Maura Sweeney

“Living Happy Inside Out.”

“Everything you’ve been searching for is already within you.”

Maura Sweeney:

Having the Courage to Live a Life True to Her Own Personal Happiness, Purpose and Authenticity.

Maura Sweeney’s Short Bio

Maura Sweeney is on a personal mission to uplift and unite the human race — from the inside out.  She has trademarked Ambassador of Happiness®,

A self-professed law school “escapee,” Maura left behind careful family grooming and expectations at age 23 to pioneer her own way to personal happiness, purpose and authenticity.

A former decorated corporate manager and home-schooling mom, she set out at midlife to inspire and empower others with reflective questions, personal stories and paradigm-shifting concepts on topics of identity, influence and personal leadership.

Featured on NBC, BBC, European TV and African press, she’s keynoted in nine countries, lectured aspiring FBI and CIA candidates, spoken at the inaugural Nelson Mandela Day celebrations and joined several celebrities as a spoken word contributor to Action Moves People United raising awareness for world peace.

Author, Podcaster, frequent media guest and International Speaker, Maura was named Woman of the Decade at the 2018 Women’s Economic Forum at The Hague.

Her greatest joy and satisfaction comes from helping people see themselves through a brighter and more hopeful lens. Perhaps the best endorsement of Maura comes from her husband, a man she met in college 40 years ago, who created her catchy website name.

Maura’s Contact Details:

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In this book on Values, you’ll follow Maura in discovering her favorite value — Truth — and learn why and how it has become a dynamic and signature part of her life. When it comes to finding happiness, discovering and adhering to our own set of values is key. In this book, you’ll be invited to reflect upon one or more values in your own life that bring you personal empowerment and a signature identity, too. Reflective questions and exercises to get you there are included.

In the second book about Influence, Maura expands upon the role of influence in ways that will personally impact you and your life — regardless of who you are. Read about several individuals who influenced the author’s early life and helped shape her future in a positive fashion. More importantly, discover the potential of your own influence and see yourself through a more empowered lens, too. Additional content and reflective exercises are included.

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Maura Sweeney: Live Love By Design Complete Guest Profile

Raised in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, young Maura could peer from the top of her hometown to the skyline of New York City a few miles in the distance. Half Irish and half Italian, she grew up the eldest of three, with one brother close in age and a second one 13 years her junior.  Carefully groomed to practice law like her late grandfather, she fantasized about traveling the world in a goodwill capacity instead.

While friends played with dolls and dreamed about getting married and having children of their own, Maura immersed herself elsewhere. She found a unique portal in her elementary school’s library, discovering inspiration in biographies of pioneers, leaders and social change makers.  At age 11, fascinated by the written word, she bought a home correspondence course and taught herself how to use a typewriter.  In high school, she was active in student government, editor of the school newspaper and delivered the graduation speech, From Dreams to Reality.

Early efforts to satisfy parental expectations while satisfying those of  her own catalyzed and reached an impasse by age 23. After receiving a B.A. in Political Science, Maura exited law school mid-stream to pioneer her own path toward career fulfillment. A decade in corporate management honed her leadership and mentoring skills and also formed the genesis of her philosophy on positively-charged working cultures. Corporate burnout and the chance to raise and home educate her growing daughter brought an end to Maura’s traditional career while enabling her to take advantage of volunteer opportunities at home and abroad that would eventually find larger expression.

Today, Maura has turned some of her early dreams to reality. For starters, she’s traveled to 60 countries and experienced many cultures first-hand. Writer, podcaster and frequent media guest, she’s an active voice for personal leadership, authenticity and a better society. The trademarked Ambassador of Happiness, (the UNESCO Center for Peace first gave her this moniker when they invited her to speak at the inaugural Nelson Mandela Day celebrations), Maura is also an international speaker. With a focus on inner happiness and personal responsibility, she’s keynoted at universities, leadership conferences and strategic venues where her uplifting and unifying perspectives bring value to audiences of diverse backgrounds. In 2018, Maura was presented with the Women of the Decade Award for Personal Leadership at the Women’s Economic Forum in The Hague.

