Julie Kay: Spiritual Profiler & Self-Empowerment Mentor

Master Your Relationships From Within.

“Become more internally guided, self-empowered and happy.”

Julie Kay:

Assisting You to Live With the Fullness of Spirit, to Not Merely Survive

But to Feel Alive and to Do So with Love, Compassion, Bravery and Soul.

Julie Kay Short Bio

Julie Kay describes herself as a Spiritual Profiler and self-empowerment mentor. Her mission is to help enlighten the path to self-discovery for those seeking to reconnect to who they truly are, and live a life full of freedom, purpose, bravery and soul.

Through Julie’s unique spiritual and emotional profiling system and the Shift Sanctuary 3 Day training, Julie guides her clients to understand and change the hidden patterns, perceptions and behaviours that keep us stuck and repeating the same issues in life. If you have ever wanted to meet yourself on the inside, spiritual profiling is a great place to start.

Julie Kay:

Your Free Gifts From Julie Kay

The path of self discovery is not always an easy one. To assist you on your path Julie has gifted you some chapters from her book “The Lessons of Love and Life” as they are a good start to understanding yourself from a much deeper perspective.

In this preview Julie covers:
* The difference between your spirit and your ego and how they are both communicating with you simultaneously. You will discover which one you are listening to more and which one is driving you.
* Why relationships are so important in the physical world.
* The real reason behind people pushing your buttons and why you should rejoice when they do!
Enjoy, this free gift from Julie Kay

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Julie Kay: Live Love By Design Complete Guest Profile

Maria Paterakis was born and raised in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

Julie Kay born in Glenelg SA, her family lived in Adelaide until they relocated to Mount Gambier in Country SA when Julie was 8.

Julie was the second child, and eldest daughter in the family, she has an elder brother and 2 younger sisters. Julie’s mother who passed 14 years ago at the age of 62 was a stay at home mum and her father, still living in the same family home worked 7 days a week for most of Julie’s school years to pay off the family home and support his 4 children.

Julie was a sensitive, anxious child who was often teased about her intuitive ability and was often told it was just her imagination. Julie quickly learnt to keep her visions to herself, however her stubborn strength of character was born from this internal determination to know and understand why she saw and knew things. This also set the basis of Julie’s own road to self-discovery to follow her inner world and live her purpose regardless of what others think and she has been doing that now as a full-time business for over 12 years.

Julie’s work life before she committed to her full-time business in 2006 was just about every job you could think off including, sales assistant, sales rep, aerobics instructor, sports trainer, massage therapist, Massage teacher, whale watching hostess, office worker, makeup artist, with consistent change approx. every 2 years. Julie tried every job possible in the early days trying to find enjoyment and because she was consistently told you can’t make a living working in the spiritual it took a while to grow into her confidence. Finally, she decided to back herself and do what she loved, her purpose to help people awaken. Starting as a part time hobby over 2 decades ago as a psychic medium and spiritual profiler and since going full time in 2006, Julie credits this as the longest job she has ever had and held. Julie believes that loving what you do will keep you committed and also believes that every job she held prior to launching her purpose has shaped who she is today and given her skills to consistently draw upon.

The legacy Julie’s is proud to leave behind would be that she helped people on their path to self-discovery reconnect to who they really are, so they can live fulfilled and happy lives. And her spiritual/emotional profiling system which is proving to be very accurate.

Julie currently lives in a RV travelling Australia spreading her message. At the end of 2017 she sold her home, put her stuff in storage and hit the road. What was only going to be a 12-month stint, Julie says has now turned into at least 2 years because she is loving the adventure, this beautiful country and the freedom and simplicity of this lifestyle.
Julie is a very proud mother of 3 children ranging from 29-25 and an even prouder grandmother to her adorable 2 grandsons. Julie is not currently in a relationship after consciously uncoupling with her husband 2 years ago and believes that a relationship will show up for her when she is next ready and until then she is happy to live her dream and connect to her network of family and friends.

