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Be Valued. Be Limitless. Be Extraordinary.

“Raising Your Vibrational Energy To Allow Instant Shifts”

Donna Ferguson:

Rapid Success Therapist for Vibrational Alignment

Leaving behind a legacy of a movement of women to follow their birthright of being worthy of who they are, being respected, extraordinary with confidence, ownership of uniqueness, making no apologies for who they are and being leaders in all fields without having to work harder than their male counterparts.

Donna Ferguson Short Bio

Donna Ferguson is a Rapid Success Therapist for Vibrational Alignment, certified NLP Practitioner, a published author, a Psychic Protection Healer, Block Decoder, Alignment Coach all using vibrational energy and processes to allow instant shifts.

Donna believes she was put on this earth to gift her message to women all over the world as they demand respect by being respectful, demand cultural change by being the cultural change, demand love by embracing themselves and truly loving who they are, to raise their vibration to honour their higher self to be valued, be limitless and be the extraordinary women they are.

Donna Ferguson:

Your Free Gift From Donna Ferguson

Donna has kindly gifted you a free 1:1 session to open up your purpose and passion in life through lifting your vibration.

Click on the link to book your 1:1 free “Raise Your Vibration” session with Donna as this will assist you to truly love who you are, to raise your vibration to Honour Your Higher Self to:
• Be valued,
• Be limitless and
• Be the extraordinary women that you are.

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Donna Ferguson: Live Love By Design Complete Guest Profile

Donna Ferguson was born and raised in Canberra until she moved to Queensland in 1989. She is the middle sister of three daughters.

She had an ordinary lifestyle typical of the 60’s 70’s mindset of “money doesn’t grow on trees” “Aussie battlers”, “work hard for your money” blah blah ~ lol

She married at age 21 where she experienced domestic violence and divorced aged 23 fell into another relationship where he was an alcoholic and separated at age 40 after 12 long years. She found her current husband at age 42 and married him at age 48.

After leaving her violent marriage it was time for to find herself and connect with who she truly was and then after falling into another failed relationship she lost what little she had found. At age 40 she was on her own and started going to networking inspirational events and wanted to really help other women become extraordinary.

Donna worked in an Accountants office doing admin work from 16-18, then she joined the Public service for three years before taking maternity leave and resigning. She worked in Property Management for over 25 years in many different organisations and then found her passion in helping other women to become extraordinary.

Donna believes she was put on this earth to create a movement for women around the world to become extraordinary leaders.

Donna is proud to leave behind a legacy a movement of women to follow their birthright of being worthy of who they are, being respected, extraordinary with confidence, ownership of uniqueness, making no apologies for who they are and being leaders in all fields without having to work harder than their male counterparts

Donna currently lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband. She has a grown daughter and a son and daughter step children from her husband and eight grandchildren.