If Maura could leave a single word behind as her legacy, it would be “Love.”

She and her husband Jim have been together since 1977 when they first met as university students. They live in Florida, travel frequently and are crazy about their grown daughter who’s now working on turning some of her own dreams to reality, too.

0:02 [Music]
0:13 hello and welcome to live love by design
0:17 TV I’m Karen Chaston the founder of live
0:21 love by design a place where you can
0:24 learn to live in love each and every day
0:26 to love who you are to love your lives
0:30 and to create your dreams faster and
0:33 today I have this most amazing guest
0:36 Maura Sweeney living happy inside and
0:41 out that is her motto isn’t that amazing
0:44 so male welcome Karen thanks for having
0:49 me works well with who I am and what I’m
0:55 all about living that love by design
0:58 exactly and as our viewers already now
1:01 we have four pillars that I’ve broken
1:03 the nine areas of life into all about
1:06 you all about your relationships all
1:09 about your expertise and all about your
1:12 world creation and more it comes under
1:15 the all about you and isn’t that a
1:17 perfect way to start because life should
1:19 be all about you what do you think maura
1:21 I do in fact my website is called maura
1:24 for you because I’m constantly inviting
1:27 people to go in to think about their
1:30 lives to think about their relationships
1:31 to think about their own ideas rather
1:34 than always adopting the ideas of
1:35 someone else and to discover how much of
1:38 what their life is is a product of the
1:40 way they think and their intentions and
1:44 the way in which they view themselves
1:45 and the world around them so this
1:48 couldn’t have been like a better
1:50 orchestrated place for us to chat today
1:52 okay so let’s go back we went to your
1:56 earlier one before you actually
1:58 discovered these what I like to call
2:00 live love gems this wisdom tell me about
2:03 who you were when you grew up I share
2:07 this a lot because I believe there are
2:09 such gems to be fans in our early
2:12 childhood I lived in a town one square
2:15 mile I could see the sky lights of
2:17 Manhattan across the across the river
2:20 all I wanted to do was get out
2:23 I wanted to get on airplanes and travel
2:26 the world and make friends in every
2:28 culture and yet my life experience was
2:31 very different I was often kept indoors
2:33 I was watched very closely very strictly
2:38 and I was brought up to be a lawyer and
2:40 oftentimes instead of being with friends
2:42 and frivolity I was kept indoors playing
2:45 things like the piano and doing artwork
2:46 and writing thank-you notes so I had a
2:49 big disconnect and yet something inside
2:52 of me Karen was always about the dreams
2:55 of something happy lively and joyful and
3:00 connective what stops people from being
3:03 happy too even in my case I had loads of
3:08 fear as a child I am I faced a lot of
3:11 death it wasn’t my own maybe but I had a
3:14 lot of people around me that died and it
3:17 terrorized me of totally afraid
3:22 everybody around me was dying and so
3:24 that was an awareness I had and it not
3:27 wasn’t necessarily something I could
3:29 speak about so yes I had the spectre of
3:31 death that was always over me but I
3:35 remember also always feeling like I was
3:37 somehow chained to an identity that
3:41 wasn’t me so I wanted to get out of the
3:44 town that I grew up in I wanted to
3:46 travel the world I wanted to connect
3:48 with friends and I wanted really to go
3:50 out and dance and yet my whole identity
3:52 was locked in this this matter of
3:55 wearing turtlenecks dress as you say I
3:57 got one on now no but it was just the
4:03 idea of being book smart and very polite
4:05 and very dignified not that that’s wrong
4:08 with me or that that that’s not a piece
4:10 of me but it was in all of me Karen and
4:13 so I spent decades sort of making the
4:16 best of where I came from and utilizing
4:18 it all because it’s all works for good
4:20 when you expect it to but the other
4:22 piece was was all floating a lot of
4:24 things that didn’t belong to me that
4:26 weren’t part of my identity and that’s
4:28 why I’m so passionate today about
4:31 sharing some of those ideas and those
4:33 thoughts and those stories with other
4:34 people who were struggling