0:14 hello and welcome to another episode of live love by design TV I’m Karen Chaston
0:21 the founder of live love by design and the host and executive producer of this
0:25 amazing TV show and today we have another amazing episode for you
0:32 I have Julie Kay with us today who is a spiritual profiler and a
0:38 self-empowerment mentor sounds very exciting doesn’t it do you even know
0:44 what a spiritual profiler is well I can tell you right now you will by the end
0:50 of the show so welcome Julie hi Karen great to be here and thank you so much
0:56 for having me yes I’m so excited about it
1:00 so come on spiritual profiler let’s what is that okay so a spiritual profiler
1:07 helps people delve deep within to look at their emotional and spiritual
1:12 profile so basically the hidden patterns that we all have and that get in the way
1:20 of us being happy so they are quiet they are quite often hidden because that’s
1:26 what we’re here to learn and it’s the emotional pattern that we carry
1:29 throughout our lifetime and so once we identify what that is we can start to
1:36 change how we perceive the world because we’re looking at our world through our
1:41 own emotional filter and that you know that’s different for everyone and we see
1:47 things differently through this emotional filter so when we know that it
1:51 yep yeah yep so so is it a pattern that we have just developed in this lifetime
2:00 like from the time we were born or can it be from previous lifetimes and I know
2:05 a lot of our viewers don’t believe in pray in past lives but let’s just go
2:10 with it for now okay so I believe that it’s mainly for this lifetime we we
2:16 actually choose what we’re here to learn and yes I believe mainly this lifetime
2:21 but we can all so be repeating that from a previous
2:25 lifetime as well so when we choose what we want to learn in this lifetime could
2:31 it be something that we didn’t do very well in a previous lifetime so we’re
2:36 like okay we’ve sort of got this down pat we’ve got this down pat so but maybe
2:41 this time we need to learn this because we’ve struggled with this previously yes
2:47 and it’s it’s a lot deeper than that Karen like we it isn’t just this
2:52 lifetime and this lifetime is not just connected to us we have soul agreements
2:57 with everyone in our lifetime and we also you know part of a much bigger
3:02 picture so it’s not just as simple as you know you’re coming here to learn
3:07 this yep and that’s all there is to it is that you’re coming here to evolve
3:12 your self and have a massive growth in your learning in your spiritual
3:17 evolution but in that you will also help those around you and you will also help
3:23 the you know the earth plane and the bigger picture evolve as well I love
3:27 that and I totally agree with all of that and it’s really good to actually
3:31 understand that we do have soul agreements with a lot of people in our
3:34 lives and if they’re annoying you or doing things that aren’t in your highest
3:41 interest maybe it is so that you can grow absolutely we have relationships or
3:48 my belief is that we have relationships we have this physical body and we have
3:53 relationships in this lifetime purely to help each other grow if someone’s
3:58 pushing your buttons when you start looking at spiritual profiling and you
4:01 start to understand and you know delve back into that button-pushing you’ll see
4:07 that there is actually something that you’re meant to learn out of that so
4:11 it’s not just as interest you know as easy as saying see you later I don’t
4:14 want anything to do with you anymore because that will just repeat in the
4:18 next person I totally agree and it does a lot of the times you can see people
4:23 you know dating the same person okay physically they look different but
4:27 they’re exactly the same and it’s like and I’m a great believer and it take
4:32 me a little take me a little while to actually understand this concept is that
4:36 everything is about yourself so if people are pushing your buttons it’s
4:40 about let’s go inside let’s figure out what I need to learn here where I need
4:45 to go and and maybe what I need to heal that’s right well if you know a button
4:50 is being pushed in us it’s saying there is something to change and grow or there
4:56 wouldn’t be a button for anyone to push yes I like that yes as we’re sorry Karen
5:02 as we evolved that button pushing you know that we used to experience
5:07 previously when you evolve that when you evolve that within yourself it’s just
5:12 like water off a duck’s back it no longer exists or it exists to a lesser
5:16 degree for sure I totally get that and it’s actually just by the way you were
