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“When we realise that our purpose is to love ourselves first then we gain the love needed for others and that is what will change the world”.

Kathy Wong Short Bio

Kathy Wong, founder of Moeloco, has a burning passion to make a meaningful difference in the world. To inspire a community of individuals, encourage them to hope, to live their dreams, to create change and take meaningful action in the world around them.

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Most of us seem to be feeling challenged with time. I am not denying life has not become faster however our society has created this.

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Kathy Wong: Live Love By Design Complete Guest Profile

Kathy Wong, Australian born Chinese, which she affectionately refers to as a Banana. Kathy was raised on the North shore of Sydney.
She is the oldest daughter with a younger brother and sister. Kathy grew up in rather humble beginnings, spent much of her childhood and teens in her parent’s Chinese restaurant including living above the eatery.

This experience gave Kathy a great grounding in customer relations as she sat on customers tables in the restaurants with her sketch pad and pencils since the tender age of five and then as a teen serving on tables as a waitress.

Working in her parents’ restaurant also provided great insights into running a business, saw Kathy become an entrepreneur herself at 23, which also allowed skills to be developed from this early age.

Before starting her own design business, Kathy worked as an art director in two jobs, one was an event company and the other an advertising agency.

Kathy ran her corporate design business for 19 years before retiring at 42 then she got married and had a tree change for ten years. After returning to Sydney, restless to do something that made a difference, Kathy came out of retirement to begin Moeloco, a social enterprise that puts shoes on Indian children in poverty.

After running Moeloco for three years Kathy decided to travel for 7 months in order to self-nurture and explore further opportunities as a change maker. Kathy is still on this journey, taking a back seat on Moeloco.

What Kathy is most proud of is how she has built a connected community that have contributed to giving 9,000 children shoes so that they can attend school and hopefully change the course of their lives positively. The other huge part that brings her much joy is the self-development that has occurred on this Moeloco ride allowing her to really find herself and know her place in the universe.

After giving up her home to travel, Kathy now calls herself a citizen of the world for which she is eternally grateful. Whilst in Sydney she stays with her beautiful parents in St Ives.

