Is it Time for More Green in Your Life?

Today Karen shares a concept that she embraced a few years ago. “If you are always angry, maybe you require more green in your life.” When she first heard this she thought “OMG, that was me in my CFO days, I was always angry, it took nothing for me to fly off the handle (probably my broom stick handle) and I rarely had any green vegetables.” Then she reflected a little more on the concept and realised that green is the colour of the heart chakra, and she did require more love in her life – for her family, friends, loved ones, colleagues and more importantly for herself.
It has been through many reflections that the Live Love Way of Life was born.
Are you ready to birth your Live Love Way of Life? Not sure how to do this? then book now your free 30 minute Live Love: Keys to Your Success strategy Session.
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