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“Creating Australian Jobs Whilst Keeping it Real”

Elissa Scott:

Serial Entrepreneur

No matter what your upbringing don’t become a victim to your circumstances. Life owes you nothing. Get out there and make something of your life. Work in your passion; be happy and kind every day. Pay it forward whenever you can and Karma will work its magic if it needs too.

Elissa Scott Short Bio

Elissa Scott the T Lady ~ the proud owner of Menopause Tea – Hot Flush Tea with a goal of saturating the world one tea bag at a time.

Elissa is a serial entrepreneur who has launched Elissa Scott Recruitment Pty Ltd with no applicants and no clients, which enabled her to retire at 40.

In 2011, she launched Homeless No More Charity having a 100% success rate of housing the homeless with no Government funding organising walkathons and using the pay it forward model to reconnect them to back to their families, back into the workforce or launching their own businesses.

Elissa Scott:

Your Free Gift From Elissa Scott

Elissa has kindly gifted you a free box of her Menopause Tea Hot Flush Tea.

As Elissa personally approached the next stage of her life she wanted to look into natural alternatives for the relief of menopause symptoms.
From her original limited knowledge about menopause, she researched, created and brought to life a certified organic natural tea for women worldwide.
The tea is proudly Australian Owned and Packed with Imported Ingredients.

Please note this offer expires 30th January 2019.

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Elissa Scott: Live Love By Design Complete Guest Profile

Elissa Scott was born in Paddington Women’s Hospital and lived in Cronulla to the age of 4 where her parents moved to East Killara to build their own home.

Elissa has a Mother, Father and Brother.

Out of adversity anything’s truly possible. From her early years of mental, physical and emotional abuse and daily bullying, instead of being a victim to the circumstances, she began to internalise a protective cover over her soul, this would in future years release and drive her to succeed in all areas of her life, her way and on her terms.

Elissa scored her first job at McDonalds after walking in from the beach and was employed on the spot. This job was only short lived as her family circumstances controlled the environment she lived in. After finishing school and failing the HSC, Elissa attended Pymble Secretarial College and landed her first job as a Secretary/Typist with RTA Incentives in North Sydney.

Elissa then lived close on 4 years in the UK, returning to work in Real Estate eventually marrying the boss. Her husband Michael gave her love, family security, a beautiful son James and 3 stepdaughters and is forever thankful.

In 2000, Elissa launched Elissa Scott Recruitment Pty Ltd with no applicants or clients, which enabled her to retire at 40 years old. So boring was retirement that in the Global Financial Crisis she launched 5 new business units and works in two of these business units still to this day. The business units “Resume Preparation Workshops” and “Successful Interviewing Techniques” were designed for disadvantaged youth, the private and public school markets and also individuals all over the world.

Elissa has always wanted to live her life, on her terms, in her own environment, not to be one that beats to anyone else’s drum or dreams.

Back in 2011, Elissa launched Homeless No More Charity with a 100% success rate of housing the homeless with no government funding, she organised community walkathon events for funds and used the pay it forward model to house, reconnect families, and launch their own business or gain employment.

During 2016 Elissa launched 3 community based initiatives. These are:

– The Suicide Prevention Care Boxes these are distributed through Lifeline on the Central Coast and Newcastle areas. The handmade boxes are made by 11 participating Men’s Shed’s. Donations are made by local and corporate businesses and individuals.
– The Avocado Project distributed through Beyond Blue in Melbourne. After Tracie’s death, Tracie’s sister Melissa and her immediate family and friends run the operations side to this project. The project is supported by community donations.
– The Domestic Violence Escape Boxes distributed through the Central Coast and Newcastle areas. These handmade boxes made by The Entrance Men’s Shed. This project is support by community donations.

Elissa is proud of her social enterprises in Papua New Guinea: Kokoda Roots Adventures (website: www.kokodarootsadventures.com) a local trekking company employing 20 men out of poverty and all $Kina staying and supporting local communities along the track. Also spending time and teaching local ladies how to make profit out of natural resources was a highlight.