0:14 Hello and welcome to another episode of Live Love By Design TV, this afternoon I am with
0:21 the amazing friend of mine, Kathy Wong and we’re sitting at this great setting as you
0:28 can see.
0:29 Not sure what the light is going to do though you know what we are going to keep talking
0:32 and we’re going to keep filming and whatever happens, happens.
0:34 Happens Yes.
0:36 So welcome Kathy.
0:37 Hi Karen great to be here
0:38 So great to see you.
0:40 Let me just get some hair out of your eye.So Kathy is perfect for Live Love By Design,
0:46 she has lived the whole four pillars.
0:48 All About You.
0:50 All About Your Relationships.
0:51 All About Your Expertise and All About Your Wealth-Creation. And she has just come back
0:56 from travelling the world for eight months.
0:59 Are about seven months.
1:00 Which is fantastic, though more importantly I want to talk to Kathy, we are going to start
1:06 with All About You.
1:07 What have you found out in those travels?
1:11 Oh my God.
1:12 HaHa.
1:13 There is so much Karen, about your beautiful self.
1:15 Well yes it has been such a journey, meeting so many incredible people all around the world,
1:20 as I explored social enterprise but what I did not realise was how much of a journey
1:26 it was about me.
1:28 And how I discovered that I needed to really look at my own self-love.
1:33 And that was something that I was aware of you know, but ah, it was like I did a masters
1:40 degree on self-love while I was away.
1:43 Ok so you are in your 50’s.
1:45 Now when do you feel people should understand self-love.
1:50 After living the life that you have lived and really figuring it out in your late 50’s
1:55 or mid 50’s, when do you feel people should actually get that little all about you tick
2:03 in their life?
2:04 I wished that I could have got it while I was younger, yep.
2:08 But at the same time I do kind of question is that possible, how would that work because
2:15 there is a certain amount of living that you need to do to be able to get it well.
2:20 Though you know I would have loved to have had it in my 30’s, actually.
2:23 Yes I always say in your 20’s but why not in your 30’s.
2:25 I agree but I do agree with you too that you do need to go through the “ego” phase of your
2:34 life and you do need to come to a time where you want to quieten it a little bit though
2:39 to have self love in your 20’s and 30’s and I sort of look at it as putting your health
2:45 first.
2:46 Making that a priority.
2:47 Yes.
2:48 Something I really wished that I had done when I was a lot younger.
2:51 And also understanding that to help others to serve others you can’t do it from an empty well
2:58 No and that has been one of my biggest lessons.
3:01 Particularly running a social enterprise which is all about helping others and being caught
3:07 up on this treadmill of I have to help the others, I have to help the others and I just
3:11 let go of my self totally and then you know was going facing burnout, facing health issues.
3:19 Yes.
3:20 And it’s like I can not give to anybody if I don’t have myself looked after first
3:25 You know the old is it the aeroplane you know gas masks scenario.
3:28 Yes you have to breathe first.
3:32 Exactly.
3:33 So that was a huge huge lesson.
3:35 And then you know realising that in my line of work I am constantly asked, how do you
3:42 make a difference?
3:43 We can all make a difference by first of all taking care of ourself.
3:48 Yes.
3:49 Yes.
3:50 And that was huge huge epiphany for me and it was interesting while I was doing all this
3:55 travelling, you know, I would had pictured myself reading, meditating and doing all these
4:02 sort of things and I did not.
4:04 Cause I was just being in the moment and being completely present to everything that was
4:11 going on around me.
4:13 And that was that sort of moments that I had these revelations about my self.
4:19 Ok, so being in the moment is a perfect way for us to go into the next pillar which is
4:25 All About Your Relationships. because I am pretty sure, with you being in
4:30 the moment, not only for yourself, but when you were connecting and meeting new people,
4:37 you would have had a completely different experience than if you had been the way that
4:44 you may have been previously.
4:45 Yeah, I think that I would agree with that its about being more open because you are
4:49 completely exposed, I suppose is the best word I would use.You know, because you are
4:59 vulnerable and that is one of the, you know, very important what would you call it, a byproduct,
5:08 or is the word the will come to me, it just flows on.
5:12 Yes flows on from that whole self love.
5:13 So I think that other people can feel that and they are attracted to that as well.
5:20 Yes the energy.
5:21 So your energy is completely different.
5:22 So how many great experiences did you have just from meeting people, say at just a random
5:25 table next to you.
5:26 Oh my god there were so many.
5:28 You know anything from, you know, as you said, sitting at a table in Croatia and then being
5:35 invited by this couple to go on their boat, this beautiful boat around the Croatian riviera
5:42 to private parties.
5:43 OMG, to the fjords, you know, yeah there were so many.
