Which of your habits can be enhanced through consciously looking at them?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes, things that are initially frustrating and annoying end up being a blessing in disguised?

The other day, I unwisely made an online purchase and within seconds my credit card company text me to say that I had five transactions from the one company.

They ended up blocking my account and would send me a new credit card in 5-10 business days.

Oh no, I purchase everything on my card. And what was even more frustrating was that I knew all the numbers (yes, all 23 digits) without looking at the card.

How will I live without my credit card?

Very quickly I thought, OK transfer some money into your debit card and use thatfor the next 10 days.

Brilliant.What is even more brilliant is that now I more conscious of every purchase.

“Do I really need this item?’ “how much money do I have on the debit card?”My spending has decreased.

My purchasing procedures have now been changed forever.

Once again, I have unwrapped the Gift of Loss.

The new awareness around my past unconscious spending habits, made me ask the question “What other habits, can I bring some consciousness to and possibly enhance?’

Which one of your habits that you’d bring some consciousness to?

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