The Roles we Play

Have you ever stopped and looked at how many roles you play in a day?

On Monday, I was a meditator, an exerciser, a wife, a blogger, a contributor, an interviewee, a mentor (few times), a collaborator, a buddy, a friend, a mother and then from 4pm, for 24 hours I got to play my favourite role…………… NannaKaz.

We all wear so many hats, yet do we wear them well?Do you “phone it in” or consciously move from one to the other.

For the majority of the roles listed, I consciously moved from one to the other. I stopped as I finished one, closed my eyes and took a conscious loving breath.

Taking in all that I had gained and given whilst in that role.

Some lasted for 20 mins, some an hour and some a lot longer.

What I have noticed about being NannaKaz is that I make sure my calendar is clear.

I dedicate the time to 14-month Rafael.I am learning so much from him.

Watching him learning and growing. His curious little mind.

How he watches them copies. How he remembers everything.

How he makes you feel, especially when he gives you his “sink into you” hug.

Time is precious.

Are you the “super star” in every role you play? Or a Z grade-actor in your groundhog day daze?

Choose Wisely. The more present you are, the more GIFTS you receive.

#beyondloss #beyondsuffering #startlovinglife