Elissa has worked on 3 social enterprises in Madagascar. (Hairdressing/Nails, Clothes and Pizza Oven businesses) – support locals and poverty stricken areas.

Now, the T Lady, proud owner of Menopause Tea – Hot Flush Tea with a massive goal of saturating the world one tea bag at a time she continues to follow her passion of creating jobs and giving women a natural alternative in a chemical driven world. She has successfully signed contracts with Metcash with tea distribution through IGA, Ritchies IGA, Foodland, Foodworks and Friendly Grocer stores Australia wide and also supports Ovarian Cancer Australia.

0:14 hello and welcome to another episode of live love by design TV i’m Karen Chaston
0:22 and this is the place where you will learn how to live and love each and
0:27 every day to love who you are to love your life and to create your dreams
0:31 faster and today as always i have the most amazing guest Elissa Scott who
0:38 is known as the tea lady menopause teas hot flash tea sounds exciting doesn’t it
0:45 so let’s bring Elissa on hello Elissa and welcome to live life by design TV
0:54 good morning and thank you so much for having me
0:57 oh it’s my pleasure honestly but before we get too involved into explaining
1:03 everything that you do on what an amazing serial entrepreneur that you are
1:08 let’s just briefly chat about how we first met a couple of years ago do you
1:14 remember where it was yes it was amazing so I live my life pretty much like
1:21 random acts of kindness and paying it forward and I was just running into a
1:25 local cafe to get a coffee and I was distracted by the American accent of
1:30 your friend and she was very interested in purchasing my tea as a present and I
1:37 had this vibe to turn to you and keeping my dragonfly keyring and I have no idea
1:43 why but this beautiful friendship is open for the last two years well what
1:47 should personally grow and blossoms along the way and it’s just wonderful
1:53 that the Dragonfly is connected us and I’ve still got down he’s sitting here
1:57 yeah and I’ve got my dragonfly earrings on today which I’m pretty sure
2:01 I had on that day because I think you’d commented on them and then we went
2:06 from there and a shout out to Carol Chapman who is from North Carolina
2:11 who is a great friend and thanks for connecting us Carol
2:15 so listen ELISSA I should say serial entrepreneur tell us briefly
2:23 a little bit about your life and how you came to be this amazing amazing person
2:29 who truly does live their life on the more you give the more you receive pay
2:36 it forward pay it forward pay it forward yes so it’s a wonderful way to live
2:42 pay it forward and random act of kindness and I don’t know the universe
2:47 just gives me the most amazing life from my terrible side to my serial
2:52 entrepreneur side so in my past I was always frustrated working in industries
2:59 as a temp / full time and I was really unsettled I could never understand why
3:04 that was and I had four years working in the UK and came back and I was fortunate
3:10 enough to launch my own business in recruitment and what a wonderful ah what a wonderful
3:16 experience that was I had no applicants and no clients and I just walked the
3:21 streets and said hello to everyone as you never know who you are talking to, so what made you what made you go recruitment
3:34 okay so I always knew I loved helping people and I just love the connection
3:40 with a specific person and finding out about their lives and I know what it’s
3:45 like to be on the other side of the recruitment consultant hoping that
3:49 they’ll put you forward for the interview so I was like this is it I’m flipping
3:53 the coin and it doesn’t matter what you look like as long as your resume is well
3:59 presented and the facts state where your journey has been and I also did a
4:04 different type of recruitment I found out exactly what you wanted to do in
4:08 life not just say there’s a corporation here that has a position see ya I was
4:12 like what do you want to do when you’re a little they may want to be a nurse
4:15 that didn’t follow that path but a medical receptionist possibly they’ll
4:20 stay in their position. Ok that’s really interesting and that sort of
4:25 brought up the fact that we are the sum of all of our experiences and what we
4:30 dream about us as a child we may not do it as an adult
4:34 but that’s still that little bit in there so the fact that you sort of
4:38 thought you wanted to be a nurse you didn’t I can connect you by being a
4:43 medical receptionist so you you’re a great listener and you really do connect
4:48 very well with people so what do you feel about your past is that what you
