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True confidence comes from owning your power.
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Ly Aunapu’s Short Bio

Ly Aunapu is a transformation coach, accredited Journey Practitioner and on a big mission to help professional women from the edge of burnout to putting themselves first guilt free. She is doing it by showing them how to still accomplish big things in life without having to lose fun and playfulness.

Despite being a published journalist since age 16 and obtaining a masters in journalism, she realized later in life that her true passion is to help women. She knows firsthand how it feels to be stuck in life, unfulfilled and not having a sense of direction. She now helps women worldwide to discover their true calling and find fulfilment by transforming their relationship with themselves. Ly works spreading her message globally through workshops, coaching women one-on-one, facilitating Women’s Circles and by supporting her community on social media.

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Enjoy this guide, where Ly shows you why work-life balance is a myth and what to focus on instead. This will assist you to really flourish in your life and career, without feeling like you are burning out and never getting it right.

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Ly Aunapu: Live Love By Design Complete Guest Profile

Ly Aunapu was born and raised in Estonia, a small country in Eastern Europe famous for its start-up scene and digitalization. She never went to kindergarten and according to family legend was taught to read by her nanny at the age of four.

When she was 3 years old her parents asked her “what did she want to become when she grew up?” She said, “a tractor driver”. At the age of 6, she had upgraded her answer to a “CEO” (“a writer” was always on the list too).

Being inspired by his grandfather’s adventures her biggest dream was one day to go to New York and travel the world. Travels had to wait for a while because at the age of 14 she decided that she wanted to become a journalist. Despite being a published journalist since age 16 and obtaining a master’s in journalism later in her life, Ly completely lost her passion and purpose and no longer knew what was her “thing” that could make her heart sing.

For the next eight years, she was looking for her passion and purpose while backpacking in South-East Asia, travelling to over 40 countries, read hundreds of personal development books, attended numerous seminars and spiritual retreats and tried all kind of jobs that could awaken that lost spark. After four years of working in online marketing and helping to build a personal development brand, she knew that she was ready to create something on her own. She realized that her true passion is to help women.

Today, as a transformation coach and accredited Journey Practitioner, founder of Zensual Woman, Ly is on a big mission to help professional women from the edge of burnout to putting themselves first guilt free. Based in Sydney, Ly is coaching women all around the world how to accomplish their dreams without having to lose fun and playfulness. She has held workshops and Women’s Circles in Australia, Europe and as a passionate writer being published in the Elephant Journal, Thrive Global and various podcasts.

Ly is currently living in Sydney with her partner whom she met in India while marrying herself and committing to love herself first no matter what.

