Life is a journey of love and loss

Do you know where saying “God Bless You” after someone sneezes originated?

Apparently, it became a common response during the 14th century black plague.

I wonder what our current pandemic’s common phrase will be.

I’ve noticed I’m saying and writing “I love you” and “Stay well” more often.

How about you, are you responding more consciously, more heartfelt than before?

Life is a journey of love and loss.

A huge reason most people suffer and grieve, after any kind of loss, is for the things that they did not say or do.

They have regrets, that they now may not have an opportunity to rectify.

They don’t know how to come back to love.

How about you, have you lovingly completed all your loss events? Have you released the angst and regrets that are holding you back from living and loving your best life?

Now is the perfect time to do just that. We are moving into a new world. One, I am pretty sure will be more loved based.

Join me Wednesday 22nd April on the Beyond Loss Webinar. Purposely designed to provide you with the knowledge to easily move from loss to love.

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