4:37 yes I can tell you’re good people
4:40 you’ve obviously looked back at your
4:43 life and because I’m a great believer
4:45 that we are the sum of all of our
4:48 experiences and some of them may not be
4:51 an idea but they are our life lessons
4:53 and there may be some experiences where
4:54 we turn around we go okay That’s not me
4:56 but I’ve learned this from it and and
5:00 then we can carry on so what do you feel
5:03 that you really wanted to find out who
5:08 you were the real you not the not the
5:13 person that your parents and
5:15 grandparents wanted you to be because I
5:18 knew she was happy and because I knew
5:20 she was free oh wow that’s a and that
5:23 was it that was it I felt unhappy I used
5:26 to cry all the time as a little girl and
5:28 I felt very contained and I’m a I
5:31 actually made a decision as a child
5:33 knowing there were certain things I
5:34 couldn’t do then but I said I’m going to
5:37 grow up to be happy and free and by free
5:39 that meant to me free to be myself yes
5:42 so how did you find the courage to do
5:45 this little by little but a big breaking
5:51 point came for me and maybe your
5:53 listeners could understand this they
5:55 have there’s maybe later in life I was
5:57 23 years old I’d gone to school to
6:00 college I got a degree in political
6:01 science my family always wanted me to be
6:04 a lawyer and that was all that I was
6:06 designed to be so I took out loans I
6:08 started law school I was at the midway
6:09 point and one day Karen I couldn’t get
6:13 up out of my chair to drive myself to
6:16 class my husband I was married at the
6:18 time I still AM
6:19 he came home from work and he said Maura
6:22 I thought you’re at school I opened up
6:24 my mouth Karen and no words came out I
6:26 had literally lost my voice though that
6:29 the weight that I was carrying in my
6:32 life knowing I had a 40 year career that
6:34 I didn’t want it was it was so heavy I
6:37 couldn’t move so I left law school and I
6:39 thought I have no idea of what I’m gonna
6:40 do next
6:41 but I’m gonna find something it gives
6:43 life can we go like I said yeah the fact
6:46 you lost your voice do you feel that it
6:50 was the you
6:51 verse saying well if you’re not going to
6:52 use your voice to create your life let’s
6:56 lose it for lower
6:59 I’ve never been asked that question but
7:01 I know the voice is so big my voice I
7:04 believe early on was squelch and I think
7:07 I have been finding it more and more
7:09 sheíll I even show you this when I was
7:12 27 I had my entire thyroid removed see I
7:16 went whoa II would have a lot to say
7:18 about that I’m sure Karen I’ll tell you
7:21 something further I went home when I was
7:23 in my late 20s hadn’t had my daughter
7:25 yet I was working in a corporate job
7:27 that required me to use my voice for
7:29 public speaking I was at home for nine
7:32 days so it was like two weekends in a
7:34 week do you know every one of those days
7:36 until the day I went home I had
7:38 laryngitis
7:39 that’s curious no voice say we don’t
7:42 look at our body for the signs on are we
7:46 on the right path it’s to start looking
7:49 at what is happening to you physically
7:51 you can say is this relating to some
7:56 area of my life am I’m not doing this so
7:59 it’s so very clear that your voice and
8:02 laryngitis all because you weren’t
8:05 speaking your truth I have to totally
8:10 agree and actually here’s an interesting
8:12 thing everything I do with my writing my
8:14 podcasting my speaking it’s all
8:17 establishing my voice and I could say
8:19 it’s incrementally and this may sound
8:22 odd somehow Karen I’m 60 right now but I
8:25 think from my early childhood I must
8:27 have had some ideas that I did not feel
8:29 free to express forget about parents I
8:32 was thinking more in terms of society
8:34 and acceptability so what I discovered
8:36 is that I’m constantly moving the
8:40 envelope and saying more and more of
8:42 things that were always within me but I
8:44 know that my ultimate healing of even a
8:47 cost that I carry with me will
8:48 eventually go away and again it says it
8:51 goes back to the voice being true to who
8:53 we are and being able to fully express
8:55 all that’s within us and I think that
8:58 there’s such a marrying up of emotional
9:00 health physical health spiritual health
