Have you ever felt, ‘surely there must be an easier way to motivate staff?’

As NLG Ltd.’s C.F.O., Karen Chaston asked this question all the time. Though now as a Beyond Loss Mentor, Speaker and Author, she has found the answer.

For far too long, we’ve been expecting our employees to be present and productive whilst leaving their problems at the door. As people are not one-dimensional this desire is unrealistic.

When we fine-tune employee recognition and engagement, we create a company where everyone is an engaged stakeholder in making the best possible product, whilst offering the best possible service, whilst building the strongest possible company.

This presentation highlights how “The People & Profits Connection” is the single largest productively gain you’ve been seeking.
In this session you will learn:
• How to assist your employees to rock up each and every day, present and productive
• The benefits from valuing employees, customers and shareholders as equal stakeholders
• The three ‘must-have’ insights that ensure your people, purpose and profits are thriving

This session is a must for any manager looking for ways to reduce staff turnover whilst increasing staff morale, productivity and profits.

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What People are Saying

Thanks Karen; very interesting informative and well presented.

Thanks for the webinar. I loved it, it was excellent and I loved your natural presentation style.

Thank you for some great information and education.

Thank you Karen, great presentation

Karen Chaston: Beyond Loss Mentor, Speaker, Author, CPA Former CFO Publicly listed Company.

“I feel like I’m at the stage in my life, where honestly, I’m interested in giving back through showing people an easier way to do life, one where they don’t have to settle for less. One where they can learn from any mistakes I’ve already made. One that really makes it possible for them to move beyond any of the 40+ different loss events that can affect our lives, Assisting people to live their dream life where every relationship in their life is complete, especially the one with them self. That is the true Essence of Live Love By Design.”  ~ Karen Chaston

As a former corporate Chief Financial Officer, Karen brings a unique perspective; extensive business experience and hard-earned wisdom that she wished were available to her when she needed them. Her many Live Love gems (tools and tips) will assist you to create your new normal life after any major loss. You will love who you become, all your relationships and any work you do will become more meaningful and effective.

For more details about Karen, her programs and other publications please visit: www.karenchaston.com and www.livelovebydesign.com