Bianca Caruana

Digital Nomad
Living Life as an Adventure, Empowered by Technology, After Breaking Free From the Constraints of the Physical Workplace!

“Leaving a Legacy of Courage to Follow Your Dreams & Become the Most Truest Version of Yourself.”

Bianca Caruana:

An All Round Changemaker Who Dedicates Her time to Connecting With Others

Whilst Encouraging Them to Make a Difference in The World.

Bianca Caruana Short Bio

Bianca is a self made digital nomad, social entrepreneur and all round change-maker who dedicates her time to connecting with others and encouraging us to make a difference in the world.

She founded LOCWOM Australia, a social enterprise supporting community development in Nepal through fair trade. She also runs responsible travel blog and podcast The Altruistic Traveller, promoting eco-tourism and tourism for community development, and lastly, she created Bee Designs Co, a virtual assistant for ethical businesses. All with the aim to promote compassion and altruism in our world.

Bianca Caruana:

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Bianca Caruana: Live Love By Design Complete Guest Profile

Bianca was born and raised in the southern suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

She was the first born and after her sister came into the world two years later her parents separated. Soon after her mum met her new partner, who had a daughter from another marriage. Bianca now had 2 sisters and then, years later, was given another brother, and 3 more brothers followed. The youngest of them all is 20 years her junior.

Growing up she was a shy girl but had a very supportive group of adults around her. She was always taught that perseverance and ambition were important qualities in life. Her nature was soft and calm and this persona stayed with her into her adult years. This calm, empathic persona would lead her to pursue a life of philanthropy, but not before the hustle of Sydney and external influences led her down a corporate path.

After working her way up the corporate ladder, from a young naive assistant to a strong, resilient manager Bianca knew that she needed to be active in the community space. After years in a corporate role that unveiled a hierarchy of dominance, apathy and greed she made a brave choice to give it all up and pave a new life that was more in line with her morals and values of compassions and community.

Bianca has most recently left a role as a Project Manager for a small creative digital agency to pursue the life of a digital nomad, where she can use her skills in community engagement and digital marketing to make a difference to the lives of others.

She is proud to leave a legacy of courage to follow her dreams and be the most truest version of herself that she could possibly be.

Currently she resides in a sublet in her favourite suburb in Sydney, Balmain. In October 2018, she will live out of her backpack as she travels to India to work with a remote community, promoting ways that responsible tourism can sprout community development in the region.

Bianca has chosen a life without children. She loves being an Auntie to her two nieces but has no urge to start a family of her own as her ambition and work to help others is the one thing she will dedicate most of her life to.

