V Lynn Hawkins

Business Development and Funding Strategist

“On a mission to bring more success to women owned small biz and do more good in the world.”

V Lynn Hawkins:

“When You Earn More You Can Do More Good in the World”.

V Lynn Hawkin’s Short Bio

V. Lynn Hawkins is a certified business acceleration expert and small business funding strategist who specializes on Crowdfunding as a means of raising capital for business. She is CEO/Founder of the P3 Academy of Social Entrepreneurship, and coaches her signature 5 Tiers of Accelerated Business Development.

Lynn runs a 6-figure+ business growth Goddesspreneur DIAMOND Mastermind and the new Crowdfunding Hacker Mastermind, helping entrepreneurs create crowdfunding campaigns for social impact projects of all types. Lynn’s mission is to help increase the growing number socially conscious businesses and as host of the Crowdfunding Hacker WebTV Show, she gives entrepreneurs the chance to learn how to successfully crowdfund to grow business and make what she calls ‘a residual impact’ from the efforts of a business crowdfunding campaign.

Lynn is an author, speaker and an advocate for growing women entrepreneurs and their businesses. She is often caught saying “when you earn more revenue, you can do more good in the world”. Lynn believes in creating a living legacy through your work and her “Best You Programs” help women find their vision, vibe, voice, and visibility to live victorious legacy lives.

V Lynn Hawkins:

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In this checklist from Lynn, you can check off each point as you are creating your social media marketing for your business program or product launch. It is like a summary of her entire guide. It’s in actionable, bite-sized points so that you can successfully get through the checklist, expecting the outcome, that will assist you to Get Clear. Get Found. Get Funded.

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V Lynn Hawkinsy: Live Love By Design Complete Guest Profile

V. Lynn Hawkins, was born and raised in Baltimore, MD USA.

Lynn grew up with one Older brother and two younger sisters. Her Dad died from a massive heart attack when he was 29 years old. She was seven and it was a major blow to her family. Her Mom went on to raise her family as a single Mom and went on to become one of the 1st African American women to get ordained as a Presbyterian Minister. She was a Pastor and a teacher and a huge influence on who Lynn has become.
Growing up, Lynn didn’t see herself as a teacher, although she was a leader. She loved to sing, dance, paint, speak and have fun as the leader of the pack. Both her parents were teachers. Her Dad taught high school French and Spanish and was a concert violinist. He had earned a Masters of Arts from Johns Hopkins University by age 25 and had played Carnegie Hall with the Boston Philharmonic Symphony before he was 28. Her Mom taught middle school French and German and was an amazing host. Lynn remembers some amazing family gathering and times with her parents’ friends that were such fun.

Lynn started her career in the accounting field, then to financial services and insurance and then into commercial real estate lending. She loved the work in the real estate industry, mostly the years spent in her gifts as a leader, building high performance teams and inspiring others to see more in themselves to do more and be more of who they had the potential to become. Much of what she has done is part of the what she shares through her business coaching and crowdfunding consulting business now.

The legacy she is most proud to leave behind are the stories she has written and published in books. She became a published author in 2011 as a contributing author in a book titled “Women Entrepreneur Extraordinaire”. It was the beginning of her desire to write what she lived so she learned to tell stories, but she still was not as willing to share them for fear of judgment. So, she helped other women entrepreneurs to self-publish and that was fulfilling. One of her clients was 89 when she became a published author and she also taught her that it wasn’t about becoming #1 or a best-seller, although the last book she was a part of, became a best-seller. The client taught Lynn that it was the value in the stories and information you put into a book that you won’t know whose hands it might get into, and rather that it be available because you wrote it. Just write it and get the help to publish it. The richest place in the world is the graveyards because of all the amazing stories buried there. Lynn is a promoter of the value of your stories in a book, personal, teaching or business. Just write and publish it.

