Melissa Groom

Your Story is What Makes You Unique.

“There are thousands of competitor’s doing exactly what you do, I make it easier for you to stand out.”

Melissa Groom:

Assisting passionate entrepreneurs to share their amazing gifts and talents via video and create their own web tv show to become top of mind in their industry and attract their ideal clients.

Melissa Groom’s Short Bio

Melissa Groom is the Founder of Empowered Mums Business Network, creator of the 30 Day Video Challenge and Founder of The Videopreneur School.
Melissa is a Video Marketing Strategist, who works with entrepreneurs and business owners who want to leverage social media using the power of video marketing.

Her strategies teach entrepreneurs how to leverage every opportunity, and utilize cutting edge technology to become a recognized leader.

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Melissa Groom: Live Love By Design Complete Guest Profile

Melissa Groom was born at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Sydney. She was to be adopted out at birth due to her mother having no financial support to keep her.

Adopted by a family of five on the Northern Beaches Melissa’s adoptive parents divorced when she was just 4 years old. Melissa was raised by her adopted Mum until she was 14 1/2. She then went to live with her father and at age 16 was living out of home working 5 -7 nights a week whilst attending high school. During her final year of high school Melissa lived in a Sydney City Mission Youth Refuge that supported her as she couldn’t live at home.

Growing up Melissa was always the connector of her family and organised family get togethers. These skills served her well in her first serious job as a receptionist/secretary and then office manager in an accounting firm in Neutral Bay. She worked in that field up until she became a mother. After her first son was born with renal failure she started organising events and raising money for the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Melissa is proud of the legacy she has created in her business networking organisation Empowered Mums which provides education, networking and mentoring to mothers to start their own business.

She has also been a great support for many charities and organisations including The Sydney Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, and Make A Wish Australia raising over fifty thousands dollars from events she had organised and facilitated.

Melissa lives in Kingscliff on the Tweed Coast, Northern NSW, Australia, with her 3 children and partner who has 3 adult children.