5:20 saying pushing the button I visualized like a a crossroad you know to press the
5:27 button to go to get the green light to go you’ve got the stop there and it’s
5:31 about realizing what is stopping me what what is sort of coming up to me that
5:36 stopping me moving forward and stopping me getting over these things that are
5:40 triggering me that’s correct and the emotional pattern will be the same there
5:45 is you know with our spiritual profile we have this emotional pattern emotional
5:50 filter so it and it will be the same but it can definitely come up in different
5:55 you know it we can experience that in different ways but just it doesn’t
6:00 matter whether it’s a relationship or whether it’s you not being confident
6:03 within yourself that emotional pattern will still be the
6:07 same and so it’s really spiritual profiling helps you identify what is
6:12 your pattern what how are you perceiving the world what is getting in your way
6:16 okay great now because of the live love four pillars that I love to go through
6:22 when I’m discussing with people which are all about you all about your
6:26 relationships all about your expertise and all about your wealth creation I
6:30 want to come back to all about you now I’m pretty sure that you were not born
6:36 with this awareness so until you gathered it as you sort of have come to
6:42 who you are today so tell us a little bit about young Julie let’s go back
6:48 to who you were as a child just briefly well I was lucky enough to always you
6:57 know have this spiritual knowing behind me and I can remember arguing with my
7:03 mother when I was about it was before 10 and saying you know where was
7:08 i before I was here and she couldn’t give me the answers and just like we
7:11 told most of our children to run away and play yes but I was actually wasn’t a
7:16 very confident person I totally had you know to be in front of people would
7:23 never have been something that I would have thought that I would have been able
7:26 to do I suffered a lot from anxiety and you know and also socially like I was
7:33 would hide myself away socially as well Oh really yes and I also experienced like I
7:41 was actually abused as a younger person as well so I did experience sexual abuse
7:45 thankfully mine wasn’t as bad as well a lot of people go through yes
7:50 but hey any sort is very traumatic yeah absolutely so it you know I had to also
7:57 heal myself from that so yeah I definitely like a lot of people
8:02 struggled in my younger days with my confidence and self-belief did you
8:06 struggle with your spiritual awareness that you had discussing it with other
8:12 people oh yeah absolutely and my parents thought that you know it was just my
8:18 imagination and not not because they were trying to put me down but mainly
8:22 because of a lack of understanding it wasn’t in our family it wasn’t you know
8:27 our belief but my parents were Catholic so it wasn’t in our our belief system so
8:33 of course it was just put to the side as my imagination and you know that even
8:38 set up a bit of my emotional yes as in you know getting people to believe and
8:45 understand me for who I am so when did you start to develop it more and then
8:53 start to be open about discussing this and obviously creating a business around
8:58 it yep so I started back when my children were little
9:02 with all my son it was actually just before he was born he was – he’s now 27
9:07 so I was always sort of you know in the background doing little courses and
9:13 going to little meditation groups and stuff and then I just you know about 27
9:17 I decided not this is Who I am I’m going to start this journey that’s
9:22 really interesting at 27 because yes we’re of the oh I can’t even think about
9:28 that’s when Saturn returns yes somewhere between 28 and 30 I believe that is yeah
9:34 absolutely and if you look at spiritual profiling we’re not actually ready or
9:39 really ready to look at our stuff before then so you know we are coming through
9:45 with a lot of old souls now and a lot of high vibrations so there are of course
9:49 the exceptions but the majority and definitely our generation we weren’t
9:54 even really ready to look at our stuff before the age of 30 or somewhere before
9:58 the age thank you for putting me in the same generation as you as I’m probably the generation before know and I love the
10:20 fact that when we are aware of the fact that before 28 or you know from 28 to 30
10:27 we really are growing and learning we’re really not adults as in ready to move to
10:34 the next phase of our life well before the a that before that age we’re