9:04 relationship health yes anything it all
9:08 comes back together and it’s another
9:10 saying that you’d love to say
9:11 I think you’ve been searching for is
9:13 already within you now even though you
9:17 started your journey of self-discovery
9:18 at 23 did you realize that then you know
9:24 I sensed that there was some spiritual
9:29 essence within me I would say my
9:31 connection to God to source and because
9:34 I couldn’t go outwardly to get my
9:38 answers as a child and because I had so
9:41 many people died including my
9:42 grandfather who really was such a a
9:45 strong presence very trustworthy I used
9:49 to go to heaven to God to whatever and
9:52 the thing was I would get answers and I
9:54 would follow those leadings that’s why I
9:57 tell you I think a lot of things I knew
9:58 in the past I wouldn’t always feel so
10:00 free to speak about but that is why I
10:03 sincerely believe that we can either run
10:06 after the world and seek after the
10:08 things that the world claims they’ve got
10:10 waiting for us or we can be quiet rest
10:14 and trust that the answer is already
10:16 there you know even in the end I tell
10:20 you Louisiana teams within you a lot of
10:24 people don’t ask those questions to find
10:27 the answers sure hmm
10:32 yeah our society really hasn’t taught us
10:34 that they’ve taught us to run after the
10:36 gold run after the money buy the latest
10:38 car get the guy get the girl
10:41 correct yes a lot those don’t they don’t
10:44 fulfill and they don’t if they’re the
10:46 wrong things and they’re not answering
10:48 to our souls purpose and desires then
10:51 they are the wrong things so all we need
10:53 to do is find out what what do I
10:56 personally seek what do I want and where
10:59 do I find my peace and my fulfillment
11:01 and my expression yes so what are your
11:06 little tools that you advise people when
11:09 you share your wisdom with them Oh a
11:14 couple of things one thing I’ve done my
11:16 whole life I did this run ahead my
11:17 corporate career I would always take
11:20 time early in the morning and I would
11:22 use that time to be by myself to
11:25 to listen quietly to talk to God
11:27 whatever to station my mind and my
11:30 thought life and my energies in a
11:34 positively inclined zone so that the
11:38 world was not bombarding me but I was
11:40 sort of establishing the atmosphere of
11:43 my world that’s the first thing so we
11:45 finally that comes back to something I
11:47 always say we geez and we all hear it on
11:50 the plane put your own oxygen mask on
11:53 first before you assist others I’ve
11:55 discovered that is a daily requirement
11:58 and I’m so glad to hear that that’s how
12:00 you start your day each day as well
12:02 don’t you feel more energized don’t you
12:04 feel more productive when you start your
12:07 day that way compared to the days when
12:09 you don’t yes and less confused or less
12:12 hairy
12:13 definitely yes no more clarity yes I
12:17 would say so you realize by your ask me
12:19 these questions you’re making me think
12:20 even beyond where I am today because I
12:23 do always cuz they learn and grow so
12:26 well together and it is about us making
12:29 a difference together it’s not about us
12:32 being The Lone Ranger don’t you feel
12:34 that yes oh you know and that’s why I
12:36 love conversations like this because I
12:38 can be an inspiring personality but when
12:41 I’m in conversations like this I get
12:44 more inspired and there’s a
12:45 back-and-forth that it’s very dynamic
12:48 very dynamic we leave ourselves up more
12:53 towards a higher self which is what I
12:55 love yes and I have to tell you you just
12:58 challenged me because although I would
13:00 take time for myself to establish my
13:03 thoughts
13:03 pairen I don’t always take time for
13:06 myself to minister to myself in other
13:10 ways like you know some women they just
13:11 oh they’ll go out I’ll get a massage I
13:13 was never that type so I’m I’m taking
13:15 that as today’s cue that I need to find
13:17 additional ways you should do to be good
13:20 for myself yo you you seem like you’re
13:22 more of a gamer than a receiver and we
13:24 need to learn how to receive and and I
13:28 feel it in the times that we do because
13:30 we’re both baby boomers and I think with
13:33 the with the movements that have come