Lynn now lives in Atlanta, GA USA. Her kids were raised in the Atlanta area, although several years ago she moved to take a new job. She has lived a few great places in the US. Prior to moving back to Atlanta, she lived in northern California for 10 years, south of San Francisco and north of San Jose. It’s called the Bay Area of California. It was beautiful and some of the most memorable years of her life.
Lynn is single and happy and part of a newly formed family nucleus with her single daughter and her oldest grandson. Lynn had two children; a daughter and a son was the youngest. Her son had 2 Moms Lynn and her daughter even though she was only two years older.

In 2012, at age 33, her son was killed in a motorcycle accident. She has given herself permission to say it that way because she wants to express that she is at a loss due to one of the most dangerous activities out there, riding a motorcycle. Her prayer is that our kids be safe, even if they choose to ride motorcycles or drive fast cars. She loved fast cars. Still do and she loves watching motorcycles and seeing the Sunday afternoon groups of Harleys going up the highway. Even nervously watching the groups of youngsters on their Dukati’s and Sazuki’s speeding up the highway. She always say a prayer that no other Mom experience the loss of her child this way.

Her son was also an inspiration to here and she now use some of their stories to inspire others.

0:14 hello and welcome to live love by design
0:18 TV a place where you will learn to live
0:21 and love each and every day to love who
0:24 you are to love your life and to create
0:28 your dreams faster and today I am very
0:31 honored and I feel so privileged to have
0:34 the amazing feeling Hawkins chatting
0:37 with us today
0:39 well : thank you Karen thank you so much
0:45 I’m so honored and it’s my privilege to
0:48 be here with you today and your lovely
0:50 audience oh thank you now for everybody
0:55 Lynn is a business development and
0:58 funding specialist sounds pretty awesome
1:01 doesn’t it so Lynn really does fit under
1:04 the pillar all about your expertise so
1:07 lean explain to us exactly what a
1:10 business development and funding
1:13 specialist actually does well Karen it’s
1:18 not too complicated unless you’re an
1:22 entrepreneur who has the shiny syndrom
1:25 shiny object syndrome or your
1:30 productivity plan is something that
1:33 you’re saying I’m missing where is it or
1:36 you’re looking for the next stage of
1:39 growth for your business a business
1:42 development strategist and a funding
1:45 specialist is one who helps
1:48 entrepreneurs to grow their business and
1:51 in my case I’m a certified business
1:53 acceleration expert and I help people to
1:56 grow business not just rapidly but
1:59 holistically oh and love that that fits
2:03 so well in with the little ambadas on
2:05 things so how do you do it holistically
2:09 as opposed to non holistically well I
2:14 grew up in the world of commercial real
2:17 estate what it love love the whole
2:20 aspect
2:21 of big buildings and shopping centers
2:26 and hotels and I learned the aspects of
2:30 business from a very linear standpoint
2:33 and linear did not take into account
2:37 that much of the fact that we’re human
2:41 beings and were heart beings yeah and so
2:45 the holistic aspect that I bring into
2:48 business is really bringing the heart
2:50 into business and with that creating
2:54 legacy businesses naming how many of us
2:58 actually sit back and as we’re designing
3:00 our next year of growth or next three
3:03 years of growth actually go out farther
3:05 past five past and past twenty five to
3:10 the hundred year mark I often think
3:12 about Henry Ford and Mary Kay Ash who
3:16 built legacy businesses because they
3:20 looked far into the future and planned
3:23 what their businesses could look like
3:25 they dreamt about them they wrote they
3:28 wrote it out they knew what they wanted
3:31 to create in the way of a legacy
3:33 business and that was the heart if they
3:36 brought into it that was the holistic
3:39 side of things where you know and you
3:41 think about holistic it is about life it
3:44 is about the regeneration of life and
3:46 that’s the kind of business that I like
3:49 to help people to grow and that’s
3:51 fantastic too because a lot of business
3:54 owners are in there IDO and it is all
3:57 about them and it’s not about the