10:39 actually really experiencing and this emotional pattern so we’re really in
10:44 reaction to this emotional pattern so from 0 to 9 it’s set up and then from 9
10:50 years old to sort of roughly around 27 which is our third cycle yes you know
10:56 we’re really experienced and experiencing what does that mean so
11:00 we’re trying to find ourselves yes so when we get to there when we get to that
11:04 age when then ready to go we’ll hang on a minute everything that I’ve learned
11:08 and being programmed into and being reacting to may not be Who I am yes so
11:15 then where so then we spend the rest of our life
11:18 unlearning that and getting back to who we who we truly are and unfortunately
11:23 some people never unlearn those early habits no and we’ve got to look at the
11:28 older generations for that you know back in their days and we’ve got to have a
11:33 bit of compassion and empathy for them you know back in the days it was it’s
11:37 very controlled and it was very you are like this you you just repeat the family
11:42 pattern yeah and which gets handed down and there wasn’t a lot of counseling
11:47 they worked this work was definitely not out in the open for us to you know there
11:52 just wasn’t the opportunity for the older generations to connect to who they
11:56 really are so a lot easier and touring home and their beliefs I didn’t catch
12:03 you then sorry and and for them to question their beliefs that’s right
12:07 exactly like you know you it was more about survival
12:10 hmm whereas these days you know we’ve got we’ve got we can do everything by
12:16 video we there’s a lot more support and there’s a lot more understanding and a
12:20 lot more connectedness as well yes and I totally agree and I must admit even
12:27 though I was like in my Groundhog Day daze as I like to call it when I was a
12:31 corporate CFO I always had this little spiritual side to me that always was
12:37 going surely there must be an easier way surely there must be a better way surely
12:42 there must be why is it such a struggle for everyone why is everyone in survival
12:48 why can’t we thrive easily you know sort of thing well I described it and I
12:54 described this in my book the lessons of love and life that well there are two
12:58 really distinct sides to self so we have our physical self which is what we’re
13:04 here just to experience in this lifetime and then of course we have our spirit
13:08 self and the spirits always going to be delegated to the background because the
13:13 physical self is is forefront it’s it’s who we are
13:16 but in that physical self we’ve got an ego yes and that is the part that we you
13:23 know with through the intellectual mind the overthinking and all of that that
13:26 keeps us stuck in these patterns but we now are now learning to bring
13:32 these two sides together now we’re certainly not meant to be one more one
13:36 side than the other we’re meant to be bringing them together so once you can
13:40 sort of use them and understand them for how they actually work within you you’re
13:46 going to be more able to connect to that inner self and have that you know that
13:52 internal direction that we that is always there it’s always there Karen
13:57 it’s always like a little voice that sits in the background but just people
14:01 don’t realize because this other side of self is a little bit too strong and is
14:05 drowning it out yes so it’s a little bit like Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio always
14:11 sitting on your shoulder sort of being there and guiding you and I love the
14:16 fact that you said that it’s about us bringing two of them together as opposed
14:21 to a lot of people go or you have to shut down the ego you have to shut down
14:24 the ego to self-actualize but that’s not right no we good luck to
14:29 those who can ever free themselves of their ego I really I certainly haven’t
14:34 found that that in any of my clients or of or myself yet we certainly contain
14:40 the ego and understand it yes but we you know it’s a program it’s a program that
14:45 you’ve had from birth we don’t come into the earth plane with an ego we it’s learnt
14:51 your ego is what you’ve learnt from them you know you look at little children
14:56 they’re totally connected to their spirits yes but it is in from the moment
15:00 that they get here we start to learn they that’s what the ego is all about
15:04 and that’s what the the lessons are all about we develop this ego through what
15:09 we experience and learn and program into through our parents our society our
15:16 culture so you know I don’t believe that we can ever get rid of our ego but we