0:14 hello and welcome to another episode of live love by design TV as always I have
0:22 an amazing guest with me who I am sure you are going to love just as I do it’s
0:28 Donna Ferguson and she is a rapid success therapist who assists women to
0:35 become extraordinary sounds amazing doesn’t it so welcome Donna thank you
0:42 Karen thanks so much it’s an honor to be here and I’m really blessed that you’ve
0:47 accepted the offer and collaboration that we’ve got going on here thank you Oh
0:53 look I’m just so glad that I said that you were actually a rapid success
0:58 therapist and not a rapid sex therapist I would definitely not be helping with sex
1:05 I reckon if you make them extraordinary you’ll be certainly helping them on that
1:11 way as well sex is sextraordinary and you’ve got all of these amazing
1:20 accreditations I’m just going to read them so you’re certified NLP practitioner a
1:25 published author a block decoder a psychic protection healer an alignment
1:30 Coates a coach I should say and you use vibrational energy and process to allow
1:37 instant shifts so can we please put that into English for some of our viewers
1:43 please All of it um that’s a mouthful isn’t it is powerful and well done for all your accreditation
1:54 no well on you for getting on oh yeah yeah look you know my life’s journeys
1:59 been pretty different I suppose and you know started
2:05 late but when I started I started looking into all these areas of you know
2:11 first of all NLP and how that works and I wanted to do more work and through
2:16 doing that I did a course in rapid success therapy which creates really
2:22 exactly what it says instant shifts in people when you use
2:29 certain processes and similar to the hypnotherapy processes but slightly
2:37 different so we do work under very similar processes as hypnotherapy and
2:42 then more recently I went and did a psychic protection healing course which
2:48 was fascinating and really does delve into the number of what’s the word the
2:58 number of links that are hanging on through in ancestry periods I suppose so
3:07 it goes really generational and when you can move those threads boom that’s
3:16 probably the best way to explain it you just go in leaps and bounds
3:21 fantastic so when you say instant success through the rapid therapy what is
3:27 instant is it today is it in a month when do you actually see the benefits of
3:34 that therapy when I was doing my courses in person like in small group sessions I
3:42 would see these massive shifts in people within two hours so from the
3:49 morning when they walked into the room they would you know try and have that
3:56 confidence about them and walk in with you know not really knowing what was
4:00 going to happen and then during those first couple of hours before we had a
4:06 morning break you would see them literally release a lot of negativity
4:12 they would literally be standing taller by lunchtime if not morning tea
4:18 and really move through the afternoon sessions with some fantastic new
4:25 philosophies on what they wanted to do with their life for instance I had one
4:30 lady who came in and had all her goals she was massive on building her goals
4:33 and creating goals and you know achieving her goals morning tea time she
4:38 said to me I knew what my goals were when I came in now I don’t but I know
4:42 it’s exciting and by the end of the day she was like now I know exactly where I
4:46 want to be so totally different turnaround but that’s just one person
4:51 they’re not all like that but you do see their strengths and then lift and hold
4:56 themselves with pride and a lot of them have been through it you know
5:01 extraordinary journeys as well so so you mentioned that you’re a late bloomer
5:07 into sort of the sort of areas of your business or even developing your own
5:13 business so what led you to actually feel that your life had taken you in a
5:19 way that you needed to actually start a business like this yeah look that’s
5:25 that’s a great question Karen and I think like anybody that runs a business
5:30 particularly when it comes to health well-being spiritual emotional kind of
5:34 journey we have all been through stuff and at 21 I was married and I married
5:41 into a domestic violent marriage where the journey started with the violence
5:48 very soon after the marriage so it was less than a month just short of a month
5:53 after and horrific circumstances on that particular night but I don’t want to
5:59 dwell on that too much and as I came out of that relationship 18 months later and
6:06 taking the power away I really started to feel like I wanted to do more with my
6:10 life and of course until you do the healing the inner work and you really
6:15 don’t establish the connections with the right people and I didn’t grow up in a
6:21 home where you know we’ll taught that you know you can you can have anything
6:25 you want in life you can you know create the goals that
6:29 you want to be being anything you want to be don’t limit yourself to you know
6:33 the safety of going out and getting a job and those sorts of things and the
6:37 motivation sorry Donna you did grow up in a home that actually gave you those
6:42 values no no no it was just you know we grew up with all the 60s 70s where Aussie