0:02 [Music]
0:14 hello and welcome to live love by design
0:17 TVs a place where you will truly learn
0:20 to live and love each and every go to
0:22 love who you are to love your life and
0:25 to create your dreams faster and today I
0:28 am honored privileged so excited that I
0:32 have the beautiful
0:33 Melissa groom the visibility mentor in
0:37 this outdoor studio today Thank You
0:41 Melissa for being here thank you for
0:43 having me now visibility mentor sounds
0:48 exciting doesn’t it what is it basically
0:52 I help people to grow their profile
0:54 online and position them as the
0:58 authority in their industry I see
1:01 doesn’t it okay before we get into who
1:04 your audio clients are and everything
1:06 like that and how you assist people to
1:08 actually do that why why do you do what
1:13 you do because I’m very passionate about
1:16 people and their stories because their
1:19 stories can change other people’s lives
1:21 so I’d like to help people articulate
1:24 their message and get clarity around
1:26 that and help them deliver that message
1:28 the Big C word clarity mm-hmm so many of
1:32 us don’t get it do it mm-hmm it’s it’s
1:36 about I know what I want to do but I
1:39 don’t know how to do it the steps to get
1:42 there and they do get just so much
1:45 coming at them they do just go into
1:47 overwhelm so how do you help people to
1:51 get Larry mm well one of the things that
1:54 I do is through my 30 day video
1:55 challenge is I encourage people to get
1:58 on camera and just start speaking
2:00 because through momentum and consistency
2:03 clarity counts and and it’s really is
2:07 the consistency all in Annecy word we’ve
2:09 got all these c-words
2:10 consistency
2:11 there’s a lot of people will start off
2:15 and they’ll do it so your 30-day
2:18 challenge how many people
2:20 percentage-wise actually do the 30
2:23 videos I’d say generally out of say 30
2:27 people two people might actually do it
2:30 wow that is such a low percentage and
2:35 people say they don’t have the time okay
2:37 they’re busy they’ve got things that got
2:40 in the way but that’s really not the
2:41 truth so what is it that gets in the way
2:43 their mind absolutely their mind and
2:46 they start doubting themselves and they
2:48 start judging themselves and fear gets
2:50 in the way and so is that then being
2:53 distracted so that they don’t learn to
2:55 deal with all of that absolutely and
2:57 that’s why they’re too busy to do it yes
2:59 and if they connected with their they’re
3:02 not see what yes I wanna see if they
3:04 connected with the people who have got
3:07 the pain that they’re struggling with
3:08 that is bigger than their fear or their
3:11 judgement and that will that’s what
3:13 pushes those people who actually
3:14 complete the 30 day challenge to to
3:17 complete it I totally agree I feel that
3:19 we’re all here to make a difference and
3:21 it’s us getting out of our own way that
3:25 it helps us to make the difference for
3:27 everyone else absolutely in solving
3:29 people’s problems is the way we can make
3:31 a difference absolutely
3:33 so I’m so glad grateful that you
3:35 actually do what you do
3:37 because you have helped me immensely in
3:39 doing what I love to do in helping
3:42 people to learn to live and love their
3:44 life and you design it because a lot of
3:46 time we don’t so I’m pretty sure that
3:49 you didn’t start off your life being a
3:52 visibility mentor so what was it that
3:55 made you say this is what I’m going to
3:59 do mm-hmm well basically I was searching
4:02 for a way where I could work from home
4:03 and I knew that I needed to have an
4:06 online business because I had a children
4:08 with special needs and one that was
4:10 about to have a life-saving transplant
4:13 oh wow that’s huge yeah and I can
4:17 totally understand why you would want to
4:18 work from home because it’s not as
4:20 though you could go off and get manis
4:21 and to actually give the love and the
4:24 care to your your child who’s your son
4:27 is that correct
4:27 yes yes to actually be there for them
4:31 because let’s face it and I can tell you
4:35 now my eldest son he’s had the
4:37 transplant he’s 19 now and my daughter
4:39 just turned 18 and my youngest son 16
4:42 1/2 and that has flown and so I remember
4:46 when they were born I wanted to be at
4:48 home with them and raise them and but
4:51 you don’t always have that choice you
4:52 know finances and things like that so I
4:55 was the opposite I ran back to my oldest
4:58 six months yes well I did I didn’t have
5:01 that choice given that my son had a
5:03 life-threatening condition and we needed
5:05 to be you know going to the Sydney
5:07 Children’s Hospital on a regular basis
5:09 so I knew from a long time ago that I
5:12 needed to have online business but in
5:15 saying that I was married at the time
5:17 with their father and financially secure
5:19 but that that marriage didn’t last and
5:22 so then I was on my own and I needed to
5:24 find a way to make it work so what year
5:27 was this when you decided that you were
5:29 going to choose an online business yeah
5:31 back in 2009 so twelve months before the
5:35 transplant the doctor phoned and said we
5:37 need to start planning for the
5:39 transplant so I thought I need to get my
5:40 act together and I really need to needed
5:44 to do something so I did a couple of
5:45 online courses which I learned how to
5:48 use vo marketing and I knew it had to
5:51 involve video okay so what was it about
5:53 video that you thought I want to do
5:56 video and I want to help people learn
5:59 how to do video so what was it about the