15:21 can certainly learn to love it understand it and not be reactive to it
15:28 yes drive our light more from the internal yes and I love that and it
15:32 really is about understanding how to be humble and bringing humility and
15:37 gratitude into your life and that seems to quieten the ego a fair bit because
15:43 huh be in your ego and humble at the same time can you not really no I don’t
15:50 believe so like when you’re when you you actually
15:53 let go of the need to judge yes and the need to self promote yeah absolutely when you let
16:03 go of that it’s so peaceful you don’t have that it just brings that is exactly
16:10 what brings the inner peace to you because you’re not trying to fight the
16:15 outside world you’re actually quite comfortable and confident from within I
16:19 love that and that’s like when I was in my CFO role seriously I was
16:24 always angry and always forcing my opinion on people and it’s absolutely
16:30 ridiculous because there’s a million infinite number of ways a million
16:36 infinit an infinite number of ways to do anything and to look at anything and
16:42 to and it’s just about a matter of allowing people to be who they are
16:47 absolutely we all have different spiritual profiles we all have different
16:52 ways which is the exact way that we’re going to perceive the world so in the
16:57 way I teach is there’s no point in judging and criticizing another because
17:03 they’ve not been brought up your way they’ve not had your emotional
17:08 experiences and therefore they can’t see it your way and actually when you really
17:14 get down into the nitty-gritty of this Karen when you point the finger at
17:18 someone else yes there is three pointing back at you I
17:23 love that fact that awareness yep and so when we’re criticizing someone else
17:28 there’s a part of us we’re criticizing as well yeah so you know in spiritual
17:32 profiling we get you to look at that and that’s not initially that’s not an easy
17:38 concept to understand like if there is someone who really doesn’t know you and
17:42 their traits are just like so against who you are so against who you feel your
17:48 values are and everything it is an interesting concept to go now wait a
17:52 minute all of those traits are inside me
17:56 maybe in my shadow side or there may be things that I’ve been in earlier life’s
18:00 and I’ve and earlier in my life and I have changed them but the fact that you
18:05 they are still annoying you you haven’t really healed it that’s absolutely
18:10 correct and I in in my book I use one that will push people’s buttons in
18:15 itself it’s um I use the example of a pedophile you know most people have the
18:22 the judgment that they are just you know disgusting human beings who take
18:28 advantage of children so then I look at different ways of why that you know
18:32 because for some people they can look at a pedophile and not have an emotional
18:35 reaction but say for someone who has a really intense emotional reaction
18:42 towards one you would you know it doesn’t necessarily mean that that they
18:46 are a pedophile for sure that’s not where I’m going here it means that there
18:52 is something within them that that is reflecting that pedophile is reflecting
18:57 at them so what could that be you know it could be just that they’re letting
19:02 themselves down and letting themselves be taken advantage of mm-hmm so
19:06 therefore that that energy will reflect that in them so it’s not necessarily
19:13 about the other person yes it’s about the emotional reflection
19:18 that’s in that that comes up from that that is pushing our buttons yes okay and
19:24 that is a it that is an example that would push most people’s button
19:28 absolutely and I do explain it a lot better than that in my book I’m sure you do
19:33 no as I understand exactly what you were saying then and that is not
19:37 accepting that I just want to just just to interact on that that is that we are
19:42 not here to accept bad behavior so I’m in no way saying that that is right or
19:46 wrong I’m just saying that you know because bad behavior is bad behavior it
19:50 still needs to be dealt with I’m just looking purely at the
19:54 reflection within ourselves that can create an over-the-top emotional
19:59 reaction yes and I totally understand that and so my next thing is and I and
20:06 and on on the pages all your contact details and and everything but more
20:11 importantly there’s a you’ve you’ve given us a great personal profile of you
20:16 as at a younger age and all the different roles that you can play have
20:20 played from an expertise point of view and I love the fact I can so see you as
