Today Karen is once again chatting with Kellie from WMAP ~ World’s Most Amazing People.
The conversation is about why Karen was drawn to create the Live Love: Give Back to Teens Project.
The Project raises awareness around the issues young women face because of teen pregnancy. Times have changed. The issues haven’t. Help spread the wisdom, heart and advice Karen wishes was available to her. Let’s change lives.
This program contains all the wisdom that Karen wished had been available to her, not only as a teenager, though also in her 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

Karen believes that life would have been so much easier. She believes life would have flowed and she would not have had to struggle so much with her life changing decisions. She would have understood that life is All About You. All About Your Relationships. All About Your Expertise and All About Your Wealth-Creation. And more importantly, that you can create balance when you Live and Love by Design.

Enjoy this video and remember that you can download a free pdf copy of the Live Love By Design book by visiting.

With Love and Gratitude
Karen Chaston