6:01 video was it just that you felt it was
6:03 the time it was well it definitely it
6:06 the time yes it was trendy yes obviously
6:09 it was trending i americas always you
6:12 know five years ahead of us you’ve only
6:14 got to look at what they’re doing and
6:15 what’s working over there so our gary
6:17 vaynerchuck had his own wine library TV
6:19 web TV show a lot of people were getting
6:22 shows together on youtube so after
6:26 watching videos you realize very quickly
6:29 whether you trust someone and whether
6:31 you like them so the power of videos is
6:35 you know is bigger than what people
6:37 actually realize yes so the fact that
6:41 you said that that people when watching
6:43 a video they will like and know you and
6:47 trust you yes it could also look the
6:50 opposite way people will not like you
6:53 absolutely is that one of the reasons
6:55 that stops a lot of people from actually
6:57 having the courage and the strength to
6:59 do something like this I think so I mean
7:02 whatever you do in business you’ve got
7:03 to absolutely believe what you do and
7:06 believe in your product and if you don’t
7:08 if you doubt yourself that you’re
7:10 knocked able to help your your potential
7:13 clients they’ll see right through that
7:15 they’ll hear that in your voice they’ll
7:16 feel that in your energy they’ll see it
7:18 in your eyes I love that and that’s so
7:21 true and it is so because I’m you know
7:25 as much as the world we live in
7:26 unfortunately some people aren’t as
7:28 honorable as what we’d like them to be
7:30 so therefore they will buy from you and
7:33 then of course you’re like oh my god
7:35 yeah just give a bad name to people who
7:37 are in this sort of game
7:40 getting out and I mean there’s a lot of
7:42 people who are very good actors and
7:43 they’re very convincing you know in
7:46 their marketing in the way that they
7:48 portray themselves but what I find a lot
7:50 with a lot of people is they just don’t
7:53 believe in themselves they might believe
7:55 in their product but they’ve got to
7:57 believe in themselves so do you feel the
8:00 believing in yourself and your product
8:03 comes back to why you become passionate
8:06 about your product yes and then
8:08 passionate about how it can help people
8:11 yes how a concern yes so even if you
8:13 feel like I’m not that confident I don’t
8:16 believe in myself you’ve got to sit and
8:17 think about the people that you’re
8:19 helping because even when I started back
8:21 you know a few years ago and my 30-day
8:23 challenge I’ll be honest I I thought Who
8:28 am I to be doing this I’m not the
8:30 biggest best most glamorous expert to be
8:33 teaching video but I knew I’d already
8:35 helped a lot of people so I I just
8:39 thought about the the people that I had
8:41 helped and and the people who were
8:42 struggling and all the amazing people
8:44 that have got amazing gifts and talents
8:47 in the world that just aren’t reaching
8:49 other people and I knew that if I just
8:51 focused on being of service and sharing
8:54 my tips it didn’t have to be the best in
8:56 the world I look at this now we’re doing
8:58 a web TV show we’re in the backyard
8:59 we’re not in a professional studio you
9:02 know we’re not sitting here like a
9:04 polished TV presenter we’re just being
9:07 ourselves but we’re being real and raw
9:12 and genuine and I think that’s what
9:14 people want in the end I agree I agree
9:17 and because there’s nothing wasn’t being
9:21 fake mmm and as you said people will see
9:24 through that yeah where was you when
9:26 your January going you know what I can’t
9:29 help people hmm
9:30 because I have had the problem that they
9:33 have
9:33 mmm so I know how to solve it I wish I’d
9:36 known how to solve it when I had the
9:37 huge problem that it was the exercise
9:40 that actually helped me to become the
9:41 expert oh sorry that’s and that’s what’s
9:44 the gift of that issue or that problem
9:46 is let’s learn from it let’s help other
9:49 people so they don’t have to experience
9:51 that that’s a yes okay so so your TV
9:56 show your first TV show that you started
9:58 back in 2008 2009 2010 2010 and then so
10:03 2010 Mel starts being a expert on a TV
10:08 show well no I actually wasn’t the
10:10 excellent you were the expert you just
10:12 became more of an expert as you were
10:14 taught
10:14 well actually it’s funny because it was
10:17 toddlers to teens TV and I formed a
10:19 panel of eight experts now I called in
10:23 the experts and I was the host and
10:25 producer of the show okay so let’s just
10:27 be clear on this that’s what Richard
10:29 Branson does okay he says he is never
10:32 the smartest person in the room he just
10:34 seems poised people around him and you
10:36 help him and that’s what melded hmm so
10:39 you Richard yeah however at the end of
10:45 the day I was really it was well I was
10:48 up at the Ronald McDonald Hospital while
10:50 my son was having his kidney transplant
10:52 and he asked me could he start a YouTube
10:54 channel he wanted to do Toy Story
10:57 reviews 1100 now you’re supposedly 18 to
11:01 have a YouTube channel but okay I
11:03 thought if I if I monitor him it should
11:07 be fine yes
11:08 so he put out some Toy Story reviews and
11:12 very quickly he came running through the
11:15 door one day saying mom you’ve got to
11:17 look at this and there was young kids in
11:19 America and the UK doing shout out
11:22 saying you’ve got to go and look at Nick
11:23 shucks YouTube channel oh my god yeah so
11:27 he built this global connection really
11:29 quickly and that opened my eyes up to