0:14 hello and welcome to another episode of Live Love by design TV
0:21 I’m Karen Chaston and today you are in for another treat I have the most
0:27 beautifulest lady inside and out to actually have a conversation with so
0:33 let’s bring her on her hello Ly how are you hi I’m good how are you
0:40 – so Ly is her last name is Aunapu and she is originally from Estonia but
0:49 she now lives in Australia so Ly tell us how you got to Australia oh so how
0:57 much do we have again so first of all you know I have always been a traveler like even when I lived in
1:04 Estonia I’m from a very small town of 2500 people and I always and it’s a town in
1:09 Estonia right not a village and I always had it I knew that I wanted to travel
1:15 the world that was you know something out there for me and it all started for
1:19 me actually 2009 when I went abroad to study for a semester in Denmark and
1:25 that’s when something really changed in me I was like oh my god like I want to
1:29 travel for the rest of my life and to Australia actually I came about well
1:36 almost three years ago two and a half years ago and you know why I came here
1:41 do you want the official answer or the real answer the real answer is I met a
1:48 guy fell in love with Australia and that is the best reason to do anything because
1:54 as and and you are very much all about you and then our with the live love by
2:00 design pillars all about you all about your relationships all about your
2:05 expertise and all about your wealth creation so I love the fact that we
2:09 started that you always wanted to travel and then through your travels you
2:13 actually met your partner which is so perfect so you’re a transformation coach
2:20 and you mainly love working with women which i think is amazing
2:24 because you’re so young and which is great because I’m sure you have a lot of
2:29 life experience through your travels to share with your with women so it wasn’t
2:36 easy for you to set up your business in Australia so yeah yes and no right I
2:45 think why yes because I mean setting up your business will always be difficult
2:50 and you know it is challenging it’s so much easier to find a job and you know
2:54 just do something by the book but at the same time it was almost like not a
2:58 choice for me it was like this is what I want to do
3:01 and it wasn’t like I sat down and I was thinking that you know I want to start
3:05 my business it’s like one thing led to another and I always say Australia’s
3:10 been so good for me because something really changed I mean of course one
3:15 thing again like I had transformation already before but Australia was like
3:19 the perfect country for me to step out of my comfort zone because I saw how
3:24 many possibilities there are and select that new version of me who came to
3:28 Australia actually I love that and I love the fact that you said there’s so many
3:34 possibilities because I guess a lot of the time when people actually live in
3:39 their hood so to speak they don’t see the possibilities they they don’t come
3:44 in with fresh eyes like you obviously did and I like that what you’re saying
3:48 because it is about fresh eyes so now when I go back home to Estonia I see
3:53 also from a very different perspective like I see like wow it’s
3:56 exciting actually you know once they left I was like ah
3:59 you know there’s something better out there now I don’t think like that anymore
4:03 I really think it’s about you so when we talk about me traveling I always say as
4:09 well that I’m you know a souler traveler so it’s me changing my inner world as well and
4:14 it’s so true because most of the times we don’t see what’s all around us but
4:20 more importantly our perspective if we’re to say for example if we’re more
4:25 negative than positive we’re obviously going to focus on on that more than the
4:30 positives but we we don’t really what’s the right word I’m looking for
4:35 we don’t really see how how beautiful everywhere we live in
4:42 the world can possibly be absolutely absolutely
4:45 ultimately is about how do you feel you know I lived four years in Berlin and I
4:50 remember that I didn’t have very very good feelings I loved the city but it
4:54 wasn’t anything like how I feel in Sydney but it’s not about the city
4:58 itself it’s really like your own experience there you know what are you
5:02 did you feel with Berlin for example and I don’t want to harp on this do you feel
5:07 the energy of past events that have happened in Berlin could actually
5:12 be what you were feeling were you taking on that sort of energy or do you feel it was totally you
5:19 definitely it has a lot of history you know and you can really feel it I think
5:22 in every corner but Berlin is also about the city of freedom you know a
5:26 lot of people come there do just seek for freedom it’s um always talk about
5:31 it that you know it’s um people are not unemployed they’re freelancers so
5:37 because people just think differently well I guess it was more about my own
5:43 personal experience actually I just felt really lost like I didn’t know what I
5:47 actually want from life I didn’t have that kind of certainty that I have right
5:51 now so I think that’s the main difference was that an age thing or just
5:55 through you exploring more about yourself yeah hard to say can be an age
6:02 thing a little bit but at the same time you know I don’t believe in age I really
6:06 like it’s the same thing a lot of women say that you know once you are like in
6:09 your 40s or 30s you learn to love yourself I don’t think it’s a given
6:14 thing it’s about taking the steps you know oh totally we just grow up and learn to suppress it that’s the