20:26 an aerobic instructor I can so see you as that and and and all of that but more
20:34 importantly I want to talk about the whale watching experience that you had
20:39 and not only from a physical point of view but also it was also from a
20:44 spiritual point of view how did that affect you and help to create who you
20:49 are today that was probably one of the best jobs I’ve ever had I have other
20:55 than this one of course yeah I absolutely love that going out on the
20:59 whale watching boat and you know getting to see the whales and that mostly
21:04 sometimes we didn’t see it and this was when I was in Coffs Harbour and I do
21:08 believe the whale watching boat is still going it was called the Pacific explorer
21:11 okay it actually helped me Karen in those days that was actually what helped
21:17 me start to reconnect to people as well because I had to talk to people I had to
21:22 tell them you know and really start to build my confidence in you know being
21:29 having an expert opinion about whales and stuff like that so it really did
21:35 help me grow and build my confidence but as spiritually it was just one of the
21:41 best who you cannot balance when they’re out on a boat I love boats even
21:45 today any chance I can get to get out on a boat oh yeah yeah anywhere around
21:50 water I agree but did you talk to the whales I didn’t you don’t really get a
21:56 chance because I was being a hostess okay did you have one opportunity that
22:01 jumps out at me was what I wanted to do was to swim with the whales oh my god I
22:06 didn’t know you could swim with the whales well you you can’t if you’re swimming
22:10 around the boat and they come up to you that’s okay
22:13 I just didn’t in all my time there was one chance that I had to get to get in
22:18 the water and because the boat the the whales were actually interacting with
22:22 the boat I don’t think it was something you
22:24 really allowed to do but you know that was one of the things I’ve wanted to do
22:27 so I was about to jump in the water and the skipper said I I don’t think you
22:33 better because there is there is the fisheries boat is coming towards us so it’s
22:38 just not you just not allowed to and I was really disappointed because I
22:42 I got my camera there and I had an underwater camera so I got a few shots
22:45 of the whales underwater but I didn’t get to swim with them and I thought that
22:48 would have been just yeah that would have been the icing on the cake ah I can
22:53 totally imagine that because everyone just loves anything to do with whales or
22:58 dolphins and they especially dolphins they seem to just be full of like
23:02 oxytocin which is you know you feel good hormone your bonding hormone and it’s
23:08 and it’s they’re just amazing creatures aren’t they and we’re so great to have them on our earth absolutely
23:14 and I’ve just completed one of my bucket list was a dive course I’ve got my Paddi
23:20 license now so yes I’m hoping to do a lot more in my free time getting out and
23:26 doing a lot more in the ocean because I just love it oh wow and of course we’re
23:31 fast running out of time as always I always go over but it’s such delicious
23:37 conversations so what is the main thing that you want our viewers to take away
23:42 from this conversation that we’re all everyone here Karen is on a path to
23:49 self-discovery and that’s what I believe that we’re here for and your happiness
23:54 it’s not going to be found outside of you or through others it will be found
23:59 from you going within understanding who you are and awakening to your spirit and
24:06:00 that’s you know and with all everyone that I’ve helped and my own life that is
24:12:00 the only that’s where we find our inner peace and our happiness I totally agree
24:16:00 and that’s why I love talking to you because obviously you are all about all
24:22:00 about you which is our first pillar but through that you have created by
24:28:00 following your true you you have created your business doing your passion you are
24:33:00 creating obviously your wealth through doing it
24:36:00 and you’re forming these amazing relationships with not only all of your
24:41:00 your clients but also as you’re travelling around Australia sharing this
24:47:00 message you’re also building new relationships with people who you may
24:52:00 never have interacted with if you had not decided on this path absolutely and
24:58:00 just for your viewers – I am actually travelling around on my become more
25:05:00 happy and internally guided tour and it’s been amazing it really really has
25:11:00 and just even you know whether I’m working with my clients or just parked