0:14 hello and welcome to another episode of live love by design TV
0:19 I’m Karen Chaston the show host and executive producer of this
0:24 groundbreaking TV show because it truly is a place where you will learn to live
0:29 and love each and every day to love who you are to love your life and to create
0:35 your dreams faster and today I feel so honoured to have the beautiful Bianca
0:43 Caruana in the studio with me today welcome Bianca. Thanks so much Karen I am really looking forward to being on the show I know she’s an amazing
0:53 lady and not only is she an amazing lady she’s actually a digital nomad
1:00 now come on Bianca what the hell is a digital nomad well a digital nomad
1:06 is basically somebody who can work from anywhere in the world
1:10 so we live in this world now everything is online and a few of us who work in
1:15 that industry can have the privilege of doing their work from anywhere in the
1:20 world hence nomad wow that sounds amazing like I think you’ve made that
1:26 name up or is it actually a name where people are actually called that now
1:31 people have actually called that now so it’s become a growing community of
1:35 people who have chosen to live a life that’s on the road and incorporate their
1:42 work while traveling isn’t that amazing you have to love the world we live in
1:46 like seriously when I was your age and you’re you’re
1:50 very young you want to tell you about how young you are. I’m
1:53 32 now how you young is that and how beautiful its a great age
1:58 actually your 30s are really great it’s a great stage where you can actually start
2:04 to design the life that you truly want in your 20s you’re still very much
2:10 finding who you are and you know trial and error and whereas come your 30s it’s
2:16 a perfect time to actually start to design your you live like way of life as
2:20 I love to say and you’re certainly doing that like the fact that your digital
2:25 nomad I think it’s so cool so exactly what do you do because obviously there’s
2:30 different sorts of digital nomads um so my background is in digital marketing
2:36 and web so I’m a virtual assistant where I basically help people to I make an
2:43 extension of their team basically so I provide them with the services like
2:49 digital marketing sometimes admin anything that they can do online I can
2:53 do for them but it’s just an extension of their team because we live in this
2:58 world where we just sometimes don’t have time to do these things and I think a
3:02 lot of people if you don’t have another employee in your business especially a
3:06 lot of small businesses they really struggle to move forward because there’s
3:10 these things that they just don’t have time to do and so as a virtual assistant
3:14 I am that person who can do those things so you track so traveling the world and
3:20 doing this is travel one of your key key things to do is it your passion yes so
3:29 travel is a huge passion of mine I’m very active or for the past three years
3:34 I’ve been very active in the responsible tourism space so basically sharing with
3:40 others how they can use travel to make a positive impact
3:44 on the lives of others in any country really is even developing countries and
3:49 also how they can use sustainable travel to make a positive impact on the places
3:56 that they visit so what is an example of sustainable travel for our viewers so an example of
4:02 sustainable travel would be for example if you are traveling to a region instead
4:06 of maybe spending all your time in a very popular 5-star hotel
4:11 maybe you could research some home stays in the areas stay with a local
4:16 family and that way the money that you’re spending in this place is really
4:20 directly going to the local community rather than being filtered through a
4:25 middleman and kind of helping these communities that may not have income
4:30 generation to be able to get that through tourism well what a great idea
4:35 because I’ve also found them when you travel and you hang out with the locals
4:40 you always get to go to different places that you would never have gone to and
4:44 you see a different side of the city or the place where you are through doing it yeah
4:49 it’s it’s so authentic I mean some of the experience that I’ve have had a just
4:54 so authentic you really get to interact with the locals eat the local food and
5:00 it’s just this whole other way of travelling that I think in one at one
5:05 time people were a bit scared of that but now you know the Internet’s came in
5:10 everyone’s just so open to connecting and being able it’s quite easy to have
5:15 these kind of experiences and safe as well wow that sounds amazing
5:20 and it’s so do you do a blog on that to help people to find like where to do
5:26 that because I’m sure some areas in the world you would recommend you don’t do
5:30 it there yes that’s right yeah so there’s definitely some things that you need to
5:36 consider but I do I have a blog so the blog is called the altruistic traveller
5:41 and it’s basically about incorporating travel and altruism
5:45 which is selflessness and this blog has always been so important to me and for
5:51 so long I was thinking how am I going to put all this effort into this blog but
5:56 also have my income stream you know and be able to be in these places and also
6:03 be able to have that income stream rather than having to be in Sydney
6:07 waiting for so long and then temporarily going to these places and coming back so
6:12 let’s talk about that what did you do before like you mentioned that you’re
6:16 always in digital marketing but what made you decide to actually say do you