4:00 generations and short maybe their family
4:03 or maybe shareholders who continue to
4:06 grow far beyond their lifetime
4:09 so it’s interesting isn’t it to actually
4:13 think because there’s a lot of
4:14 modern-day businesses that would
4:16 probably pass with that person yes and
4:21 most do even where partners are
4:24 concerned and shareholders are concerned
4:26 that’s one of the reasons that a lot of
4:29 businesses dissolve when they’re in
4:32 vidual passes on there’s no more vision
4:36 for the business and that’s one of the
4:39 things that I start with with anyone
4:42 that I work with is establishing the
4:44 vision that you have for your business
4:47 and that is really what brought makes
4:50 you knowing that there’s so many of us
4:53 who don’t have that long vision that
4:56 extended and I call it extended vision
4:59 but the word vision means beyond what
5:02 you would normally see and so you know
5:07 anything short of that is a short vision
5:10 and that’s where most of us live that’s
5:12 where most people have learned how to
5:15 start build and grow businesses in the
5:18 short vision and I drank I bring in the
5:23 aspect of why not go for the long term
5:26 you know I love what you’re doing and
5:29 living left by design live your business
5:31 by design yes exactly which brings me to
5:35 the next point that I want to ask you is
5:37 obviously as business owners we do need
5:41 to create the level of our way of life
5:44 so how do you look after yourself in the
5:48 first pillar which is all about you
5:50 so how do you make sure that you’re in
5:53 your tip-top condition so that you can
5:56 assist that grow your business while
5:59 assisting other people’s to do that that
6:02 is a great question Karen because I have
6:06 been one who’s actually struggled in
6:08 that area
6:09 I agree well you’re not the only one
6:12 most people do we tend to put ourselves
6:15 last with us in the end is not good
6:18 because all we do is end up burning out
6:20 which is why I love helping people to
6:23 see how successful with women or and any
6:26 business owner actually looks after
6:29 themselves and I found that there are
6:32 two things that if I do consistently for
6:35 myself well actually three if I do these
6:38 consistently for myself I am in my love
6:43 I am in my heart and I
6:45 this saying that as a heart preneur as
6:49 an entrepreneur running a heart centered
6:51 Purpose Driven business you want to be
6:54 in your heart and your heart first says
6:56 take care of me right yes so one of the
7:00 things that I focus on is sleep getting
7:03 my sleep six to eight hours if I’m
7:07 really under the gun I’ll be in that
7:09 four to five to six but I’ll do that for
7:12 a specific period of time and then come
7:15 back to what I said you’re not going to
7:18 believe these and I turned over my
7:21 Louise Hay calendar this morning and I
7:24 actually read it and it says I get
7:28 plenty of sleep every night and my body
7:31 appreciates how I take care of it now
7:33 what are the chances of that because I
7:35 did not know that you were going to say
7:38 that so that’s just a little universal
7:40 tip that sleeps important not only for
7:43 you and me but all of our viewers yes it
7:47 is and really quickly I have learned
7:50 more about what it is that I eat and how
7:54 would I eat impacts everything from my
7:58 memory to my ability to sit at the desk
8:02 to my desire to get up and move and I
8:06 have you found bring you down oh my gosh
8:11 meet I have stopped eating red meat
8:14 mm-hmm if I do it’s once in a blue moon
8:17 and then I have to really be conscious
8:20 about how I take care of myself
8:21 afterwards yes but I’ve gotten away from
8:25 meat a little bit of fish a little bit
8:28 of chicken and mostly steamed vegetables
8:32 mm-hmm it’s valid and lots of fruits and
8:36 nuts and that’s been the newest addition
8:40 to what it is that I do for myself and
8:43 I’m incorporating that into what my
8:46 family is doing as well and that’s been
8:50 quite helpful to me and then the last
8:53 thing is I am a tall as a teenager and I
8:56 really wish that I hadn’t
8:58 raised it my whole life and it is what
9:01 you eat today walks and talks tomorrow
9:06 that is so true and we’re done and a lot
9:10 of the time we don’t take the time to
9:13 actually analyze what certain foods do
9:16 to us we put it down to it you know if
9:18 we go down at the end of the day we
