Welcome to All About You ~ Your Goal Setting Practice

Video Duration: 11:19 minutes

Exercise Completion: 60 Minutes

Resources needed: Creating Your Vision and Target Goals Worksheet

Ensuring your goal setting leads to your Live Love Way of Life

In this video Karen walks you through the Live Love goal setting practice.

Goals should have two components: A Vision Goal and A target Goal.

The two parts work together and enhance each other.

The vision goal motivates and gives broad direction. The vision goal is the ideal image of what your life will be like when your goal is achieved, specifically what it will feel like. They Inspire, Challenge and Grow YOU. The vision goal makes you a DREAMER first, it raises your capability. Uncage yourself, you are going to grow into that person and you should not limit what you want, to who you are now. You don’t have to know now, how this will happen, just decide now that you want it to happen. Most people think too small. Believe in your ability to be whoever you want to be, then use target goals to get you there.

The target goal clarifies and outlines action. The target goal is your typical SMART goal. Target goals are self-imposed checkpoints that keep you on track and ensure that effective action is being made. The targets are checkpoints you establish for yourself to help keep you on track. The target goal is an aid that helps flesh the vision into reality.

Enjoy creating your goals through utilising the Live Love Goal Setting Practice, explained in detail in this video.

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Karen’s suffering and disappointments became the catalyst for personal and spiritual growth, leading to her creating “The Live Love by Design and Dream Maker Programs.”

Karen inspires and assists people, who are aspiring to go to the next level, to embrace, empower and focus on all areas of life, so they can live their best life whilst achieving their dreams faster.

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