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Jill Healy-Quintard:

Body and Balance ~ Pilates Yoga Fitness

Cultivating healthy bodies and clear minds, offline and online classes
that cater for a variety of groups, from singles, to schools, to families, corporates and mums with bubs.

Jill Healy-Quintard Short Bio

Jill Healy-Quintard has trained and worked for more than 30 years in fitness and wellness for the body and the mind. She is highly trained and experienced having come from a dance and teaching background.

Jill trained in dance as a young girl and when completing high school trained as a teacher specialising in teaching children with learning difficulties. She also studied acting and ran a drama school at the same time as moving into fitness. Dancing, teaching and acting training all play integral parts in the skilled and knowledgeable way she is able to work with all ages and fitness levels and provide a thorough program in order to bring out the best in people.
Her classes are taught with her client’s health and wellness always in mind and with this she brings these skills as well as a sense of fun to all her classes. Clients always leave a class feeling energised as well as calm and relaxed after Body and Balance total Mind/Body and balanced workouts. Classes include Pilates, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Pilates®, YogaPilates Fusion® and A45+ Fitness Fusion® (Dance/YogaPilates). Pro-age and healthy ageing motivate Jill to keep everyone moving no matter what their age.

Each style of Fitness and wellness are appropriate for small or large groups, schools, one on one and corporate.

Jill Healy-Quintard:

Your Free Gift From Jill Healy-Quintard

Jill has kindly offered her infamous Yoga Nidra 10 minute download session.
Yoga Nidra is described as the waking sleep, as it can take the participant to a state of conscious deep sleep. It is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, emotional and mental relaxation. The practitioner appears to be sleeping but the unconscious mind is functioning at a deeper level. It is sleep with deep awareness. In normal sleep we lose track of our self, but in Yoga Nidra, while consciousness of the world is dim and relaxation is deep, there remains an inward feeling of lucidity and the experience may be absorbed and even recalled after.

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Jill Healy-Quintard: Live Love By Design Complete Guest Profile

Jill Healy-Quintard was born at the Mater Hospital North Sydney and lived in Kirribilli until 8 years of age. Jill’s mother Lynda was born in Melbourne and her father was a wealthy German architect brought out to Australia to be on the design team of the Sydney Cahill Expressway and her mother was a Welsh aristocrat.

Jill has a younger sister Kerri Anne, who is an artist and Kerri and Jill grew up in what was then considered an alternative lifestyle to the lifestyle of their school friends. They lived on a large and fairly isolated property when everyone else lived in suburban homes or apartments in the Chatswood area where both Jill and Kerri went to school at Mercy College.

The family bought a large property of 8 acres in Duffy’s Forest where Jill’s mother, a designer, who also studied architecture designed this ‘ahead of its time house’ and with the help of a builder and Jill’s father they built a family home and she spent the next 10 years of her life there.

Jill and Kerri heard many stories of servants, chauffeur’ and private schooling as they were growing up in Duffy’s Forest, but never got to see or be part of this wealth apart from a large property in Gloucester, NSW that was built by their grandfather. The town of Gloucester still has this property and a street and a building named after their grandfather Willem Sellick (whose brother is Tom Sellick, the actor’s father).

Due to this alternative lifestyle without television, fresh and home grown produce from tomatoes to oranges to eggs to turkeys and even a sheep and a goat to a house of music this formed who Jill is today.

Jill’s love of movement and music has always had her dancing and as she grew up performed in shows and studied acting while also attending University to become a teacher. Jill married and had her son and due to having to take off time from teaching she began taking exercise classes at her local squash centre in Bayview. This was in 1980 before the Aerobic scene had commenced and she now realises that she was at the forefront of what is now one of the largest industries in the world ….Fitness.

Jill has been teaching her unique classes for 38 years and is as passionate about movement as she has always been and believes that this is the path to ultimate health, wellness and longevity.
Jill became a teacher for children with hearing impairment and when she went back to teaching became the Co-Ordinator of the Chatswood branch of the Shepherd Centre. During this time, her first marriage broke down and she continued to teach fitness classes, teach acting classes and part-time teaching children with hearing impairment and other disabilities. One of her beliefs was and still is that these children could learn through movement and music plus she had also studied Yoga Nidra at the Satyananda Yoga Centre in Manly and believed and still does that Yoga Nidra will create a balanced mind, increased focus, less stress and positive productivity. Jill began to add this to all of her aerobic, dance classes and with her children with disabilities classes.