5:49 I can not begin to tell you.
5:52 So you have travelled a lot in your time on this earth, have you ever done that with anyone else?
5:58 Have you ever been to another place, in your previous travels, where you would have experienced
6:02 something like that?
6:04 I’ve had, look I’ve had other things though not to this degree or level of experience
6:10 that I’ve had.
6:11 And not as many.
6:12 You know I was travelling for a long time, so that obviously increases your opportunities
6:17 but there was just so much.
6:18 So many of these rich experiences.
6:20 So many connections.
6:22 Yes so many and that is what Life’s about isn’t it?
6:25 It’s about our connections our experiences.
6:26 And that is at the end of the day, travel is beautiful to see you know, scenery, things
6:31 that you have not scene, though what makes it is the people.Yes.
6:35 Because you know, now that I have travelled to so many countries, and realised that many
6:40 of them are quite similar.
6:42 the world is now getting more and more the same.
6:46 It is the people.
6:47 Yes.It really is the people.
6:48 Yes.
6:49 And what I’ve noticed is that we all dress very similar no matter where you go whereas
6:52 years ago 20-30 years ago everyone did dress differently.
6:56 That is right.
6:57 Now you can not tell where people come from either because of all the merging of nationalities
7:02 as well, so it’s a huge melting pot. it’s really beautiful.
7:07 and though but you can tell once you start talking to people and you hear, the different
7:13 sometime you might hear different accents but more importantly their different cultural
7:17 backgrounds and what, how that has been a big part of how they tick.
7:22 Yes.
7:23 Which is Great.
7:24 So moving onto our 3rd pillar ~ All About Your Expertise.
7:29 Now you have been very successful throughout your career which is fantastic.
7:34 you have built businesses, sold businesses and we can role the 2 pillars in together
7:40 the 3rd & the 4th ~ which is All About Your Wealth-Creation.
7:44 Now you have accumulated and become financially independent through your hard work for 30 years
7:53 Well yep, yep.
7:54 Right you have been out there and you have really been doing great.
7:58 Which is fantastic but now you are at the stage where you are actually assisting others
8:03 to, you’re imparting your wisdom.
8:06 Yes.
8:07 And that is where it all roles in together.
8:08 And it is also about giving back and connecting.
8:11 So share with us, how you actually do that.
8:15 Because you have so much wisdom and so much experience to assist people.
8:20 Well, thanks Karen for saying that.
8:22 Well we are all learning, you know I have had the benefit of so many people teaching
8:26 me and passing on their knowledge.
8:28 So it’s just even in just conversations I mean that is where it starts, right.
8:33 You know it’s amazing, you can have a conversation with all these strangers I kept meeting and
8:38 how they would, it would trigger something within them and it would inspire them to go and take
8:43 some action or go look into something.
8:45 So who knows where that goes.
8:48 but that is usually how you plant a bit of a seed.
8:52 Right.
8:53 Aha.
8:54 And I realised that I have built up all of this experience and people are keen to learn
9:01 and you know hear those insights and you should do that from everybody you meet.
9:05 As everybody has something that they can share and impart.
9:08 I totally agree.
9:09 though it also is the other way where I am sure that you have learnt from them as well?
9:13 Oh definitely it is a two-way street.
9:15 And that is what people need to understand from mentors, is that if you both should learn
9:20 from each other.
9:21 You both should be grown from the experience of being connected.
9:26 That is right, the mentee, just as much, sorry the mentor can learn just as much from the
9:33 mentee.
9:34 There goes my dog. this is a great interview.
9:37 We have the sun setting, we have the dog making a lot of noise.
9:41 But that is ok, cause that is what life’s is about It is what life is about.
9:45 And it’s about, you know, he is part of the family and he is allowed to make his noise.
9:48 But, Kathy I would really love from you to let our viewers know, knowing what you know
9:55 now, what do you feel people in this world, need to sort of take notice of?
10:04 Hmmm, well we started covering it when we talked about the self-love, you know I really
10:08 have a very simple philosophy on life, that if, everyone took care of themselves, loved
10:15 themselves enough, that would radically change the world.
10:18 We would not have wars.
10:19 We would not have all these nasty things that we have.
10:20 Because if you are content within yourself, YES.
10:21 Because that really has an amazing ripple effect.
10:22 And that energy that gets sent out into the world.
10:23 You know we have so many people who are unhappy, they are not well.
10:27 All these sort of things going on and that is why we have the world that we have at the
10:43 moment.
10:44 So I have really realised how that is the bases of everything.
10:52 Yes and I totally agree.
10:54 Going inside and looking.
10:55 Yes everything starts from within.