6:24 know what I’m going to stop my 9-5 job which never was nine to five of course
6:30 and and I’m going to go and do and combine my passion with my purpose and
6:36 get it all together and travel the world doing what I love
6:40 well a few different incidents and so supposing one of them was working with
6:48 you Oh Thank you to really kind of map out how I’m going to do this and change my
6:55 mindset from I can’t do this toI can – yes turning the old impossible into
7:01 I’m possible exactly and and and it happened really quickly didn’t it because we only
7:08 really had a month of conversations and it was just questions yeah and and
7:14 that’s what I always say your life always comes down to the questions that
7:20 you’re asking yourself because when you start to ask questions the answers are
7:26 going to be revealed and through the answers you get the action steps and
7:31 through taking those action steps now that’s the most important part of it
7:34 you’ve got to actually do the action steps you will birth you’re new to live
7:38 my way of life and that’s exactly what you did you were a pleasure to work with
7:42 because you actually took all the action steps everything I asked you to do you
7:47 did and it was a lot of soul-searching wasn’t it it was
7:51 searching and it wasn’t really that difficult when you kind of sit with
7:55 yourself and have a conversation with yourself and really ask yourself these
8:00 broad questions and actually one of my favorite exercises was the automatic
8:06 writing one where you just kind of let yourself sit with yourself and really
8:11 get the answers to these questions that you have inside what do you really want
8:16 when do you want to achieve it by that was very important yes I think having a
8:21 tangible day to say by this date for me it was actually September 30 as I said I
8:27 want to be on the path to where I can have these both of these important
8:33 things in my life and by what date did it come it will actually left my last job I gave
8:40 my notice I think it would have been around the 15th September, so you came in early it is about connecting
8:49 to future you yes and saying will future me be happy if this is all I do for the
8:58 rest of my life and what did future you say to you
9:02 hmm well it was I knew future me I knew that this is where I wanted to be and
9:11 look it’s not going to be you know I’m not a hundred percent sure what the future
9:17 will hold but I’m not scared because I just know that I am absolutely a hundred
9:24 percent living my truth and you know it doesn’t go 100 percent according to plan
9:29 that’s fine but I know that I’m willing to take those chances and to actually
9:35 try and walk that path because if i sat in that job and I never did that then
9:40 how would I ever know exactly and that’s what I love and I can tell you right now
9:44 it is not going to go the way that you plan it because we don’t know what we
9:49 don’t know it’s going to be bigger and better it’s going to be amazing
9:54 because you’re going to learn so many lessons along the way that you can’t
10:00 possibly know where you’re going to be and and that’s the best thing about it
10:04 you’re a smart girl you will look after yourself and you actually even know how
10:10 to manifest things obviously she did it two weeks earlier than planned but it’s
10:14 believing in who you are and that’s what this really comes down to that’s what I
10:19 love about live love by design and you honestly are my ideal perfect person to
10:25 work with because you still are in that I’m willing to learn phase now a lot of
10:31 people the older they get they know everything and believe me they don’t I
10:36 wish I did no I know I actually like the fact that I don’t know everything
10:40 because I know that I’m going to learn to the day that I pass to the day I go
10:45 on to my next adventure and when we embrace that we actually are
10:50 so willing to change and to and to know that like the world is so amazing like
10:57 believe me what I was born I was born in the late 50s like there’s no way I
11:02 would’ve thought we’re here filming a TV show oh my camera on my phone like how
11:08 easy is that yeah it’s amazing and we can touch
11:13 people all over the world with these amazing ideas like you know digital
11:19 nomad, I know I’m gonna get over it pretty cool I just think it’s it is because
11:27 it describes you to a tee but not only that it lights you up every time you say
11:32 it or hear it you just get the biggest smile on your face and I have to say I
11:37 heard this saying the other day which I really do embrace it and I really would
11:41 like all women to embrace this the best makeup any woman can wear is a smile now isn’t that beautiful because how many women don’t smile
11:50 well I yeah I mean did you smile much when you were in your 9-5 job oh not
11:58 so much I think when I didn’t believe that I could do the things that I wanted
12:04 to do I probably didn’t smile as much anything but you know there’s this kind
12:09 of light that comes out when you actually start believing in yourself and
12:12 it’s interesting that we were talking about being in your 30s versus being in
12:16 your 20s I did not believe in myself at all in my 20s probably even up until I
12:21 was about 31 I didn’t believe in myself well you got a lot earlier than a lot of
12:26 people people in their fifties and sixties still don’t believe in
12:28 themselves yeah so you get this at a young age and
12:32 you know I said thirty is a great age for me to work with any younger is even
12:36 better you know I mean because I truly do wish that I had this wisdom is
12:40 understanding when I was a lot younger not that my life’s been bad it just