13:35 along it was so lost a little bit
13:37 that nurturing of ourselves it’s like no
13:40 we’re tough I’m going to work and I’m
13:42 doing this and I’m gonna climb the
13:44 corporate ladder sure I might do it like
13:46 a bloke and it might not work for me but
13:49 we need to take that time to you know
13:52 come back to who we are innately and
13:55 there’s nothing wrong with that and a
13:57 lot of women think oh no I can’t be that
13:59 person I’ve got to be this other person
14:01 it’s like no nurturing yourself is such
14:04 a great way for you to learn how to
14:07 receive you know that’s very astute and
14:11 as soon as you spoke that because I know
14:13 we were definitely in so much of the
14:15 same age bracket there was a mentality
14:18 that I remember I brought up to myself I
14:20 was about 11 years old and I made a
14:23 decision I was never going to depend on
14:25 a man now it wasn’t like I considered
14:26 myself this feminist they didn’t even
14:29 have the word back then but I didn’t
14:31 want to depend on anyone so what that
14:33 meant is I took on a lot of masculine
14:36 tendencies which required that I would
14:38 not minister or nurture myself
14:41 interesting so thank you for that Karen
14:44 I’m sure it was not only good for me but
14:45 some listener today will pick up on it
14:47 as well I’m sure I’ll and I’ve just got
14:49 the tingles so now that’s gone stick so
14:51 that conversation was for everyone you
14:56 asked me four to two suggestions or two
15:00 tips there’s a second one I’d love to
15:02 offer not only just taking time in the
15:04 morning to listen and to set your own
15:07 your own atmosphere and your own fault
15:10 life but at the end of every day to
15:13 review five minutes so I would just
15:28 review my day five minutes every day to
15:30 say how did I feel today what where did
15:33 I feel my best where did I feel my
15:35 freest where did I feel my most
15:37 energized and excited and even inspired
15:41 and then I would also say where did I
15:44 not feel that way today was I in a
15:47 conversation with someone that brought
15:48 me down was I around toxic personality
15:51 was I agreeing to something I don’t like
15:53 and so I would use the end of the day to
15:58 take inventory of what made me feel
16:00 happy and energized on the inside I
16:02 always talked about is your inner smile
16:03 or what didn’t make me feel that way and
16:06 then from that point again it’s going
16:09 within to say well the next time this
16:11 happens this is how I will recalibrate
16:14 and I’m telling you that is a very good
16:17 way of self-leadership
16:19 yes that is amazing and it’s very
16:22 similar to knowing so I asked myself
16:24 three questions the first one is what
16:27 did i do today that I would do exactly
16:29 the same next time the next one what did
16:33 i do today that I would do differently
16:36 next time and the third one is what did
16:40 I learn today Eva about myself someone
16:43 else or the universe
16:46 very similar excellent they are very
16:50 very similar yours is just a little bit
16:53 more organized than mine you could tell
16:54 them I’m alone I bet you’re not I love
16:57 you actually went more into the feeling
17:00 and more into this is what I want to
17:03 invoke in me and and I have this I
17:05 always like to you know to transition as
17:08 you go through your day so make sure
17:10 that you know you take time when you go
17:13 say from a meeting you know back to your
17:16 desk to do something take time to
17:17 transition out of that and then another
17:19 time is when you know as you go home
17:21 transition out of it just a couple of
17:24 minutes doing some breathing closing
17:26 your eyes just refocusing leaving the
17:29 stress behind and especially before you
17:31 walk into the door so that you are
17:33 bringing your best me as I like to say
17:35 into that door you’re not bringing the
17:38 drudgery of the day or the excitement of
17:41 the day you’re coming in as your you
17:43 know you know into a new role I guess is
17:46 the best thing because we play so many
17:47 roles in one day I totally agree and you
17:50 know I think the same thing is I could
17:52 be so immersed in what I’m doing and
17:54 everything else is somewhere else but
17:57 then when it’s time for me to make that
17:58 transition I refocus and I’m totally