9:20 don’t put it down to what we’ve eaten
9:22 earlier in the day we put it down to
9:24 I’ll just work so hard and everything
9:26 like that whereas actually taking a note
9:29 and becoming a really conscious eater of
9:31 what certain foods bring you up and what
9:35 bring you down and we all know what they
9:37 are as much as really don’t what a
9:39 minute we all know how to eat properly
9:41 when you sense is developing fix our
9:45 food talks to us in our sleep yes it
9:50 does are if our body is focusing on
9:54 digesting food it’s not focusing on rest
9:58 and rejuvenation mmm next lesion that a
10:02 bit a little bit hungry to be quite
10:04 honest yes keeps the metabolism burning
10:08 yes absolutely right and you learn to
10:12 expect thing that you say and yet most
10:17 of us go to bed with you know food on
10:20 our stomachs and wonder why we wake up
10:23 in the morning feeling like we haven’t
10:25 rested at all exactly that last thing
10:31 that I do is exercise that sort of
10:34 exercise do you
10:36 I find what’s best for you for me what
10:39 works best is walking and I love to walk
10:44 I love we live in a beautiful
10:46 neighborhood and we’ve got parks all
10:49 around but I don’t even get to the parks
10:51 because I think I told you I love real
10:54 estate commercial real estate in
10:56 particular but I love our neighborhood
10:58 and the trees we live where we live has
11:01 very season trees I see a lot of birds
11:04 and butterflies and hawks oh yeah yeah
11:10 and rabbits and I saw I’ve seen a coyote
11:15 a couple of times
11:17 Wow deer run through our neighborhood I
11:21 mean it’s just it’s it’s very calling to
11:25 the soul yes negative does that for you
11:28 doesn’t it it does it really does and
11:32 then you know at my age strength
11:35 resistance is very important so I have
11:38 my dumbbells and I have my elastic bands
11:42 and I I do back and I do you know I I
11:46 used to be a fitness instructor oh
11:50 really really hard numerous you know
11:53 almost seven days a week every week and
11:56 I don’t do that anymore my body is
12:00 actually feeling the effects of how
12:03 vigorously I treated it when I was
12:06 younger I was a fitness instructor for
12:08 18 years and at this juncture slowing
12:13 the pace has helped my body to readjust
12:17 in this space of age mm-hmm
12:20 it’s also helped me to just ground in
12:25 the fact that walking for me is a great
12:29 pace I used to run cycle and I’ll still
12:34 ride a bike but I used to ride hundred
12:38 mile rides to a week many miles everyday
12:44 or thirty miles a day just get along
12:47 that’s heated I remember telling my son
12:51 one day why he just got back from my
12:53 century hundred mile ride and of course
12:56 he’s like century what is that 100 mile
12:59 ride he’s like wow mom he won’t even
13:01 drive a hundred miles most day you’re
13:08 right you don’t lean that makes so much
13:10 sense so as your son said to you you
13:13 were spending you know all that time
13:16 cycling for a hundred five hundred miles
13:20 so that brings us to the next pillar
13:22 which is all about you
13:24 relationships so in hindsight could have
13:27 you done things differently and maybe
13:31 enhance your relationships sure still
13:34 look after yourself but not at the
13:37 expense of your relationships did you
13:39 feel that sort of well it’s interesting
13:43 that you would ask that because I didn’t
13:49 just ride my bike I belonged to a
13:54 cycling club and I ended up making
13:59 friends with those in the cycling club
14:03 we became really good friends not only
14:06 did we cycle together we did things
14:09 together we supported each other some of
14:12 them were business owners we supported
14:14 each other in business and those of my
14:19 other friends and family who didn’t I
14:23 actually got to see me in my element
14:27 because remember I said 18-year fitness
14:30 instructor instructor and this was a
14:34 continuation of that and so they were
14:38 happy for me that I found something on
14:42 the other side of fitness instructing
14:45 and inside of being in the gym all the
14:48 time because I lived in California and
14:51 one of the most beautiful things that
14:54 happened with my cycling was I saw more
14:57 of the California countryside from my
15:01 bicycle than I did from a car from
15:05 writing from anything else that I did
