It’s with a grateful heart that I share my conversation with Michelle.

We met a few years ago when she was living and loving life.

We recently reconnected, after a mutual friend, shared with me abouther recent separation.

I mentioned my Beyond Loss Retreat would be ideal in assisting her to Unwrap the Gift Loss and move beyond this tragic loss.

Knowing that she’d live and love, beyond any of her expectations.

I love the way that Michelle share:

she now has a process she can apply to other loss events (with 40+ loss events there will be more.)

Her coping strategies and awareness around these will now be different

She is now able to help others who are going through a similar lossAnd her biggest lesson was……… that she now has the ideal words to say to anyone who is going through a tragic loss event.

That is a biggy and something most of require.

Imagine being comfortable around loss and to be truly there for your family and friends.

Do you know anyone who is going through a major loss at the moment? Connect with me today.

They, like Michelle will be very grateful that you could assist them in learning how to moved beyond any loss event.


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