4:54 wanted to be when you were younger a communicator I wanted to be an air hostess – ok an air hostess serves people and looks after them
5:07 and make sure that they’re comfortable and you know and does most of them talk
5:13 to you as well find out about you so I ended up flying around the world and I
5:19 had a wonderful experience in London I went for two years and four years later
5:23 I came back and I worked on a team organising the Queen’s Mother’s 90th
5:29 birthday party down to just making sandwiches in the tafe yeah I’ve done some
5:34 really cool stuff and I understand where that was leading because it unfolded for
5:40 me to work in recruitment so I needed to have different industry experience to be
5:45 able to understand where that person needed to be placed and because my
5:50 secretarial background was where I started office based recruitment is
5:54 where I thrived yeah now most people devalue secretaries don’t they they
5:59 don’t actually realize that they’re the gel that actually brings a lot of the
6:03 company together because they you know especially if there are PA – the
6:08 managing director or the CEO they certainly get to know exactly what’s
6:13 going on with the company and how to bring everyone together I know and
6:15 they see
6:19 and hear everything massive so that’s why with the royal family experience
6:26 that was one of the questions I was asked was confidentiality like and I was
6:31 living with 14 drunk Aussies at the time and like were you working and I could not tell
6:36 them where I was and still to this day it’s so unbelievable I’ve got the
6:40 invitation to the project that we worked on in the cupboard there and yeah so you
6:46 can do anything you just sometimes it’s who you know
6:50 sometimes it’s been in the right place but I have no regrets and I walk through
6:55 every door with passion and vibrance to see what’s on the other side and I don’t
7:00 mind taking risks and yeah I think helping people and service to the community is
7:07 why I’m on the planet and I have a very lucky life but I created my lucky life by living in my environment
7:13 so explain that for our viewers how did you create your life because you know
7:19 obviously live love by design is all about designing your life and creating
7:24 it creating the action steps that get you from where you are now to where you
7:28 want to be and closing that gap continually every day so how did you
7:33 create your life okay so from a very colorful youth where I was emotionally
7:40 and physically tortured, bashed – forced to live out on the streets have
7:46 no one loved me I was constantly abused to say that I was a failure and you know
7:54 I decided that I wouldn’t be a victim to my circumstances and I was going to walk
7:59 tall and in some capacity that domestic violence and the life that I had to
8:05 endure for 17 years has forced me out there and you know I’m thankful in a way
8:12 because I didn’t become a victim to it and poor me and oh so unfair well hang
8:18 on that was just my story and you know I’m in some ways thankful that I had to
8:24 live those things because as you and I have spoken before it just builds the
8:29 layers of where you are going and I live within my environment so I retired at 40
8:35 and oh yeah I live to the beat of my own drum and it’s wonderful when you can
8:44 work out your passion that every day you wake up so I put the t-shirt on today
8:49 and I’m the menopause tea lady and then tomorrow I’ll put on the homeless
8:53 no more t-shirt which is the charity I created back in 2011 for homeless
8:59 and I pick up the homeless and house them with no government funding with
9:02 100% success rate and the community has been amazing pay it forward or too many
9:07 items that everyone does have and find someone’s who can benefit from that I’ve
9:13 launched them back into the workforce and their own businesses so it’s been an
9:17 amazing roller coaster I’d like to talk a little bit more about putting the
9:25 homeless into homes without any government funding so just just the
9:31 thought of that is sort of a bit mind-boggling
9:35 so are you putting them into rented homes and assisting them to pay the rent and
9:40 so you then finding furniture for them clothes jobs all those sort of things
9:47 yeah it’s I’ll share the story of Dennis cause its are pretty amazing he
9:52 was living under the bridge at Toukley here on the Central Coast and I was
9:56 surprised that he was there so I knocked on the window and he basically repelled
10:01 me like you know he promised the world before and I said to him oh do you like
