Live Love –

Keys to Your Success

Week 3 – All About You

Video 1 ~ Creating Your “Lift Me Up” Habits

In this video Karen explains the secrets of your success is found in your daily routines. We all have great ideas about who we would like to be, though getting from where we are today to who we would like to be, can be tough. There are many reasons why we may fail and, in this session, we are going to look at our daily habits to ensure that they are aligned with our Live Love Goals.


Video 2 ~ Ensuring Your Goal Setting Practice Leads to Your Live Love Way of Life

In this video Karen walks you through the Live Love goal setting practice. Goals should have two components: A Vision Goal and A target Goal.


Video 3 ~ How to Easily Create Your Live Love Scheduling Practice.

In this video Karen explains the key to easily creating your Live Love Dream life is to be constantly focused on what is most important and then taking the action steps to make it happen. Being focused, not allowing distractions that waste our time, making sure that we are constantly turning our dreams into reality.


Video 4 ~ Week 3 Wrap Up

Now That’s a Wrap – In this video Karen summaries the third week’s lessons from the Live Love: Keys To Your Success online program. She also suggests an easy to implement strategy in order for your to start introducing these Live Love Gems into your daily routine.