15:08 and it was absolutely amazing
15:13 you to the police he went the things
15:16 that we did as a group it was just it
15:19 was beautiful so talk about
15:21 relationships yeah that was one of the
15:23 draws for me to cycling West that’s
15:28 right so you doing both things at once
15:30 are you having great relationships while
15:32 looking after yourself and also getting
15:35 business ideas as you
15:37 socializing with these people so you
15:39 have tied those three pillars together
15:42 which is great because a lot of people
15:44 say I’ll only have time for one thing
15:47 but actually and I are pretty sure that
15:50 when you were cycling sure you had
15:52 moments when you’re by yourself I’m sure
15:54 that your mind was actually thinking
15:57 about what someone had said enhancing
16:00 you know your business at the same time
16:02 creating questions so that when you do
16:05 stop and you know have more chats and
16:08 more you know ease and all those sort of
16:09 things you have more and what I want to
16:12 say more intelligent questions but more
16:14 thought-out questions ready to enhance
16:19 your Ordinaries of your life even more
16:22 you’re absolutely right absolutely right
16:26 and I think that that was again one of
16:29 the things that was so exciting for me
16:31 because it didn’t compass an awful lot I
16:33 knew nothing about cycling
16:36 really before joining this club and I
16:39 started at the beginner level and in a
16:42 matter of three seasons I was in the
16:46 advanced level doing these hundred mile
16:49 rides but you know the advanced level
16:52 and not at the back of the pack was what
16:58 you I up from the back didn’t you yeah
17:01 and that’s what people need to
17:03 understand and and that’s a really great
17:05 way of looking at things as you moved up
17:09 the pack you you got more confident you
17:12 got better at it so you could clearly
17:14 see how far you had come yes yeah yeah
17:22 those those are the accomplishments
17:24 again I think when I was talking before
17:27 that we a lot of times don’t give
17:30 ourselves credit for and is women and
17:34 you know mirroring this to women in
17:38 business all of the things that we do as
17:42 entrepreneurs in business we’re doing
17:45 and we’re actually in the space of
17:47 thinking oh it just has to
17:50 done I’m just gonna do it you know more
17:52 business I need more business this
17:54 marketing thing has to be done this you
17:57 know collaborative thing has to be done
18:00 we don’t take the time to say good job
18:04 yeah and those of us who do you can tell
18:07 yeah you can tell by the way they show
18:10 up you can tell by the things that
18:12 they’re doing yes you can cover the
18:14 conversations they’re having those are
18:17 the ones that are really in the space of
18:19 valuing relationships that they’ve
18:22 formed in this business sector and then
18:26 thinking around investing in themselves
18:29 yes it’s a growing business I totally
18:33 agree and it’s celebrating the little
18:36 wins that helps us to do even more and
18:40 to you know at the end of each day there
18:42 would have been a win a lot of the time
18:44 we sort of just focus on the negative of
18:46 the day we don’t look for those little
18:48 wins and it could be as simple as just
18:51 picking up the phone and talking to
18:53 someone and and just saying wow I
18:56 actually spoke to that person I’ve been
18:58 trying and thinking about it for about a
19:01 week I actually made that phone call and
19:03 guess what it wasn’t that scary and they
19:06 were really nice you know hearing you
19:12 brought something to mind but I want to
19:14 share because again we just sometimes
19:18 we’ve heard the expert so to speak talk
19:22 about the whole you know either at the
19:24 beginning of your day plan what you’re
19:26 gonna do map out your priorities or at
19:29 the end of the day so that you can every
19:31 day there’s a thing I think that is so
19:34 important that we tend to leave out
19:36 which is at the end of the day make sure
19:40 that you list out the things that you
19:42 have accomplished for that day because
19:44 two days later you’re not gonna really
19:47 remember exactly at the end of the day
19:50 we may be focused on let me get my list
19:52 together for tomorrow before you do that
19:56 make sure that your todays list you’ve
19:59 added all the other little things
20:03 you did that are part of your