10:56 And as you said when you’re happy, you’re fulfilled and I think you realise you don’t
11:02 need as much as what we all think we do.
11:04 Oh we don’t.
11:05 We are all accumulating all this stuff.
11:07 For what reason?
11:08 To be the richest person in the graveyard?
11:10 I just you know, and I am not knocking it, we have all been down that road of actually
11:16 feeling that is what success means but more importantly it is the ripple effect.
11:21 It is an incredible ripple effect.
11:23 Can I just add, sorry to talk over you for a moment Karen, yes.
11:25 when you were talking about how little we need, that was the other part of my lesson.
11:32 I was travelling around with a suitcase, you know ah, with my clothes and other belongings
11:37 and it was so liberating.
11:39 Not having all this stuff to weigh me down.
11:42 Yes.
11:43 And you know, just being, free as a bird to just go from where ever I wanted to go.
11:49 Talk to who ever I wanted to talk to.
11:50 That was incredible experience that ah.
11:52 You know it does not mean you have to travel to have that experience.
11:55 You can still have it in your own backyard.
11:57 Yes exactly and it’s true we have so many clothes we never wear.
12:01 You know we have it for one occasion we might wear it ever 2 years or something like that
12:05 but its so true.
12:07 And does it really matter if you wear the same clothes over a week.
12:11 Not the same you know what I mean.
12:12 if you have a choice for 2 or 3 clothes over a week as opposed to 7.
12:18 yes exactly and that was another beautiful thing, learning that I can do with so much
12:24 less than what I have.
12:27 So I am purging.
12:29 I have got back and I’m purging and I’ll probably be doing a lot more still.
12:34 Which is great as i know that you will give it to the people who actually require it.
12:39 So is there any parting wisdom that you would love to give to our viewers?
12:44 Because I just love talking to you I feel that you are one of my greatest friends, Thank
12:48 you and Likewise and I’ve missed you. And I’ve missed you too.
12:53 Look I think as we said that in summary there is the part of the self-love but also I would
13:00 say that you know just be open to opportunities to people.
13:04 Yes.
13:05 You know we live in a world that is so untrusting these days.
13:09 People creating these little force fields around themself pushing people out.
13:15 But you know, if we all just put ourselves out there and open, honestly amazing possibilities
13:22 do open up in your life.
13:24 That is what I’ve always found. And the other part of it is for me you know I’ve always
13:30 been this control freak.
13:31 I’ve always needed to plan out know exactly where I was going.
13:34 I have not known where I was going over the last seven months, in fact I have probably
13:39 know, it sounds ironic, but I probably know where I am going without knowing where I am going.
13:46 If that makes sense.
13:47 That totally makes sense.
13:48 You know.
13:49 Because you are very connected to your inner self, now, and that is all the wisdom that
13:52 we require.
13:53 We know within us everything that we should be doing.
13:57 So trusting that is what the world should actually come to.
14:02 that is right, it boils down to that trust and the belief with in yourself because you
14:07 know everything does get looked after as long as you can really get that, instead of pushing
14:14 and pushing and trying to control everything that you think you need or want.
14:19 That just delays everything.
14:21 Yeah exactly.
14:22 Well thank you for coming here, Oh Thanks Karen, to Live Love By Design., I’ve had the dog
14:26 making a lot of noise, I’ve got the sun setting, here he goes.
14:30 Look at this beautiful background.
14:32 It is a beautiful background.
14:34 So thank you and I look forward to chatting with you again and seeing what the next 6
14:40 months/ year has install for the a women of the universe, a woman of the world, she is
14:46 the citizen of the world now.
14:49 And Keep travelling and keep opening everyone else up to possibilities.
14:52 Thanks Karen I intend to, don’t worry.
14:55 Bye Everyone


Karen Chaston: Show Host and Executive Producer

“I feel like I’m at the stage in my life, where honestly, I’m interested in giving back through showing people an easier way to do life, one where they don’t have to settle for less. One where they can learn from any mistakes I’ve already made. One that really makes it possible for them to live their dream life where every relationship in their life is complete, especially the one with them self. That is the true Essence of Live Love By Design.”  ~ Karen Chaston

As a former corporate Chief Financial Officer, Karen brings a unique perspective; extensive business experience and hard-earned wisdom that she wished were available to her when she needed them. Her many Live Love gems (tools and tips) will assist you to create your new normal life after any major loss. You will love who you become, all your relationships and any work you do will become more meaningful and effective.

For more details about Karen, her programs and other publications please visit: www.karenchaston.com.au and www.livelovebydesign.com

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