Design Your Live Love Road Map

Video Duration: 13 minutes

Exercise Completion: Min 60 minutes

Resources Required: “Design Your Live Love Success Roadmap” Worksheet

In this video Karen assists you to Define What Success Means to You. Not just overall, but in every single area of your life.

Most people never take the time to define what success means to them. And they wonder why they are not measuring up to someone else’s definition. And how could they? We are all unique we are all here for a different reason for a different purpose. So how could someone else’s definition be ideal for us?

Take your time with this as this will give you a starting point, where you will see where you are today and where you want to be.

This course will assist you to design and create the action steps, which will assist you to quickly become your definition of success in each area of your life.

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Resource Downloads

Karen Chaston: “Inspiring People to Design Their Live Love Life The Live Love by Design Program Creator, Author, Speaker, On-line TV Host, Radio host, CPA and former CFO publicly listed company.

Karen Chaston ran on the corporate treadmill until the day the world came tumbling down on her head. The constant effort of juggling work, family, the big house and cars, and the stress created by all that was taking its toll on her even before tragedy struck when her son Dan, died at a young age.

Karen’s suffering and disappointments became the catalyst for personal and spiritual growth, leading to her creating “The Live Love by Design and Dream Maker Programs.”

Karen inspires and assists people, who are aspiring to go to the next level, to embrace, empower and focus on all areas of life, so they can live their best life whilst achieving their dreams faster.

For many in business, we focus on money and profits.  Karen’s strategic approach combines her life experience and financial expertise to assist to shift your focus from stress and worrying to freedom and joy.

Best of all, Karen’s Financial Model includes actionable systems business owners, managers and employees can take away and implement that keep you focused on the most important part of any business: YOU.

For more details about Karen, her programs and other publications please visit: and