10:05 Rod Stewart I said can you just hold my brochure and I’ll be back tomorrow
10:09 and I said Dennis if I was able to change your life and I could get your
10:12 home out of the car would that be something that would interest you he
10:17 said oh you’re just like the others piss off you know Iike I don’t want to know
10:20 you you know you promises all of you like this anyway I said no Dennis I said
10:25 tell me what it is well if you got me something it would be a
10:28 one-bedroom home with a telly and I said all right I’ll be back anyway remember
10:33 the collection of people that are connect with I’m so proud to let you
10:37 know that Dennis lives a two-bedroom brand new unit in Woy Woy right and the
10:42 beautiful community we came with beds and sheets and I was I had a walkathon
10:49 that’s where I got some funds and the local community came in support of that
10:53 was so much fun an event at their local bowling Club and we had auctions and
10:57 things like that over the years for years and yeah so and one lady she
11:03 brought him a dog because she felt that if he could have a dog and get out of
11:07 bed and get out in the community which has been amazing and
11:11 he saved up $50.00 to take me out for lunch Oh how cool is that and so I live in Sydney as you
11:20 know and a lot of people I know are moving houses and they’re downsizing and
11:26 they’re and they’re getting rid of a lot of their excess items but they find it
11:31 hard to actually have places to take the extra furniture to because a lot of you
11:37 know the charitable organizations don’t have room to store it so would you take
11:43 those sort of extra you know cupboards items all those lounges all those sort
11:48 of things when they’re downsizing because I know a lot of people who are
11:51 taking them to tips they could have a garage sale and then they can donate the
11:59 money to charity if they want to use the furniture to places Father Chris Riley
12:05 is always looking for donated furniture so we’re paying it forward again and
12:10 mine is on a per individual basis so what is it you need like you know maybe
12:16 we need a mattress for a single bed and things like that I have basically sort
12:24 of just been working with special projects in the last two years which is
12:27 suicide and domestic violence as you know and I will do the random housing of
12:33 of someone and being an advocate out there to other community groups so like
12:40 St Vinnies they’ll take it but then they on sell it and the money goes into
12:44 St Vinnies so to find a particular family I’m probably Wayside Chapel is
12:50 pretty awesome in Kings Cross make some phone calls into their father Chris
12:54 Riley’s youth off the streets and different refugees will also take a lot
12:58 of my items if I give them like for example I don’t know if I’m allowed to
13:01 say a company here but My House for example amazing bedding and doonas
13:07 and sheets and here I was driving like driving out with a trolley full and I
13:14 was able to go and visit the families and for winter pay forward these most
13:18 expensive doonas that have just a maybe little tear or little bit missing
13:24 beautiful yeah and their faces when I walk up to the door they like come
13:29 in and I’m like I can’t stay I’m you know always like flitting here and there you know the
13:33 pieces for you from someone else you know that is what your love doing
13:37 that’s it yeah of course because we don’t realize that it’s you know its own
13:43 it’s so easy for us to have really lived a very you know opulent lifestyle and
13:50 then all of a sudden something could happen and we could find ourselves in
13:54 the same situation and most of the people who are homeless you know are
13:58 there for different reasons it’s not as though they started out homeless they
14:02 probably all had jobs and were quite successful and then life sort of just
14:05 you know came and gave him a couple of hard knocks so to speak Oh its so easy
14:11 Like one of my old fellows in the city he was married for 20 years and his wife
14:18 said look I don’t love you anymore so he got a unit and she stayed in the
14:22 house and he lost his job so he wasn’t able to pay the rent she wouldn’t take
14:26 him back so for the next 13 years he slept under the Harbour Bridge yeah so
14:32 it’s that quick that it can happen you can lose your job we are all one step away
14:36 from homelessness really and with the economy the way it is everyone is for
14:41 some reason on that Mouse roundabout tracing everyone else’s dream of having
14:46 three Mercedes living in the poshy suburbs well you don’t have to do that