20:05 accomplishments because you don’t want
20:08 to lose those that’s part of what helps
20:10 you re-energize when you’re doing that
20:13 list for tomorrow because if your list
20:15 is like my list is like oh my I’ve only
20:20 been on my list for tomorrow but when
20:23 you start thinking about what you didn’t
20:26 get accomplished today it makes that
20:28 tomorrow list so much more delightful to
20:32 know that it’s there one of my friends
20:34 said that’s my treasure list yeah and is
20:37 funny that you should say that because I
20:39 actually give women the advice who are
20:42 working saying corporate or in a job I’m
20:47 not their own business and they’re
20:49 trying to get a salary increase and
20:52 that’s one of the first advice I say you
20:54 have to understand the value that you
20:56 bring to the company and through listing
20:59 out everything that you do on a daily
21:01 basis and seeing the wins that you have
21:05 how much value you’ve added to the
21:07 company and keeping that list that’s
21:10 what you put together before you go in
21:13 and ask so that you can actually say
21:15 well this is what I do for the company
21:17 and this is the value I add and this is
21:21 why I would like this salary as opposed
21:24 to some women who just look at their
21:25 boss and go well I work harder than him
21:27 and he’s on twice as much more money for
21:29 me I’m just gonna go in I’m just gonna
21:31 say I walk more money because I work I
21:33 don’t he doesn’t work that way you’ve
21:35 got to show the value that you add and
21:38 then you easily get the salary that you
21:41 feel you deserve you are so right and in
21:45 my corporate days I learned that through
21:50 experience because I’ve been this list
21:52 builder for all of my career but when
21:56 you are at the end of the day and you’re
21:59 at your desk and you’re creating this
22:02 what did i do today what did I
22:04 accomplish today what is up for tomorrow
22:06 and your boss walks in the door and sees
22:10 you doing this they know that you are
22:15 going to be red
22:16 when it comes time for that review they
22:19 know cuz you’re preparing it right there
22:22 I love it
22:23 which brings us to our fourth pillar
22:26 very nicely
22:27 all about your wealth creation so what
22:31 tips do you feel as a business owner
22:34 because let’s face it cash flow is very
22:36 important more so than anything else as
22:39 a business owner so what little tips do
22:42 you have for our viewers for the fourth
22:45 pillar know your numbers yeah and I say
22:51 know your numbers and I mean all of your
22:54 numbers I mean you’re breaking even
22:57 numbers for your business your profit
23:01 numbers for your business and a lot of
23:03 times you can project yes and you want
23:06 to project but you also want to look at
23:09 what the actions is yes I also say hey
23:16 yourself
23:17 ah pays up first is what I say I’m doing
23:22 I would pay something those expenses
23:25 always rise to meet income so make sure
23:28 you paid your song you gotta be high on
23:30 the list and I always I’m at either I
23:34 tithe out of my sight I guess I’m a
23:39 tiger at know I’m a lion but I’m a tiger
23:42 i I tithe out of my business income and
23:46 then I’m a giver
23:48 from from a personal level yes and I do
23:51 that for two reasons one because you
23:55 know I I’m the CEO of the p3 Academy of
23:57 social entrepreneurship okay I do
24:00:00 business development in funding
24:02:00 strategies so the money is all in there
24:05:00 and I like to think that money know I
24:10:00 know
24:10:00 money floats so money coming into my
24:14:00 business I pay myself and I tie and that
24:20:00 goes to charitable organizations who are
24:25:00 doing good work in the world
24:27:00 Wow fantastic
24:29:00 that is so important to me because again
24:33:00 money flows and if I’m being blessed to
24:37:00 receive it I’m being blessed to bless
24:42:00 others and nesting i I think that it’s
24:47:00 key for us to think in that regard
24:50:00 because how else do we keep it flowing
24:53:00 when it comes to ourselves we’ve got
24:56:00 choices we’ve got options
24:58:00 spend some save some and we want to do
25:01:00 all of those financially found options
25:05:00 because that is part of wealth creation
25:08:00 creation also expands into the energetic
25:12:00 field
25:12:00 I totally away it’s a lot more than just
