Today, Karen decided to quickly film in her kitchen as she is making her green juice for the day.

Today’s ingredients are Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Celery, Ginger and Tumeric smoothie blend from Golden Grind. Other ingredients she loves to add are grapefruit, avocado, coconut oil.

A few years ago she saw a post that mentioned that if you are always angry you need more green in you life. She thought, yes before when she was a CFO of a publicly listed company, she did not eat much green and she was always angry.

Taking it one step further she realised that GREEN is the colour of the heart chakra and yes she did need more love in my life ~ for herself and others.

Are you green juicing daily? So easy with a nutribullet. Its also a great top me up mid afternoon…. it will power you through to the end of the day!!!

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With Love and Gratitude
Karen Chaston