Say yes to me

Did you know that you are the only person you will spend your entire life with?

When I first realised this, I was in my mid 50’s.

Surprised it had taken me so long. Then I realised I’d was raised to believe if you put yourself first, you are being selfish.

Now I know that’s quite ridiculous, as the more I look after me and fill my cup, the more I can be there for others.

When I receive a request now, I ask this question “If I say Yes to this, Am I saying No to me?”Simple question that means a lot to you, mentally, emotionally, physical and spiritually.

Recently a friend of a friend asked me to come along to a Line Dancing class that sheis teaching.This was a simple YES.

Two hours of moving, as opposed to possibly sitting on the couch, with the added bonus of being able to wear my boots and a hat.

Oh yes please, that sounds like FUN and HATS really suit me!!!It is so much fun. Most of us are beginners so many laughs especially when you are the only one facing the wrong way, as you turned left instead of right.

What are you saying yes to that possibly should have been a NO?

And more importantly, what are you saying NO to that definitely should have been a YES?

Remember: It is your life, it’s to design a life that you live and love. If you live on the Gold Coast come join me!

#beyondloss #lovinglife #valuingyou