14:50 you can live within your means you can retire at 40 and live every day just
14:55 doing what you love and I’m so lucky that I found my passion of being able to
15:00 help people not only here the UK even in the masai village in Tanzania I must
15:08 have this word charity worker over my forehead and pick me out
15:16 that’s beautiful because it does come under our pillar all about your
15:20 relationships and you know under that is is our environment and our social
15:26 ability because it is about helping other people we are all one we’re all
15:31 connected and we forget that a lot of the time we feel that we are all
15:35 alone and that you know no one really cares but to remember that we are part
15:39 of community makes it so amazing so tell us quickly all about your tea and how
15:46 you became the tea lady well I’m a big believer in following your dreams and
15:52 quite a lot a lot of my dreams have come true
15:55 especially meeting Rod Stewart being able to go to Vegas thanking him for all
16:00 his beautiful music because his music the words are just phenomenal and he’s a
16:06 funny man and yeah I was able to go up on stage and he pulled me in for a kiss
16:12 and then a one on one competition with him in front of 40 million people around the world
16:19 which was awesome again I was able to thank him for for making the whole world
16:24 smile and he doesn’t realize that and when you say it the word hey hey what about
16:30 Rod Stewart everyone laughs yes so he always get a smile with that hey you play
16:35 a Rod Stewart oh dirty old man you know but it’s hilarious because he has
16:40 worldwide domination and he is still performing and he’s funny and you know
16:46 he’s got a lot of kids and you know he does a lot for charity so I’m happy
16:50 about you know promoting him and so about my tea that was a dream that I had
16:59 and I woke up and there I have this sort of like warm feeling that follows me one
17:05 of the I used to be a streetwalker in the cross with father Chris Reilly’s
17:08 youth off the streets for nine years working with the kids and and someone
17:15 said like aren’t you scared being on the cross at night and I was like no why
17:19 I feel so safe everyone has their own communication pattern
17:22 out there so if I lose a homeless person I just need to ask another homeless
17:26 person I don’t know let me know where they are
17:29 it’s brilliant it and you think they’re just a singular person out there no they’re
17:34 all connected than they all know what’s going on and they know who to trust and
17:37 I think if I didn’t have my life I wouldn’t be able to do that but I have
17:41 this protection alongside me and that protection also led me to being the tea
17:46 lady of menopause tea hot flush tea – I’m so excited to be able to bring this awesome
17:53 so did you make the blend did you make the blend yes so my herbs
17:59 yeah ok so there’s five herbs in the tea bag and Austral herbs new Tamworth they make
18:08 them they import my herbs for me because the growing area is the specific for the
18:12 particular herbs I’ve chosen to be in the tea and they make the tea bag so recruiting
18:16 Australian jobs which is so thrilling and they’re so much fun up there and
18:19 then I have an awesome lady who packs my tea who she suffers from anorexia and anxiety
18:26 and depression so I feel an obligation to her to like you know get her out of
18:33 bed and you know participate in this and she she has such joy she this I will
18:38 always stuff up like how many logos I’ve given her and she like you stuff up
18:42 the logos again you know but I do that sometimes on purpose so she has to
18:46 call me so I know that she’s okay and that gives her a purpose in life and she
18:51 loves it and we donate proceeds to a Ovarian cancer Australia which also came
18:56 in a dream a lady came to the end of my bed and she said oh would you change
18:59 from breast cancer donations to Ovarian cancer and I was like she said
19:03 her sister died from that so I said that’s all right
19:06 so I wake up and said what Ovarian Cancer Australia what the hell’s is that and yeah I did my
19:10 research and the proceeds and really really lucky I’ve I’ve signed the
19:18 contracts for IGA food works and food land and they are a independent
19:25 community focus and charitable which sits with my soul so they’re
19:29 distributing my tea now australia-wide alright so next chance
19:34 that’s amazing Elissa and I believe you have a free gift for our viewers today I
19:41 do indeed so for your viewers who are dialing in
19:47 and seeing my story they are getting a free box of menopause tea you just have
