Sharing Tips for the transition Guest appearance July 2020

Have you lost something or someone important to you recently? Your job? A family member?

Life as you knew it?There are 40+ loss events that can affect our lives. I feel in just the last few months that you’ve experienced many of them! I know how you feel.

As a Beyond Loss Mentor, I assist many people who are doing it tough. Which is why I share my wisdom on some amazing shows.

And today it is with pleasure that I share my latest conversation with Maria Tomas-Keegan, Show Producer and Host of “From upside Down to right Side up ~ Tips for the Transition” on Voice America TV.

Personally, I feel this is one of my best conversations about how you can move beyond loss.

The link to the show is in comments below. It is 56 minutes, worth the time as you will receive many GEMS as I share my unique process for understanding how loss affects us, about coping mechanisms–the good and the bad, and tips that will help you now and in the future when loss hits home, again.

If even one gem from this episode hits a nerve or speaks to your heart, please take aquick second to RATE THE SHOW using the star-rating below the video.

Then SHARE IT, so we can create more ripples around the world to let women know they are not alone.

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