Jill now teaches this as a specific program and research has proven that Yoga Nidra will in fact change mindset and increase positivity. It is used as a tool for depression and PTSD.
Jill runs courses for Education Department Teachers in Movement and Meditation for Student and Staff Wellbeing through Teacher Training Australia (TTA) and teaches at local Northern Beaches schools as part of their sports programs and has found over the last few years that the children request more time to spend practising Yoga Nidra as they say it is the only time they get to relax. Jill also hears this from many clients who are coping with young children, increased working hours, mortgages and general everyday stresses of life.
Jill also runs a program called Keeping Your Working Body and Mind Fit that helps people move well at work and incorporate 10 minutes of Yoga Nidra daily. Jill won an award in India in 2017 at the Women’s Economic Forum for this presentation. There is a free 10 minute Yoga Nidra by Jill on her website to download for anyone needing to take time out and balance a busy mind/body in a busy world(www.bodyandbalance.com.au).

In 2019 Jill has been asked to present YogaPIlates Fusion Breath, Flow and Intention at Filex Convention, run by Fitness Australia and is the largest Fitness Convention in the Southern Hemisphere.

The legacy that Jill is proud to leave behind is that she helps create a fun, joyous, balanced healthy lifestyle for all ages and all levels of Fitness and Wellness through her unique programs. Jill loves to ‘Lift hearts and heart rates’ through movement, laughter and community.

Jill and Didier (her husband) live in Manly Vale, but also live at times in France. Didier is from Paris and met Jill when she lived in Avalon, Sydney. They married in Paris in 1990. Their daughter Elodie, a talented singer/songwriter began her schooling in France and her brother Shannon lives in Whistler Canada. Both children speak French.

With both children living their lives Jill and Didier are working on projects to allow them to travel and live in different parts of the world. Jill’s dream is to take her programs worldwide by using the technology that Didier is very capable of implementing to provide health, fitness and wellness anywhere, anytime without the need for a specific location, room or a gym. This dream has already begun and plans are taking place as this is written.