19:52 to email me off the website no no I have to do is go to the page
19:56 where this will be actually listed be a link from there where they can actually
20:03 get a box of your tea for free postage included which is very generous of you
20:10 so thank you Elissa that’s alright and so can I tell you about the tomato story yep
20:18 we have very quickly we talk about that I love it I love the tomato
20:23 story so what happens ladies and gentlemen in the backyard I
20:27 moved these pine trees and this random little plant started growing I was like what is that
20:33 and yellow flowers turned up in winter and of course we didn’t have any bees so
20:37 I found out that through Jody that I could paint the flowers and they’re all
20:41 self pollinate but I didn’t do that I just do it with my fingers but I’m so
20:45 proud to let you know that I have ten kilograms of tomatoes growing and
20:50 every day I package up a kilo tomatoes and I Drive around the street and I just
20:55 wherever the universe lets me do my random act of kindness I wind down the
20:59 window I’m like excuse me today is random act of kindness day and it’s been wonderful
21:05 to be able to grow these for you and pay it forward and I tell you what the
21:10 community is so hilarious some of the comments I get you know and meet the
21:15 people it’s brilliant so if you have an abundance of things give it away we’ve
21:19 got too much stuff you can just live in the same dress for the rest of your life
21:23 if you have to and my social enterprises around the world in Madagascar and Papua
21:28 New Guinea you know maybe go and visit those countries and you come back and
21:32 see how wonderful and lucky we are well thank you and i
21:37 just want to end on this note I was won a submission of $27,000 and I paid it
21:42 forwarded to father riley’s youth off the streets
21:45 I’m very excited let you know that six kids and two teachers were able to walk
21:48 Kokoda in Papua New Guinea on one of my social enterprises that keeps all the
21:53 profit in the communities and it’s been amazing what’s happened to those
21:56 children coming back and how they want to get a job and and sponsor other
22:00 children back up there on the Kokoda track which I’m thrilled up it’s like a
22:04 dream come true that is a dream come true and thank you for doing what you’re
22:08 doing and below this video will be all of your links on how that they can
22:13 actually give back to your charity or assist you in any way and I’ll also put
22:18 down some links for people they want to donate their furniture and all those
22:23 other things because I know a lot of people who are like no one wants them so
22:27 that’s great to know they’ll probably get inundated because it’s nice that a
22:31 lot of people are downsizing which is fantastic but Elissa I really have to
22:36 thank you for being who you are in making a difference not only to our
22:41 communities but other communities all around the world helping them to
22:46 actually see that no matter what your life is about you can still live the
22:52 most amazing life which so fits in with Live Love by design yeah so thanks for
22:58 having me there’s this opportunity to be able to speak to those that may tune in and listen
23:03 that’s awesome really really cool I’m just want to just let you know that with
23:07 electrical goods and stuff like that a lot of charities can’t take that now
23:11 yeah I can understand that we’re cooking utensils things like that to start up in
23:18 your new home things like really really good okay well that’s it
23:22 so thank you
23:24 and I look forward to continue to follow you not only personally but also through
23:30 all your endeavors all around the world thank you so much for having me
23:37 bye for now bye and that is another episode of live life by design TV don’t
23:44 you just love Elissa she truly does highlight how easy it is for you to
23:51 design your live love dream life no matter how you were brought up that is
23:57 no excuse the not to design your live love way of life and in
24:03:00 the process not only create an amazing life for yourself but have amazing
24:08:00 relationships build serial businesses build your wealth so that you can
24:13:00 actually retire early if you want to but more importantly you can give back the
24:20:00 more that you give the more that you receive pay it forward that truly is
24:26:00 Elissa’s motto so until next time make sure you start to design
24:33:00 you’ll live love dream life and reach out if you want to know how to do it
24:40:00 very easily bye for now


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