11:32 YouTube and and social media and the
11:35 power of video that’s the love the world
11:37 we live in its
11:38 has made the world’s so much smaller yes
11:40 more connected yes yes I hear a lot of
11:43 people say we’re disconnected but I have
11:46 to disagree that social media and
11:49 through the power video I have formed a
11:51 family basically all around the world so
11:55 through him creating his YouTube channel
11:57 yes you then created your Thomas to team
12:00 show yes we realized how powerful the
12:05 the World Wide Web actually is yeah it’s
12:07 a great name for it is not when you
12:08 think it like that yes does it really is
12:10 bringing us all together in a web yes
12:12 which is great you then you’re still
12:16 doing that show no we ran that show for
12:19 two years yes and then after two years
12:21 of being at home whilst my son recovered
12:24 from his transplant I was going
12:26 stir-crazy I’m a real people person I
12:29 love to get out and run events and and
12:32 connect with people so I actually
12:34 started a women’s networking group on
12:36 the Gold Coast called moms in business
12:38 Australia which we had to rebrand to
12:40 empowered mums due to a trademarking
12:42 issue yeah
12:44 so I ran that for six years and it was
12:48 whilst I was running that and saw so
12:50 many amazing people who were struggling
12:52 with their marketing of their business
12:54 and I really wanted to help them get out
12:56 there so I was at home one day and I did
13:00 the Oprah thing and I went out to the
13:02 backyard and I said God how can I serve
13:04 you you know thinking how can I do
13:07 better and basically I got a message in
13:11 my ear not straight away I actually got
13:13 woken up you know a couple of days later
13:15 in them in the middle of the night
13:16 saying you need to teach people what you
13:18 know about video Mel because you know
13:20 how powerful it is these people are
13:22 struggling to reach their ideal clients
13:24 so and I’m like okay well how do I do
13:27 that that was my next question and it
13:30 was while I was sitting down on the
13:31 lounge scrolling through Facebook and
13:33 that every second post was a 30 day but
13:39 challenged the 30 day AB challenge
13:41 remember all those challenges they’re
13:43 still around so I thought well maybe
13:45 I’ll do a 30 day video challenge and I
13:47 will just come on in
13:49 a tip every day and that’s how we
13:51 started back in 2015
13:54 wow that’s incredible I wish I had
13:58 hooked up with you then who knows where
14:00 we’d be now girls yeah that sounds
14:04 fantastic so happen we’re gonna have all
14:09 the links on how people can get in
14:10 contact with you below this video but
14:12 what is the number one thing that you
14:16 would like to say to people who are
14:19 looking for someone like you but when I
14:24 say to people I didn’t think that would
14:27 ever happen so they’re looking for me or
14:30 looking for they’re looking at this
14:31 ability to grow their business okay so
14:34 the way I would I would suggest if
14:37 you’re looking to grow your business is
14:39 that you need to be very clear about the
14:41 one thing that you want to be known for
14:42 because too many of us wear more than
14:46 one hat but if we want people to refer
14:49 to clients to us and if we want to be
14:53 asked to you know about a podcast or be
14:55 on a web TV show we need to make it very
14:58 clear about the one thing we want to be
15:01 known for be the specialist not the
15:03 generalist and if that is a specialist
15:06 with children on the spectrum for
15:08 instance that’s still very broad so
15:10 there’s so many different variances in
15:12 that so you know other primary school is
15:15 that primary school children that you
15:17 deal with on the spectrum yes and you
15:20 know narrowing it right down like that
15:22 so it’s called Micronesian yes yes so
15:25 and we are fast running out of time so
15:29 as we’ve all about guests we ask our
15:33 guests to give a free gift to our
15:37 viewers so what was the free gift that
15:39 you have for them which they can
15:40 actually access below this video mm-hm
15:43 okay so I’d like to give a gift today of
15:47 a script to write your video for your
15:52 home page of your website Wow
15:55 thank you that’s so generous and it
15:57 let’s face it the way Mel has gotten
15:59 herself out there
16:00 and so many of her clients out there
16:03 that is a really fantastic gift so make
16:06 sure you take advantage of that so Mel
16:09 thank you so much for being one of our
16:12 experts our guest expert on exactly how
16:15 to help other people become more visible
16:19 in their life
16:21 you are amazing person I am as I said
16:24 right at the beginning it has been a
16:26 privilege to actually chat with you
16:28 today having amazing conversation me too
16:32 thank you so much thank you and goodbye
16:34 everybody and I will see you on another
16:37 live love by design TV show real soon
16:42 and Mel will definitely be back as
16:44 another guest because she’s just an
16:46 amazing person to talk to thank you


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As a former corporate Chief Financial Officer, Karen brings a unique perspective; extensive business experience and hard-earned wisdom that she wished were available to her when she needed them. Her many Live Love gems (tools and tips) will assist you to create your new normal life after any major loss. You will love who you become, all your relationships and any work you do will become more meaningful and effective.

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