12:45 would have been different I would have been open to new concepts
12:49 I wouldn’t be so stuck in this is the way you live your life this is the way
12:53 you do it to understand you have to design your life not allow circumstances
13:01 just to take you into this job or this sort of position and stuff like that to
13:06 actually design it how quickly does it come when you take the time to design it
13:11 that’s true and also I just wanted to add a point of letting yourself be
13:16 influenced by people I think is one very important thing, not negatively, no positively
13:29 surround yourself with the positive people the people that sort of believe
13:33 in you and then you let yourself be influenced by them and people that you
13:38 look up to I think people that inspire you I think it’s what that has been a
13:44 very important part for me so who is someone in your life who has inspired
13:48 you um well yeah you, apart from me Kathy yeah how beautiful Kathy Wong I shout out to
14:00 Kathy we love you Kathy and she’s traveling the world doing amazing things
14:05 as well yeah she so we’re both involved in the social impact space and she’s
14:10 just such a go-getter and I think meeting her I really had that strong
14:16 female influence to look up to I think for a long time I sort of felt like I
14:21 was a bit alone in my space but when I met her being such a strong woman
14:26 also actively involved in our space also someone that’s really just such a
14:31 go-getter and really just sets these goals and and does what she can to
14:37 achieve them that inspired me because I knew that I could do that as well but I
14:41 just hadn’t had someone like that to look up to in a while yeah and she did
14:47 introduced us actually yeah that’s right which was amazing huh so and I love the
14:51 fact that I don’t want to say the word ordinary everyday people
14:57 who have inspired your which is great because it is those people that we do
15:03 have conversations with that we do spend time with and we do start to go I like
15:08 the way she does that I like the way he does that I think I’ll embrace that into
15:13 my design which is really important watch what other people do and take on
15:19 those sort of little concepts and then I like to say take a little bit from here
15:24 a little there and then you make your own cake and
15:27 that’s exactly how you can live your life I think so yeah for sure I think we
15:31 sometimes get confused that if somebody’s doing the same thing as you
15:35 they’re a competition or you’re copying them but that’s not it we all inspire
15:40 each other in so many ways the smallest of ways like for example
15:44 how it’s something that someone else is using maybe you could use that as well
15:49 or just the smallest things and I think it shouldn’t be the word competition
15:54 should be is but rather than inspiration yes it is a nice word yeah it is I
16:00 always say I’m only in competition with yesterday me oh yeah yes because
16:06 yesterday me inspires me to become future me yeah always learning from
16:11 things that you could have done better or things that you do exactly the same
16:14 next time as well Bianca I’ve so loved talking with you doing today
16:18 and you have I believe a free gift for all of our viewers a free gift I should
16:23 say for all of our viewers today so what is that well I want to all the viewers
16:28 today I’m going to be offering my two-day virtual assistant packages for
16:33 the price of one so basically that means you have made for two days to look after
16:38 your digital marketing if you don’t know how to do Facebook or your instagram is
16:43 looking a bit yuck I will be able to look after all that
16:47 for you two days worth of work for the price of one
16:50 I’m also very efficient so it’s probably three days I’m sure you are now you’ve got a good in
16:56 a good reason to be very efficient isn’t it so that you can go into the beautiful
17:00 playgrounds where you’re actually hanging out so why sit at your desk all
17:04 day when you’re travel in the world exactly yeah
17:08 thank you Bianca I so look forward to following you because I just know
17:09 that the
17:15 time you get to my age and let’s face it on double your age
17:18 at the moment by the time I get to your age and you get to my age I’m sure that
17:24 you are going to be the biggest inspiration to so many people and you
17:29 are going to be out there and people are going be I want to be her Oh thank you so much I hope so
17:37 I still have a lot to learn but yeah I mean that’s a bit of time so thank you
17:46 thank you for being here I just love hanging out with you so that’s it for
17:50 another episode over live love by design as you can see we have these amazing
17:55 guests here all the time inspiring us to actually design a life
18:01 that we truly want to live and love each and every day so we can love who we are
18:05 we can love our life and we create our dreams faster so hopefully I will see
18:11 you on another episode real soon and in the meantime please spend some time
18:17 looking after your best friend in your life and that’s you bye
18:39 English


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As a former corporate Chief Financial Officer, Karen brings a unique perspective; extensive business experience and hard-earned wisdom that she wished were available to her when she needed them. Her many Live Love gems (tools and tips) will assist you to create your new normal life after any major loss. You will love who you become, all your relationships and any work you do will become more meaningful and effective.

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