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The talk show runs the gamut from inspirational stories of ordinary folk to conversations with guest experts, live audience participation and experiential exercises. At Live Love By Design TV, we believe that to design and then create your dream life, you need to look at and embrace all aspects of your wellness wheel.
The Live Love By Design: Wellness Wheel has nine components (Mentally, Professionally, Financially, Family, Socially, Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally and Environmentally) that for ease, have been characterised into four Pillars:

Which Pillar does your area of expertise falls under?
Please complete and submit the below form if you are interested in being a guest on our Live Love By Design TV show.

You can type right on the form and click SUBMIT at the bottom. 

Your Then we will be in touch to organise a chat prior to your segment being recorded via zoom.

Please note we will film a 3-minute segment and a longer 15 to 20-minute segment.

Guest Experts Information Required

Each guest will fall under an area of life contained under one of the four Live Love Pillars.
Which Pillar will your area of expertise falls under?
To highlight you and your expertise in the best possible way, we request that each guest provide the following:
• A two-paragraph introduction
• Your one-page Live Love By Design Guest Expert Profile. (This is built utilising the Live Love: Guest Expert Profile Builder that will be supplied with this document).
• The Live Love Pillar you fall under
• A High Res Photo (just you and no words)
• Your logo
• Your 2 – 3 Must Ask Questions
• Your Live Love Viewer gift (download, e-book, guide etc). This can be from you or your business. The link will be available to our viewers.
• Links to your website and social media channels
• An agreement that you will participate in sharing the social media posts and the recording with your database and social connections

Guest Experts Receive

Live love by Design TV will create a dedicated page on our website which will include:
• Your Live Love recorded and edited TV video conversation.
• Your Photo and Your Live Love Guest Expert Profile (We will provide a template for this)
• Your website and social media links
• A link to your Live Love Viewer Gift
The page will remain active forever.
There is a small administration/production fee we charge as we have a professional team that will handle the editing, post production and marketing of your video.
The investment to be included in the show is currently $110.

Thank you for being interested in being part of this groundbreaking show.

With Love & Gratitude

The Live Love By Design TV Team

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