25:16:00 on on in a camp somewhere and the people around you’re always meeting inspiring
25:22:00 and beautiful people and that you know Karen there is just some truly
25:26:00 amazing people doing some amazing things and we we don’t even know about it
25:30:00 yes it’s yeah just your average everyday local heroes I’m meeting them more and
25:35:00 more and they inspire me for what they do in their communities maybe that
25:40:00 should be a show that you start even if its 5 minutes with you and locals I’ve done a few I’ve interviewed a
25:47:00 few and I’ve put them on my You Tube channel
25:49:00 yeah I hope to definitely do more than that it’s just a time thing at the
25:53:00 moment but yeah I have actually got a few interviews on my youtube channel
25:57:00 yes I don’t blame you they’re local heroes because they are amazing yeah so as we
26:02:00 said all of your contact details are below and I believe you have a free gift
26:06:00 for our viewers which they can also access below this video so what’s that
26:12:00 Julie so that’s a little e book and it’s an introduction to how this all works so
26:18:00 an introduction to the lessons of love and life and if you if you read that and
26:24:00 you love that you will love what I do so it helps you connect and
26:29:00 understand how that bigger picture works that’s what the ebooks all about I’m
26:33:00 sure they will love it and I’m sure they will can connect with you for more
26:37:00 details but more importantly it really is about you connecting to who you are
26:41:00 so that you can live and love your life because without that connection you’re
26:46:00 not really going to experience this lifetime to the best of your
26:52:00 ability because you will be stuck in the ego and you will be stuck in survival
26:57:00 and let’s face it are we all here to thrive absolutely yeah absolutely and
27:02:00 we’ll be stuck in repeating those same issues over and over again and that’s
27:07:00 what ends when you start to connect to yourself because you start to drive your
27:11:00 own life your own happiness and your own destiny yeah well thank you julie for
27:18:00 being as i said the most amazing guest i love the fact that you’re a spiritual
27:23:00 profiler i love the way you have that actual word spiritual in what you do
27:29:00 because a lot of people think it’s WO WO but do you know what it’s only because
27:33:00 they haven’t connected to who they are that’s very true and thank you so much
27:38:00 for having me Karen it’s been an absolute pleasure to connect with you as
27:42:00 well I know we could talk forever I know we could couldn’t we
27:47:00 thanks a lot and thank you everybody for another episode of live love by design
27:53:00 I’ll see you on another episode real soon and that has been another episode
28:00:00 of live love by design TV wasn’t Julie just the most amazing guest I love the
28:06:00 fact when I have guests who can help us in any area that comes under the all
28:12:00 about you pillar because once you do understand who you are you truly can
28:19:00 create a life where you live and love each and every day where you love who
28:25:00 you are you love your life and you create your dreams faster so thanks for
28:31:00 being here again and I look forward to sharing with you very soon another
28:38:00 episode of live love by design TV be well unto them and make sure you spend
28:46:00 some time looking after the most important friend in your life YOU bye


Karen Chaston: Show Host and Executive Producer

“I feel like I’m at the stage in my life, where honestly, I’m interested in giving back through showing people an easier way to do life, one where they don’t have to settle for less. One where they can learn from any mistakes I’ve already made. One that really makes it possible for them to live their dream life where every relationship in their life is complete, especially the one with them self. That is the true Essence of Live Love By Design.”  ~ Karen Chaston

As a former corporate Chief Financial Officer, Karen brings a unique perspective; extensive business experience and hard-earned wisdom that she wished were available to her when she needed them. Her many Live Love gems (tools and tips) will assist you to create your new normal life after any major loss. You will love who you become, all your relationships and any work you do will become more meaningful and effective.

For more details about Karen, her programs and other publications please visit: www.karenchaston.com.au and www.livelovebydesign.com

Thank You Dan Chaston for Continually Assisting & Guiding

Your Mum From the Other Side.

We Honour You. We Thank You. We Love You. We Miss You.