6:48 battlers money is hard to come by all those sorts of things so you know life
6:52 was very ordinary for us growing up and it wasn’t a bad upbringing by any means
6:58 but it just didn’t show those things so I didn’t have the tools and strategies
7:02 or the connections with people to create that instant let’s heal within
7:09 and start moving forward so I created more of the same and had another few bad
7:15 relationships not physically violent but certainly you know there was some stuff
7:20 going on there and do you feel that not having the tools and did you take blame
7:28 for all of those relationships what did it become your fault not theirs
7:33 umm no I certainly didn’t take blame in that sense I probably blamed
7:41 myself for a lot that happened within myself after those relationships but I
7:47 certainly didn’t blame myself for those relationships over choices I made and we
7:51 all have a choice you know I never choices I made so when I turned 40 I
7:58 actually left our 12-year relationship and I said this is it you know it’s time
8:03 for me to really find out who I am and work with my you know with my inner self
8:09 and of course you know the teacher always turns up when the students ready
8:13 you know the old saying and so I came across a group that was very
8:17 motivational and inspirational and really the person that ran that he
8:22 became a mentor of mine and for years I kind of followed that group and learned
8:26 so much but then I wanted to get into more spiritual kind of areas because of
8:33 that really resonated with me more and I wanted to help other women under
8:39 stand that they could be anyone that they want to be they can be valued they
8:43 can be limitless and they can be extraordinary in their own life
8:48 regardless of what their background is and that’s the reason I started to work
8:53 with women which is good on you and like I personally work with women as well I
8:59 think it’s sometimes it’s easier having lived out you know as long as we have as
9:04 a woman and of course reflecting back on our life which is what the live life by
9:08 design is all about is to focus on all of your life so what do you feel when you’re
9:15 working with women what holds them back what what is their number-one fear
9:21 fear would probably be the number one fear you know they have these fears
9:27 about so many things and what other people think of them you know who are
9:33 they going to upset by taking the path that they want to take then then it
9:40 moves into all other areas I’m not good enough I don’t believe in myself I don’t
9:46 value myself I’m not worthy I lack self-confidence I’d never be able
9:52 to do that and this all comes from not only their conditioning years which is
9:59 where I really start to work with women right at the very beginning and I go
10:05 back as far as the womb if need be with some in some cases because there’s stuff
10:10 that goes on there that actually people quite surprised when they realize and
10:15 then they understand that they’ve had conversations with their parents that
10:19 they go oh that stuck with me for X number of years so sorry
10:28 they’ve normally misinterpreted those experiences but they are definitely a child-like
10:33 perspective as opposed to an adult perspective that’s it and you know they
10:38 would never have thought that those conversations would have affected them
10:44 but as we all know when you have emotional experiences they just layer
10:49 upon layer upon layer upon layer and when you have the
10:53 same feeling emotionally when something happens you’re just stacking it up and
10:58 you’ve got to learn to really get to the root of that and break it break it out
11:03 and you know that’s how we get the rapid rapid success through the shifts that
11:10 happen really quickly by recognizing understanding that whole life journey
11:16 and you know I don’t do a generational work but I truly believe while I can do
11:22 that with the psychic protection I haven’t utilized that so much because
11:26 it’s been a more recent thing but I would love to do more work without as
11:31 well and they I know people who do that and I’m happy to refer them to them as
11:35 well while I focus on what I I focus on so yeah it’s quite incredible isn’t it
11:42 that we don’t realize that we do carry a lot of I guess beliefs and insights from
11:51 our past especially on our female side all the way back you know like at least
11:56 7 generations and when you look back into you know like our great-great
12:01 grandmother’s and the times they lived in it certainly was completely different
12:05 to the times that we live in like even in my lifetime how different it’s changed
12:09 so yes carrying those generational beliefs and you know very limiting can
12:18 sort of unread like we have them without even realizing that we have them like a
12:25 lot of our beliefs aren’t even our beliefs are they know that’s exactly
12:29 right and that you absolutely nailed that Karen because you know we parents and
12:35 our grandparents and our you know and great-grandparents and so forth they all
12:40 did the best job they could with what they had to offer and you know don’t be
12:45 upset or angry with them about that because that’s not what it’s about it’s
12:49 about recognizing that see this is another area where women don’t believe