18:02 present in that new place and I think
18:04 that’s great for relationships for the
18:07 opportunity of work versus free time and
18:10 it does make a difference it really does
18:12 yes and we’re blessed being married long
18:15 time so how many years have you been met
18:16 she my husband and I met in college in
18:20 1977 we are now together for 41 years I
18:24 was like how did that happen how did we
18:26 get to my age we got married in 1981
18:29 okay well my husband and I we met in 74
18:34 but he was too old for me then I was 16
18:37 and he was 23 but then we met in 1878
18:43 and where they made 40 years this year
18:46 so he’s going this week
18:48 thank you Mark but now I say because my
18:50 husband he’s six and a half years older
18:53 than me and now I I said to him not so
18:55 long ago Joe
18:56 I said do you remember when we first met
18:59 you were too old for me me when yes I
19:01 said I think it’s happening again that’s
19:13 crazy
19:14 so obviously you two have grown together
19:17 because you can’t be married and
19:18 together for that long with you know who
19:21 you were in your 20s to who you are now
19:25 in your early 60s there’s no way you are
19:27 the same person and if you are there’s
19:29 something wrong we need to talk tomorrow
19:31 and you need to figure out you know what
19:33 it what you’re actually doing wrong and
19:35 I don’t really like the word wrong but
19:37 maybe some improvements that you might
19:39 like to look at your life so what do you
19:42 feel is the key to a long relationship
19:45 especially a marriage one well
19:49 can I say when number one is having the
19:51 right spouse but I will tell you this as
19:56 much as I never contemplated marriage it
19:58 was something I was not interested in
20:00 the very first time I met my husband I
20:03 recognized several attributes about him
20:06 that today 41 years later are the same
20:09 he is comfortable in his own skin I
20:12 remember thinking to myself this man has
20:14 no prejudice he was sincerely interested
20:17 in other people he didn’t have an ego
20:20 and I remember thinking to myself this
20:24 man would let me grow as much as I want
20:25 to grow and that’s I wouldn’t so you
20:29 know what it’s it’s mutual because I
20:32 allow him to grow as much as he wants he
20:34 allows and encourages me to do the same
20:36 we’ve worked together four times even
20:39 though we’ve worked separately we travel
20:41 a lot together and apart we keep the we
20:44 keep growing but it’s our differences
20:47 also that keep everything lively because
20:49 we have different perspectives and we’re
20:51 always sharing with each other and
20:53 there’s a great great amount of respect
20:56 and trust that we have for each other
20:58 and I think that that that is so
21:00 foundational that it exceeds and goes
21:04 beyond any challenges we might have ever
21:06 faced in life I do that because I add my
21:09 40th wedding anniversary I had the two
21:13 boys here and a couple of friends and
21:14 they will met now one of them is married
21:17 he got married last month and and the
21:20 other girlfriend and one of the
21:21 girlfriends said to me she said what is
21:23 the secret to long marriage and I said
21:26 to allow each other to be who they are
21:28 and to grow together
21:33 yeah held to allow each other to grow
21:35 but because so many people just grow
21:37 apart because they just become I feel
21:40 uninteresting and a lot of interested in
21:44 life either they just go into what I
21:47 refer to as a Groundhog Day days and
21:49 they wonder why life isn’t fun well it’s
21:51 not exactly exciting you know I agree I
21:55 agree and I could remember this tooth my
21:57 husband I just saw adventure written
21:59 across his chest I want to be a prep
22:03 school teacher and live in New Jersey
22:04 and I didn’t want to live in New Jersey
22:06 but I could see in him a desire for
22:10 adventure meaning that he was going to
22:11 take some roads that other people hadn’t
22:13 traveled on I did not want the groundhog
22:16 day I didn’t want and that’s you know
22:19 that’s fine for some people it just
22:20 wasn’t good for me and fortunately he
22:22 managed to find a life partner like me
22:25 who was willing to take a journey and to
22:28 go the journey to yeah so what he feels
22:30 the biggest obstacle most of this facing
