What would you do if this had been said to you?

What would you do if this had been said to you?

“In the new company, you won’t have your current title, though you will be doing everything you’re doing now and more.”

Initially I thought, “fine by me.”

Until they said, “Your salary will be 2/3rd of your current salary.”

I was peeved.

For 4.5 years I’d been CFO of this publicly listed company. They had taken so much from me.

I’d put them first. Above my health, my family, everything in my life.

And this is how they repay me?

Luckily, I had the weekend to decide my best option.

I followed my first two “Crisis Management” steps:

  1. 1. STOP. Take a few conscious loving breaths. Breathe deep into your belly. Feel the peace and the calm return to you.
  2. 2. REFLECT. Ask yourself thought provoking meaningful questions for the best way forward.

I also looked at my reflection in the mirror.

I was shocked.

I did not recognize me. How long had I been this disconnected?

Can you relate?

My former manager gave me the greatest gift.

I choose redundancy.

And commenced my Beyond Loss Life Coach journey. I assist people to unwrap the Gift of Loss.

Did you know there are over 40 different loss events that can affect our lives?

What’s your beyond loss strategy?

Please answer below.

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