12:54 those beliefs can be changed but it’s simply an opinion and you can change your
13:00 opinion at any point in time and with the right tools and strategies
13:03 we can certainly you know work through that
13:06 have you understand exactly where that’s come from and know how to control that
13:11 in the future not going to say that it’s never going to come back but you’ll have
13:15 the tools to be able to work with that and manage that in the future to stop
13:20 those self-sabotage procrastination and people talk about the glass ceilings you
13:26 know glass ceilings are invisible you know that’s how I see it how do you know
13:31 there’s a glass ceiling when you can’t see it and you know I’ve become really
13:35 passionate about that phrase because you know people say oh no no I don’t have
13:41 any blocks or limits so why aren’t you taking your business to the next level like you
13:45 want to well you know I’m probably just happy sitting here doing this they
13:49 change their mind and what it is is you know there’s a limit there let’s have a
13:54 look at where that comes from and move through that and you know refocus
13:59 everything that’s around you and about you to what your real passion and
14:03 purpose is that can be simply which brings me to my next question which is
14:09 which has just come up actually through that conversation is one of the pillars
14:13 in the live life by design is all about your wealth creation now a lot of people
14:19 don’t realize their emotional attachment to money they probably haven’t even gone
14:24 into it probably don’t even realize that they may have a limiting belief around
14:28 money but a lot of the time we also can put ourselves like a limit or a ceiling
14:36 on how much we can earn so busting through that ceiling is I’m sure
14:43 something that you will assist your clients with am I correct yeah
14:47 absolutely and really if they’re already in business and you know I’ve helped and
14:54 one of the work is something part of the work that I do do working with
14:58 businesses who are stuck and we refocus exactly what they’re where they’re at
15:05 and we really drill into what they’ve got and often people are packaging their
15:10 information incorrectly to limit the way that they do it and you know when you
15:17 have say for example somebody who runs a business where they’re running all over
15:21 town to make appointments and meeting with these people because they’re
15:25 working on behalf of somebody else and then they find that you know they might
15:30 get four appointments a day instead of what they could do like this through
15:34 zoom or through you know other means they can do six or eight of these
15:41 appointments because they’re not traveling and all the initial inquiry
15:45 stuff can be done up front and then they package that as an initial enquiry and
15:51 then you know then they can bring that plus something else into the next part
15:58 and we went from having three prices which were quite quite a lot of work for
16:05 that person to having five or six packages where even if they only took
16:13 the bottom three she would have been only more money than what she was with
16:16 her top package and it all came down to time and the way that she was actually
16:21 the way she could create it and so those things you know people just don’t
16:27 realize that that’s the block it’s about seeing outside that and you know it’s
16:32 like anything I suppose we can all see that for other people we don’t always
16:35 see it for ourselves and that’s why I continually have work done with myself
16:41 inner work and healings and you know consultations with people who can
16:47 actually enhance where I’m at because I almost stop here i want to keep going exactly
16:53 and every don’t we all but then that comes and that brings me back to another
16:57 thing though and I always love talking about Marianne
17:00 Williamson and one of the things that most of us are actually really scared of
17:06 actually being over successful by shining our light because of the beliefs
17:13 of who am I to be that person yeah what gives me the right
17:19 you know when well what gives me the right I didn’t go to university I
17:24 finished in year ten I married into domestic violence I lost my way along
17:32 the way I had another two really bad
17:34 relationships what gives me the right what gives me the right is that all my
17:39 life experiences and the work that I’ve done since then has enhanced my natural
17:46 skills to create more for other women so every woman was put on this earth to be
17:54 extraordinary why are we sitting around being ordinary when there’s so much more
17:59 to life so true and the good thing is and we haven’t
18:03 even touched on this that you know is like my second pillow all about your
18:06 relationship you have found an amazing relationship haven’t you after all your
18:10 trials and tribulations oh look I was really blessed when I met my husband who
18:17 and still does literally worships the ground that I walk on and you know we
18:24 have really built a great life together and we’ve been together now 18 20 years
18:32 oh wow congratulations I think 18 years we’ve been together married for 14 in general in
18:41 February so you know what it’s just it’s it’s just been amazing and we even go
