This video is the 11th in a series of 16 videos where Karen is sharing her wisdom from when she appeared on the “The Truth Will Set You Free” show, with Linda D. Wattley.

In this episode, Karen shares how she credits her son Dan, who passed away in July 2011, for showing her a new perspective a new awareness on how to live your best life, your Live Love Way of Life.
Karen has even listed Dan as a co-author of the Live Love By Design book.
She loves sharing how connected she is with Dan and how he daily shows her signs that he is travelling with her, guiding her.

As you will see Karen loves sharing her Live Love By Design wisdom, especially as it has been divinely guided. She loves to assist others to live their best life, learning from her unconscious-incompetent mistakes.

Remember that all the live love gems, rituals and exercises were created to ensure you can close the gap easily from where you are today, to where you have dreamt you would like to be.
When you are ready to design a life where you live and love each and every day, love who you are, love your whole life and create your dreams faster, reach out to Karen, today.

Enjoy this video and remember that you can download a free pdf copy of the Live Love By Design book by visiting.

With Love and Gratitude
Karen Chaston