0:14 hello and welcome to another episode of live life by design TV today I’m out and
0:20 about I’m actually in a yoga and Pilates fusion studio and my guest is Jill
0:28 Healey Quintard welcome Jill hi I’m so excited so isn’t that amazing so yoga
0:36 Pilates fusion okay what is all that okay I actually do quite a few things
0:40 yes what has happened for many many years my life basically movement began
0:45 for me as a child so my mother put me into dance because I was called
0:50 hyperactive did dance calm you down um yes but it’s it just made me aware of
0:58 how much movement can actually change the way you feel ok I probably wasn’t
1:03 aware of that at the age of five but now over the years I know that’s exactly the
1:07 movement can change the way you feel I know from my own perspective
1:11 I still get like that I still get really anxious and excited and and full on and
1:15 then I start to teach and within ten minutes of that movement change the way
1:20 I feel I’m not as anxious the body starts to calm the mind starts to calm so
1:25 that’s the stress isn’t it that’s like relieving the stress in your body
1:28 so can you physically feel that moving out of your body very much yes and it’s
1:34 got a lot to do with my mind as well okay that’s good yes so it what I’m working
1:39 with is mind body and I have dance it’s a big part of that as well and I’d like to
1:45 create freedom through movement and allow people to create their own freedom
1:49 through movement Oh beautiful so when in your classes do you have a set routine
1:56 that you follow all the time yes but within that routine
2:02 there are literally in up there thousands of exercises that I weave
2:09 through even though I work through so I have focus balance breath core cardio
2:17 movement through dance but that’s not in every class but quite a few classes and
2:22 then I always have meditation relaxation so there is that whole series that I do
2:27 through the class so I’ll think about I work focusing on balance how you feel on
2:33 breath moving generally down to actually get the spine moving to get mobilization
2:38 occurring and go right through that and that’s in every single class but changes
2:43 depending on the class and the people in it so I might have a class where
2:47 somebody said to me says something out today I’ve got a hip issue or today
2:52 my knees feeling really bad so I’ll do a specific strengthening so that’ll come
2:56 in so my knowledge is very extensive after this many years of teaching yeah so
3:02 tell us briefly a little bit about your childhood you just mentioned that you
3:05 did dance okay so young child born at the Mater
3:10 Hospital in Sydney and lived in Kirribilli to start with and that’s when I
3:14 started dancing and my parents decided to buy a property in Duffy’s
3:21 Forest which was so far away from the rest of the world as far as I was
3:24 concerned it was in the bush and people used to say that we were country folk
3:30 because of that okay even though it’s still Sydney it’s attending half an hour
3:33 from the CBD but we we bought this property or they did it definitely for
3:37 us and I moved to there and used to travel with my mother all the way to
3:42 Liverpool Street to go to Joan Halliday’s school of ballet which was a very prestigious school at
3:48 the time so yes dancing dancing dancing dancing concerts performance
3:52 but you had nature around you as well I used to dance in the bush yeah so is that an
3:56 important part for you oh now now yes it is now more than ever a very
4:03 big part again getting back to – I feel like you can change your mind
4:08 yes and the way you feel yes in the environment of course that you’re in
4:12 here where I’m living now there’s a beautiful little Lagoon just down the
4:16 road and I do go down there on my own and sometimes at nighttime and I talk
4:22 about the spirit birds that are around and I love that energy so I’ll
4:28 work with that as well yes yeah very much nature so in Live Love by design we
4:34 have the four pillars so the first one is all about you and you from an early
4:38 age knew that how important you were how about important to look after
4:43 yourself yeah – yeah – well just assumed I have it yes no which is great yeah
4:49 there’s a lot of people forget about themselves they’re too busy looking
4:52 after everyone else not keeping up their own health and they wonder why
4:56 they’re always tied depleted stressed so you do that
4:59 so the next one is all about your relationships now you have amazing
5:03 relationships with your family you’re very close to your family your very
5:07 family-orientated I am but neither of my parents are alive
5:10 anymore we recently did a celebration of my mother’s life which was really
5:15 beautiful oh there’s a lot of stories here but
5:18 whose idea was to do that mine okay but my sister is also trained as a celebrate
5:24 but she does very alternative so she’s the person he’ll do long before we had
5:29 our yes vote here she was doing gay marriages and alternative birth naming
5:35 ceremonies and things like that so she and I just decided I said you must
5:40 come we must do this and it was just beautiful and my mother is in partly in a
5:44 rose quartz in the living room yes partly out under a lemon tree which she loved lemon
5:49 trees but yes so very very close my father died when I was in my early 20s
5:54 which was very sad but from a big big Irish Catholic family so family was huge
6:01 yes and even this morning I spoke to one of my cousin’s who is part of that big
6:05 big family beautiful yes so relationships but you’re also you’re very good
6:11 with meeting people and making them feel at ease oh good I’m told that they do you do
6:21 that consciously like did you consciously do that or do you just feel
6:24 it was something interesting thing back when my sister my sister would have been
6:30 five I would have been seven I made a conscious and I remember it so clearly
6:36 that I would be the best sister in the world
6:40 Wow I remember she was in hospital she had her tonsils out yes and I came in and she
6:44 was sitting there and I remember going oh my sister I love my sister I will be
6:49 the best sister always in the world I remember really consciously making that
6:53 decision but that’s sort of moved until I’ll be the there’s sometimes I think
6:57 maybe I’m wanting to be this person for everyone and sometimes that’s where I’ve
7:05 let myself down a little bit because it’s exhausts me ok that good for you to be aware of
7:10 now because maybe you’ll take tools to make sure it doesn’t it yes what I think
7:14 I do like I was talking about when I say
7:16 sometimes I just need to not have people all the time around me yeah I understand
7:20 that and then the third pillar is all about your expertise so obviously you
7:26 have your own studio you teach and you’re now about to do things online
7:31 also which I believe you have a free gift for our viewers oh yes so explain
7:37 what that’s about oh yes I think that might
7:39 take a little bit of time okay and I don’t want to run out of time yoga nidra is something I
7:44 began practicing at the age of eighteen seventeen eighteen – actually I had just
7:49 left high school and a friend introduced me to yoga nidra
7:53 Satyananda Saraswati he’s not alive anymore but he started yoga nidra back
7:59 in the 70s and it’s now become another thing there’s a researcher called dr.
