Are You An Expert in Your Field? Do You Like to Have Conversations Online? Would You Like to Be Part of A New Groundbreaking Online TV Show?
At Live Love By Design TV, we believe that to design and then create your dream life, you need to look at and embrace all aspects of your life.
For ease we have categorised the nine areas of life under four * All About You. * All About Your Relationships. * All About Your Expertise. *All About Your Wealth-Creation.
Does your Expertise fall under one of these four Live Love By Design Pillars?
If you have answered YES, than we would love to have a conversation with you on Live Love By Design TV.
Click on the link to register your interest. Make sure you do it soon as Expert Applications are considered on a first come basis for each Area of Life under each Live Love Pillar.
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In this video Karen shares some of her son’s wedding photos. Karen and her husband Andrew flew to Poland in July 2018, with some of her friends to help celebrate the love of Angelika and Josh.

We all have so many diverse parts to our business expertise, though there are only a few that we are really passionate about you know the ones, where you light up when you talk about them and you know that its one place where you can make a huge difference in the world.

Here’s to us bridging the 14.6% gender pay gap earlier than the predicted 100 years. Please share this post and ask that any woman who is being under paid and does not know how to value her worth or ask for what she deserves to reach out to me via email Or visit my websites
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Today Karen shares her evening with Jane Fonda. Yes you read correct, last night, (287th August 2018) along with 2,000 other people she spent the evening listening to Jane Fonda sharing her wisdom at the Sydney Opera House. It truly was an “Icon at an Iconic Building”
Enjoy some of Jane’s wisdom that Karen shares in this video along with some photos. Jane truly has designed her Live Love Way of Life.

Today Karen shares how she loves to work with corporate women who are struggling to get ahead without the huge cost on them personally, mentally, physically, emotionally and on their relationships. As a former CFO of a publicly listed company she has personally lived their life. She knows what they are going through. This is why she brings a unique perspective, showing them easily how to achieve every thing they desire and how to thrive in a male dominated world. She saw her salary grow in 3 years from $141k to over $300k. Sharing how to ask and receive the salary you deserve, is one of her many unique Live Love Gems. For more information on how Karen can assist you email her now

In today’s little video, Karen shares how you can easily dress for your videos. Freeing up your time and energy for creating great content.

Today Karen is standing, filming on her gimbal whilst sharing her great little tip about building fantastic relationships (with others and yourself) through the questions you ask. Karen shares her daily three questions that assist you to learn more and to see how you are growing and learning each and every day.
Karen was standing in her all-time favourite spot just above Fairlight beach looking out through Sydney heads. Have to love a horizon…. endless possibilities. This is a great place to ground yourself, standing barefoot on the cliff!!!
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In this interview Karen chats with WMAP ~ World’s Most AMazing People – Radio, sharing her story and wisdom as to how she founded Live Love By Design. A brand that includes online and offline courses, live trainings, talks, book and much much more.
This truly is a wealth of wisdom that Karen wishes was available to her when she was in her teens, 20’s, 30’s 40’s and early 50’s.
Enjoy listening.

In today’s video, Karen shares what she would like to be known for, whis is being the inspirational founder of the Live Love: Give Back to Teens Project. The project will sponsor a million young women into the Live Love: Keys to a Young Woman’s Success online program. Of course this will happen prior to her moving onto her next adventure, though the project will continue to sponsor women for centuries after my exit…. stage “beyond”.

Today Karen thought she would share some personal facts about herself.
As she said “Nothing like getting up early on a saturday morning to dress up, show up and share some personal gems about yourself!!”
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