18:49 from that when sorry where you can go from that when you’ve got somebody who
18:54 truly supports you you know I’ve never had to be or put on being anyone other
19:01 than myself I’ve always been extremely true to myself I haven’t tried to
19:05 impress him in any other way mind you age comes with that as well I was over
19:09 40 when I met him so you know it’s it’s just yeah I mean just being when you find
19:18 out who you are and you’re true to yourself then you can actually truly
19:21 have a great relationship with somebody else and everybody else that comes into
19:25 your life that’s what I was going to say before you met your current husband you
19:29 had started to do the work on yourself hadn’t you you had to start taking the
19:33 hard steps looking in the mirror figuring out who you figuring out who
19:37 you wanted to be that’s right Karen you know and that’s
19:42 such a big important step you know get up everyday look at
19:46 yourself in the mirror tell yourself that you’re enough it’ll feel weird to
19:50 start with but you know then one client that I have had you know she texted me
19:57 text message earlier this year and she said you know what and she’s been doing
20:02 this way she kind of my course over two years ago and she said for the first
20:06 time Donna I actually told myself I love myself and I meant it oh wow how
20:12 beautiful is that that makes me cry another saying I heard quite recently and i thought was a
20:19 little bit better than fake it till you make it
20:21 I think it’s face to you make it because the more you face where you’re
20:25 at the more you’ll design a better way of doing things and then your not faking the
20:31 process like you know you’re on the road to becoming who you so want to be that’s
20:37 true and you know in the wording when you look at fake it till you make it
20:43 well you’re not being authentic no because you are faking yeah that’s why
20:48 I like face it till you make it yeah my number one pillar is all about
20:53 you so how do you look after you how do you have your downtime Wow how do I have
20:59 my downtime look I really listen to my body that’s the first thing I would have
21:02 to say good on you because when it makes a noise you know. I hope you don’t mean a bottom burp no no no well you know, I have to have a laugh
21:18 but when your body is telling you stuff quietly if you don’t listen to it it’s
21:24 going to start screaming at you and it’s all too late you’ve got to do so much
21:29 more work so my downtime is I listen to my body and come weekends if you know
21:36 I’m working in my office and I just go you know what I just can’t think
21:40 straight it’s time to go whether that’s lunch time whether it’s 5 o’clock in the
21:44 afternoon whatever time I just say you know what it’s time to wrap it up
21:48 because there’s no point in continuing I’m just going to push to the point and
21:53 I’ll go and sit down and watch a movie with Graham oh that so beautiful good on you
21:57 yeah so we’ll do that or you know we’re going to spend some time at the beach
22:02 and paddle our feet and just in and reground I have regular healings done
22:08 every month to detach anything that might have come into my field during
22:14 that month just for our viewers so that could be something like someone else’s
22:21 energies or what sort of other things might come and attach themselves to you yeah
22:26 look it’s energies it’s sometimes it’s parasitic sometimes it’s you know when
22:34 you when you push yourself as we all do because we know that there’s certain
22:39 things we have to achieve or want to achieve we choose to achieve and you
22:44 know you really can have your guard down a little bit if you’re a little bit
22:49 tired and you might walk into an area and haven’t done your protection
22:52 properly and therefore you know that’s and I know I feel it immediately I just
22:58 go oh my god I haven’t done it enough today and I just felt that come on and
23:04 there’s stuff that I can do to help myself I also go to a kinesiologist once
23:08 a month to just keep my gut and everything else working well and they
23:15 help with vitamins and things to get rid of you know any any bugs that I might
23:20 have picked up because you know there are things you don’t actually realize
23:24 you’ve got until it’s too late and then you know I’ve I’ve always had gut issues
23:29 for many many years and I’ve been going to this kinesiologist for over thirty
23:34 years now and you know really keeps me getting out of bed everyday I suppose on
23:41 a physical level but and mentally and emotionally and spiritually
23:46 it’s about meditation that’s about being positive it’s about creating a space
23:52 where I can actually feel happy doing what I’m doing and the minute I don’t
23:59 think you know it’s time to sort of look at that yeah so there’s many different
24:06:00 things that you can do to create that self self nurture and self-care and you
24:14:00 know there’s there’s probably more things that I do that I just can’t think
24:18:00 of off the top of my head as well I eat really well like eat really clean
24:23:00 obviously can’t do that when you go out a lot but you know my my eating habits
24:30:00 at home are really really clean because of because of the gut issues I’ve had as