8:04 Richard Miller who calls it I Rest but what Yoga Nidra is all about it’s called
8:09 the waking sleep and it’s about relaxing your body from the entire body crown
8:15 head feet every part of your body and visualizing it as you begin to relax and
8:21 what happens and it happens in my studio every single day someone falls
8:24 asleep I was about to say that every single day and some
8:27 people and I think wow aren’t you lucky you can fall asleep in 30 seconds
8:31 wow I which I could do that so that in itself is a lot of people who
8:35 can’t sleep at night yes so could they do that at night to help them sleep I heard the
8:40 most fantastic quote yesterday and I said to her can I use this and she said
8:46 of course you can so I have a beautiful 85 year old in my class who’s been coming
8:51 to me for more than 20 years perfect see you are never too old to
8:55 start no she’s so fit she’s incredible saying that to her amazing you are
9:00 anyway yesterday she said you know what I do Jill remember I told you I’m waking
9:04 up at 4 o’clock every day I suggested yoga nidra
9:07 but I said to her also some herbs to help her sleep a bit too but she said to
9:13 me do you know what’s happened I hear your voice and I said all the time like
9:20 when she was doing there yeah I said I do this at 4 o’clock in the morning and
9:26 she said I seriously hear your voice and I hear your voice saying relax so you
9:32 can get that online so is that a download it’s a download on my website
9:37 ok fantastic and and all the links on a how to connect with Jill will be below this
9:43 video and everything about Jill and please reach out and download that so
9:48 what are the benefits can they expect from doing that
9:51 well it’s body and mind connection as well and I also say in every every
9:56 single one I do I do it every day every single one I say to find an intention so
10:03 for instance gratitude which I know you’re very very passionate about my
10:07 gratitude so gratitude is one I mean people come
10:10 and tell me that what they do people say things abundance various things that
10:16 they’ll use visualize and so what I say is say it to yourself see what it looks
10:23 like feel what it’s like and feel it happened let’s do that exercise very
10:30 quickly with gratitude hmm so when you say I say it so what would I say well I
10:36 am grateful for you would say whatever suits you yes ok I don’t really
10:40 tell them no they tell me later I would say I am grateful for my life
10:46 grateful for my family so I would say it yes and then the next step is you see
10:51 what gratitude looks like okay so I see everything that gratitude I have to be
10:56 grateful for yes and then feel it take it into your heart okay so you get it so
11:00 you get it not only into your heart but into every single cell of your body – yes to
11:04 manifest it yeah oh okay yes throughout what in a visualization
11:08 yes and the feeling of it and then to make it happen are the action steps
11:16 you take yes or whatever what you’re going to do yes now being going to school but I
11:20 a long long time and I have heard some incredible results
11:24 can you share one with us um a woman was saying to me that she wanted certain
11:33 friends to actually be part of a group which she had created right because she
11:39 thought she would make them their lives better through this group and she said
11:44 she was trying all sorts of ways and it wasn’t working and so she decided to say
11:49 I visualized the group yeah and the people involved that she wanted to draw
11:54 in and she said she did that every single time so this is a little bit
11:57 different I suppose in the sense of it’s something she wanted
12:00 so when you say every single time was it every morning whenever she did
12:04 it and she did it in my class as well and she told me that she had this
12:08 vision of what she actually wanted she saw it as a positive move because some of people
12:12 because some of these people required her services she feels as
12:16 though they did and she said she knows that she’s helped them people who may be
12:19 feeling lonely feeling a certain amount of things but where too afraid to step
12:23 into okay yes so she started visualizing the group of people she said to the
12:28 point she ended up with too many people Wow so now you’re going to visualise getting
12:34 rid of them that’s the saying be careful what you wish for
12:38 exactly oh yeah oh that’s so great so is there anything else you would like to
12:45 share with us before we part today because you have so much wisdom Love Love
12:50 okay I have a fabulous beautiful husband who’s French and we’ve been together 32
12:59 years congratulations yeah I know I know and people say that because it’s very up and down
13:05 I don’t care what anyone says yes people say to is that we in fact I’ve had people say that you are
13:10 the role models for how we want our relationship to continue How lovely is that
13:14 I know he’s a he’s a very beautiful man maybe maybe you know I’m quite strong he
13:20 is too but um but yeah it works really well and and a fabulous daughter and
13:26 I’ve got a son overseas that I miss desperately he’s actually not the son of
13:30 my husband the son of my first husband and I miss desperately I really would
13:35 like to see my son love him luckily was able to spend some time with him this year
13:42 which was really good and a fabulous daughter but yes the abundance I feel as
13:49 though I have abundance in my life that’s beautiful which I have done that
13:55 as intentionally well when I thought things might have been falling apart
13:58 which is great yes but you so love is all about love for yourself love love
14:03 for others yes because if you don’t love yourself who is going to love you I totally agree
14:08 I think that was a great spot to leave so make sure you click on the links below
14:12 this and download it and do the so it’s nidra yoga yoga nidra or the waking
14:20 sleep which will help you help anybody who’s feeling I do it with the kids the
14:25 teenagers teenagers at school they actually say hey miss can we do an hour
14:29 of that today instead of 10 minutes and that’s life is so stressful so thank you body and
14:36 balance is what it’s all about and it’s Jill Healy-Quintard so thank you for
14:41 being amazing guest thank you Karen it was lovely It was thank you
14:50 okay so this is set up for one of those yoga pilates fusion classes tonight
14:54 where there is focused balanced breath concentration core cardio little bit of
15:01 dance love my dance and a whole list of exercises and so we’re ready to go tonight
15:08 everyone’s got their own little eye pillow their chi ball we focus on
15:11 balance and we use the chi ball as well stretching and we use weights for the
15:16 cardio particularly women muscle and bone and keeping that strength to help stop


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As a former corporate Chief Financial Officer, Karen brings a unique perspective; extensive business experience and hard-earned wisdom that she wished were available to her when she needed them. Her many Live Love gems (tools and tips) will assist you to create your new normal life after any major loss. You will love who you become, all your relationships and any work you do will become more meaningful and effective.

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