22:32 life this is it’s coming full circle now
22:36 Karen it’s the biggest obstacle is
22:39 looking at us in the mirror if they were
22:41 willing to go there that’s it because
22:44 think about the world think about human
22:47 nature something happens we want to
22:48 blame this circumstance we want to blame
22:50 that person we want to blame our parents
22:53 who didn’t bring us up perfectly
22:55 there’s always something out there but
22:58 to be able to go and look into the
23:02 mirror of the soul to say what am i
23:05 dealing with here what am I afraid of
23:07 what am i telling myself what am i
23:10 concerned about looking at if we can
23:12 look at ourselves in the mirror and see
23:14 everything in the light of how we’re
23:16 processing our lives we would get out of
23:19 the way for with a lot of problems we’re
23:21 dealing with and we get through a lot
23:23 faster I totally agree to get out of our
23:26 own way it’s it’s amazing and even if
23:29 you’ll initially just start looking at
23:31 your face just even for a minute just
23:34 time it do not move just look at one eye
23:36 don’t go from one to the other because
23:38 that brings in adrenaline into your body
23:40 but if you just stare into one I get
23:42 past the wrinkles get past that your
23:44 eyebrows need
23:45 or anything like that it’s amazing how
23:49 quickly you can connect to your most
23:52 beautiful features which is your heart
23:54 and soul
23:56 and yet many people are afraid we’re not
23:59 taught to do that to be quiet
24:01:00 but it’s it’s an amazing thing because
24:05:00 so much comes out of the heart and so
24:07:00 much life it’s really the source of our
24:10:00 life and we tend to ignore it or cover
24:13:00 over it yes Tulley grant ahead of saying
24:17:00 not that long ago we chose we’re human
24:20:00 beings not human doings and it’s in the
24:24:00 being that we reconnect to who we are
24:27:00 that’s what we find out courage that’s
24:30:00 where we find our answers and more
24:32:00 importantly it’s where all our
24:34:00 innovation and creation comes from that
24:37:00 most people don’t set take the time to
24:40:00 just be absolutely agree absolutely
24:45:00 and so when we’re living by only
24:47:00 exteriors then we’re squelching the
24:50:00 light and the life right out of us
24:52:00 because we’re not going into that well
24:54:00 and bringing bringing the ideas up and
24:57:00 the life up yes I’ll tell you I could
25:00:00 talk to you all day I feel the same with
25:02:00 you to do it another day after your
25:05:00 show’s over so what’s the biggest
25:08:00 contributor to personal peace uplift and
25:11:00 freedom in your in your expertise so
25:17:00 glad you asked because I wanted to offer
25:19:00 you this final thing before we close it
25:21:00 is forgiveness if anybody is looking for
25:27:00 peace in their life and I’m not – or
25:29:00 peace everywhere it is to go and forgive
25:32:00 you forgive other people and what you
25:35:00 think they did to you and you forgive
25:37:00 yourself and you forgive circumstances
25:39:00 and sometimes you have to forgive the
25:41:00 world so err we’re a contributor to it
25:44:00 then yeah Kieko it just as things come
25:48:00 up and as anxieties come up or fears
25:51:00 come up this is what I’ve done
25:52:00 internally I would always say is there
25:54:00 someone or something that I am angry
25:57:00 about that I need to let go of drop and
26:01:00 forgive and Karen I will tell you it has
26:05:00 been my path to peace and happiness
26:07:00 don’t you feel so much
26:09:00 yeah you do you can feel the weight of
26:13:00 it all just being lifted now you’re not
26:15:00 going to believe this that this is a
26:16:00 fact I love Louise Hays calendars right
26:21:00 today’s calendar he says I keep in mind
26:25:00 that the road to freedom is through the
26:27:00 doorway of forgiveness now on I turned
26:32:00 that over this morning I just thought oh
26:34:00 my god lawyer is going to love that’s
26:38:00 very neat
26:39:00 but it just happened on the day that
26:41:00 we’re actually recording this I just
26:44:00 think it’s so cool it is and I love
26:46:00 those kinds of synergies because what it
26:48:00 does is it reinforces yes this is where
26:51:00 the life is and this is where the energy
26:53:00 is and this is where the positivity is
26:55:00 and this is where we are and boy if I