24:34:00 well I have to be careful I eat yeah which is perfect and do you just very
24:39:00 quickly do you do your house environment as well do you cleanse your house energetically yes
24:44:00 yes I do I am I have a sage stick that I go through and just cleanse from time to
24:52:00 time I feel energies in the house and I feel in this particular home that we’re
24:58:00 in at the moment there’s some spirits that are around and I see them flash out
25:04:00 the corner of my eye but they’re all good there’s nothing here that is makes
25:10:00 me feel uncomfortable so I just you know I just let them be
25:13:00 but I do smudge from time to time when I feel a bad energy or when I feel that
25:18:00 something’s slipped so very much so we have crystals around you know I’m very
25:25:00 big on feng shui although if you saw my office today probably not so much but so
25:32:00 you know lots of little bits and pieces yeah no that’s perfect and it fits so
25:37:00 well in with the live love by design which is obviously why we’re having a
25:41:00 conversation today so I believe that you’ve got a free gift for our viewers
25:48:00 today I do Karen I’ve got 1-2-1 raise your vibration session that
25:56:00 I’m offering the listeners and viewers today so we’ll pop the links and I guess
26:03:00 I’ll have the links below this video where they can not only get in contact
26:08:00 with you but also download that free gift which is fantastic
26:12:00 yes so you know I’m happy to do that and if you’re interested you just need to
26:17:00 answer those questions and then I’ll email it back to me and I’m happy to set
26:22:00 up a call with you it doesn’t matter where you are in the world yeah we’ll
26:27:00 work a time out so yeah I work with people all around the world just so you
26:33:00 know and you know I can work around time zones no problem excellent so what is
26:40:00 the one thing that you want to be known for when you decide to leave this realm
26:46:00 and go on to your next adventure ah yes that’s kind of exciting to whatever that
26:52:00 might be I feel really good things about that I you know it’s really weird but
26:58:00 it’s been really in my focus lately and I don’t know why I should get it out of
27:02:00 my focus maybe you know it’s all in a good way it sound quite quite bizarre because
27:09:00 I’ve consciously been thinking about those things but what do I really want
27:14:00 to be known for I want to be known for you know I believe I was put on this
27:19:00 planet this time around to create a cultural change with women and you know
27:25:00 by them demanding respect by being respectful by demanding cultural change
27:32:00 by creating that cultural change in a movement of women and also by you know
27:39:00 being valued being limitless and being extraordinary every day and you know I
27:45:00 truly believe that women are such a force in numbers and I want to create
27:53:00 those numbers and move around the globe so that everybody can experience
27:59:00 magnificence and extraordinary lives and I’m sure you will do it Donna
28:04:00 I just think your an extraordinary woman I’ve heard your story I’ve heard you
28:08:00 speak on stage and I found you quite inspirational thank you and I’m really
28:13:00 grateful that you had time to chat with us today
28:17:00 it’s been fun and it definitely has been fun Karen so you know I love being able to help other women so that
28:27:00 as you do like you know that’s what we’re here for and to be able to work
28:32:00 together such an honor thank you so much No thank you for being our guest and
28:38:00 that’s the key that you’ve just touched on there is the fact that doing
28:42:00 it together it really is time that women actually raised each other it’s okay for
28:48:00 us to say the men are keeping us down but we’re not only keeping ourselves
28:52:00 down we’re also keeping the other women down and the more we actually bring
28:56:00 everyone along and assist everyone the more that we can actually have the
29:00:00 movement that we all want and desire exactly and you know what we’re
29:06:00 not in competition with anyone so let’s just start supporting wholeheartedly
29:11:00 with our emotional physical mental and spiritual being yeah I totally agree and I always say I’m only in
29:19:00 competition with yesterday me and that’s it yes well thank you again and I am so
29:27:00 grateful that you came along so thank you very much thanks Karen it’s been
29:32:00 absolutely great I’ve loved it bye-bye and that is another episode of
29:38:00 Live Love By Design TV don’t you just love Donna Ferguson she’s the most
29:44:00 extraordinary lady that I’ve met to actually move on from her initial
29:50:00 relationships that were not ideal that actually taught her that she could love
29:57:00 herself she could be anyone that she wanted to be so much so that she could
30:03:00 become a rapid success therapist that helps women to also become extraordinary
30:10:00 so make sure you take up her offer with the links that are just below this video
30:16:00 and reach out to her on social media and make sure you send any woman her
30:22:00 way who is ready to become extraordinary thank you and I look forward to sharing
30:29:00 another episode with you real soon


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