Today Karen continues on from yesterday’s post where she discussed the 5 Regrets of the Dying, specifically #4 “I wish that I not lost contact with friends”. This morning Karen had an hour long conversation with a friend she had not spoken to for 21 years. They had been besties for around 16 before their falling out. Both asked each other for forgiveness and realised that they had both done what was right for them at that time. Reach out to an old friend, today. Or Maybe energetically send them love and forgiveness today. Life is too short. It’s time to live your Live Love Way of Life. A life where you live and love each and every day. Love who you are. Love your life. And create your dreams faster.
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Today Karen looks at a specific relationship, namely the one with your pets. Karen is blessed to have her amazing spoodle, Sirius Black as part of her family. In this video she sharse how he came to live with her, why they called him Sirius Black and some great shots of him being a human’s best friend. He truly has only unconditional love to share with everyone in her life. He has helped them heal and he has an amazing sense of humour and know when it’s game time.
No wonder dogs are referred to as GOD on earth….. (reverse their name, just another confirmation.)
When you take time to reflect upon all your relationships you can easily come into love and gratitude – for everyone and everything in our life..
Enjoy this video and please share some photos of your pet.
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In this video Karen shares some of her son’s wedding photos. Karen and her husband Andrew flew to Poland in July 2018, with some of her friends to help celebrate the love of Angelika and Josh.

Today Karen is standing, filming on her gimbal whilst sharing her great little tip about building fantastic relationships (with others and yourself) through the questions you ask. Karen shares her daily three questions that assist you to learn more and to see how you are growing and learning each and every day.
Karen was standing in her all-time favourite spot just above Fairlight beach looking out through Sydney heads. Have to love a horizon…. endless possibilities. This is a great place to ground yourself, standing barefoot on the cliff!!!
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Today Karen would like to ask why are we all so busy and not really enjoying ourselves when we have no down time? Enjoy today’s post and please comment below and like and share.

Today Karen ask you to take the time to be grateful for your #1 friends. If we are lucky we have 2 or 3 of these. You know the ones, that are always there for you. Calling you before any major event to wish you luck. Then after to see how you went.

Are you also being that friend as well?

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Today, Karen shares all the healthy habits she has learnt from her male spoodle, Sirius. Please post below what habits you have learnt from your pets.