25:16:00 finances and everything like that I
25:18:00 agree
25:19:00 because alone yeah this is facing an
25:22:00 amazing conversation I could talk to you
25:24:00 forever in us I’m pretty sure everyone’s
25:27:00 home my dog in the background making a
25:28:00 lot of noise but that’s okay we allow
25:31:00 him to be who he is and so so you have
25:35:00 got a special gift for all of our
25:37:00 viewers today yes I do Karen one of the
25:42:00 things that I am certain of is that if
25:45:00 you are not moving your business
25:48:00 utilizing social media you’re missing
25:51:00 out I wholeheartedly agree that there’s
25:55:00 a personal element of boots on the
25:58:00 ground shaking hands you know the whole
26:01:00 belly-to-belly from way back there is
26:05:00 also an element now that we are in this
26:08:00 virtual environment and it is giving us
26:11:00 the ability to do our work in a global
26:14:00 perspective and so if you are not in
26:17:00 this space using social media or you are
26:20:00 and you’re kind of tipping through or
26:22:00 tripping through or you’re doing things
26:25:00 and you want to do things to a higher
26:28:00 degree I am gifting everyone my social
26:32:00 media marketing principles checklist Wow
26:35:00 thank you 27 actually 30 principles of
26:41:00 social media
26:43:00 are giving that are bound to give you at
26:47:00 least one idea of something that you can
26:50:00 do to enhance what you’re doing lots of
26:54:00 ideas as far as putting things into play
26:57:00 that will help you create that marketing
27:01:00 strategy through social media where you
27:03:00 won’t feel like you’re just testing all
27:05:00 the time well let me try this and let me
27:07:00 try that you never get to find what
27:10:00 really works for you oh thank you that
27:14:00 is well paid gift for our viewers and
27:17:00 all of your contact our details will be
27:19:00 low this video which will be great and
27:23:00 please when you reach out to men make
27:26:00 sure that you let her know that you saw
27:30:00 is amazing chat conversation as I like
27:33:00 to call it on live life by design TV
27:37:00 because I have loved chatting with you
27:39:00 daily it’s been amazing so thank you for
27:43:00 your time today thank you Karen it has
27:46:00 been a true pleasure and you’re bright
27:48:00 when we get together there’s no stopping
27:51:00 us and conversations like this and they
27:54:00 say this about I love your show thank
27:58:00 you so much so that is another episode
28:02:00 of live love by design TV so thank you
28:05:00 for being here and remembered tune in
28:08:00 next week when we have another exciting
28:12:00 guest where we will make sure that we go
28:15:00 through the four pillars all about you
28:18:00 all about your relationships all about
28:20:00 your expertise and all about your world
28:23:00 creation because when you focus on earth
28:26:00 pillars you truly will create a life
28:29:00 where you will live and love each and
28:31:00 every day where you will love who you
28:34:00 are where you will love your life and
28:36:00 more importantly you create your dreams
28:39:00 faster so goodbye for now and I’ll see
28:42:00 you next week again thank you


Karen Chaston: Show Host and Executive Producer

“I feel like I’m at the stage in my life, where honestly, I’m interested in giving back through showing people an easier way to do life, one where they don’t have to settle for less. One where they can learn from any mistakes I’ve already made. One that really makes it possible for them to live their dream life where every relationship in their life is complete, especially the one with them self. That is the true Essence of Live Love By Design.”  ~ Karen Chaston

As a former corporate Chief Financial Officer, Karen brings a unique perspective; extensive business experience and hard-earned wisdom that she wished were available to her when she needed them. Her many Live Love gems (tools and tips) will assist you to create your new normal life after any major loss. You will love who you become, all your relationships and any work you do will become more meaningful and effective.

For more details about Karen, her programs and other publications please visit: www.karenchaston.com.au and www.livelovebydesign.com

Thank You Dan Chaston for Continually Assisting & Guiding

Your Mum From the Other Side.

We Honour You. We Thank You. We Love You. We Miss You.