26:57:00 could live there in those spaces all the
27:00:00 time caring 24/7 I would but I’ll tell
27:03:00 you it’s always my quest to bring more
27:05:00 and more of it more of the inside to the
27:08:00 outside and have a fuller expression of
27:10:00 life so I hope something of what we’ve
27:13:00 shared today I know it was great for me
27:14:00 to listen to and share you and listen
27:16:00 and exchange and I really hope that
27:19:00 there are people listening in today
27:22:00 that will catch the energy and the
27:24:00 spirit and know that what we’re talking
27:26:00 about is so universal that what applies
27:28:00 to one really applies to all differently
27:31:00 I wanna say no one and for us to
27:35:00 understand the fact that we are all one
27:37:00 we all have the same doubts and fears
27:40:00 and and limiting beliefs and we all have
27:44:00 these and it’s just a matter of us
27:45:00 realizing that we may look different
27:48:00 from the outside but we are totally
27:52:00 agree yeah now you have a free gift for
27:54:00 our viewers today so what is that I do I
27:58:00 have a free book from my art of
28:00:00 happiness series I actually have two
28:04:00 that came to mind in the series one of
28:07:00 the books that I thought of for this
28:08:00 audience is a book on influence because
28:11:00 most people feel disempowered and they
28:13:00 don’t realize how no matter who you are
28:15:00 what you do in life you can be an
28:18:00 enormous positive influence on those
28:20:00 around you so that’s book 1 on influence
28:23:00 and the second one is finding your value
28:26:00 what’s your favorite value in life and
28:29:00 how do you live from that space in place
28:31:00 of value so if they want to write to me
28:33:00 Mora my name will be the lease will be
28:36:00 at the bottom earthing rings I’ll do
28:40:00 that okay good you’re so efficient you
28:42:00 must have been a CFO somewhere think
28:50:00 like you know Gandhi University and
28:53:00 getting the Masters of accounting and
28:55:00 and doing everything I’ve done and now
28:57:00 I’m doing this on the road of you know
28:59:00 helping women to actually be who they
29:03:00 are be the manager we want them in
29:05:00 corporate space but to be understanding
29:08:00 all of these concepts not totally
29:10:00 unaware like I was to you sort of think
29:13:00 they don’t fit together but they do fit
29:15:00 together you always use your skills from
29:18:00 no matter what you’ve done along the
29:20:00 road in what you’re doing now I agree
29:24:00 it’s like the life toolbox and that’s
29:26:00 what makes you so great because you’re
29:28:00 gonna end up with skills that the other
29:30:00 people don’t have because you can’t
29:31:00 really get a university degree in life
29:33:00 skills but they certainly help you when
29:35:00 you need them we are so connected
29:37:00 because I cool like some from the time I
29:40:00 left corporate I call it my last
29:41:00 University and I’ve just learned
29:44:00 everything in life’s University and it’s
29:46:00 so true
29:47:00 I’m sorry enjoyed having a chat with you
29:49:00 today Morris I see Karen thank you and
29:53:00 I’m so honored to be one of your first
29:55:00 guests on your new show so I’ll look
29:58:00 forward to it coming out I will be
29:59:00 sharing it and I will be a regular
30:02:00 listener and follower that sounds
30:04:00 fantastic I would love that because this
30:07:00 by said we’re very connected we are we
30:10:00 are so see this world does it make a
30:13:00 difference and this is just part of what
30:14:00 I imagined as a child except I didn’t
30:16:00 have to give it get on an airplane to
30:18:00 visit you we’re right there now on Sun
30:20:00 zoom so it’s fantastic
30:22:00 so all lawyers details up below this
30:25:00 video so please reach out to her as you
30:28:00 can see she’s very approachable but more
30:30:00 importantly she’s very aware and she’s
30:33:00 about helping us to become more
30:36:00 because the more aware everyone comes
30:38:00 the more peace we can find in our
30:40:00 amazing planet and let’s face it the
30:43:00 world is a lot smaller than it was when
30:45:00 we were born so thank you everyone for
30:49:00 watching
30:49:00 and thank you Maura for being an amazing
30:51:00 guest bye for now


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