “The Gift of Loss.”When we are stuck in the suffering and grieving, sometimes all we requireis a different perspective.

Someone to lead us, onto our Gift of Loss pathway.

A pathway to you creating your better everyday life.

I specialise in being your Beyond Loss Navigator.

Reach out when you’re ready to move beyond any kind of loss.

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