6:20 difference yes oh no you definitely have to take the steps to actually and I like
6:25 to say it’s the journey to becoming your own best friend yeah I love that you actually get to like
6:30 who you are and and understand you know what lights you up and what brings you
6:36 down yeah I like I say sometimes you know becoming your own mother as well
6:41 and why mother’s love is unconditional it doesn’t matter what you’re doing your
6:46 mom wants the best for you at the same time
6:49 you know she made sure like love is there doesn’t matter what you’re doing
6:52 love is unconditional so I say become your own mother you know
6:55 oh I like that thank you I’ll have that yeah become your own best
7:00 friend like your mother yeah what is a number one tip for you to
7:06 make sure that your dreams come true ohh I love that question the truth is it is
7:11 about feeling joy I think this is what I’m really really trying to embody every
7:17 day in my life because if you’re feeling joy and you’ve
7:21 love what you’re doing your dreams will come true
7:23 this is the number one thing so it’s not coming from the desperate mode like I
7:28 want that I want that so bad it’s almost like I know it’s gonna come you know I’m already
7:33 enjoying what are some of thing you do to make sure you do feel joy but are some of the tips that you can
7:39 give our viewers to make sure that they joy their life does become more joyous I
7:44 think it’s really it comes down to really small things people always think
7:48 it needs to be something big grandiose you know but the truth is it’s really
7:52 about the small things like you know what makes your heart sing like do you
7:56 want to dance a little bit you want to go for a walk I love walking on the
8:00 beach so do I it’s the best place for me doesn’t matter what is my mood it changes
8:06 immediately yes for me it is about connecting more with that playfulness as
8:11 well like becoming a kid again I guess it’s important that younger version of
8:16 you who was like wild and free so yeah and I guess what what I love about the
8:22 beaches is standing there and looking at the horizon where you are you just feel
8:26 there’s endless possibilities absolutely yeah so obviously English is not your
8:35 first language obviously so I have to ask for this question I love to ask
8:41 people this what do you dream in umm in what language yes actually
8:49 it’s a very interesting question because I guess both to be honest you know my
8:54 partner sometimes say that I was sleep talking in Estonian most I’m thinking in
8:59 English because it’s my you know the environment where I live in but when I
9:03 think about my parents for example about my family back in Estonia it switches to
9:08 Estonian because that’s the language we use so I love that I love that must admit I’ve only got
9:14 English and let’s face it a lot of Englishmen don’t even would say
9:18 Australians don’t even speak English but I just love the fact that you you can
9:24 actually speak more than one language and do you feel that having a
9:31 different language helps you in seeing things differently
9:36 absolutely absolutely and you know I didn’t I learn English like when I
9:41 started I guess lessons when I was 10 years old
9:43 there’s even proven that you know if you have a bilingual child it’s just the
9:49 brain works very differently so but even now for me like definitely it’s also
9:53 even those cultural phrases are understanding people better language
9:58 changes your world absolutely and I think one of the things like when I was
10:02 living in Berlin I didn’t speak German actually so it definitely
10:06 restricted my worldview and overall experience so that’s why I love Sydney so much
10:12 as I can express myself and people understand oh yes we have to be able to
10:17 express ourselves don’t we we can’t actually stifle it it’s very important
10:21 so your ideal client is is women is there a do you have like an avatar as
10:28 they like to say that you actually love to work with you know the truth is
10:33 I’ve been working with all kinds of women you know I would love to think I’m
10:37 also coming from a marketing background and having an avatar but I
10:41 guess it’s one thing that is common amongst all these women’s that they are
10:45 ready it’s that willingness to change their life you know there’s no like yes
10:50 from marketing terms I could talk about the age and everything but it doesn’t
10:54 matter to be honest I worked with women who are
10:56 in their sixties women who were in the twenties so and one thing that’s common
11:00 they really want to change something they just might not know how you know
11:04 it’s like they know that there’s something so much bigger out there for
11:08 them and they no longer want to stay where they’re at yes that is perfect isn’t it and I’ve found
11:19 the same thing that it the women have to be ready
11:22 you can’t force anyone to change if they’re not ready to to take the steps
11:27 to take the action steps and this is something that sometimes I find
11:32 frustrating because I have this big passion to change everyone especially as i know
11:36 you don’t have to stay there come with me you know but it’s a lesson of understanding
11:41 honoring everyone’s journey that are you know I guess divine timing for things so
11:46 yeah which I understand so which so do you want to talk a little bit more about
11:52 your relationship it doesn’t have to be relationships with your boyfriend’s
11:55 having a long-distance relationship now with obviously your family and and
12:00 extended family how is that working for you ohhh it’s definitely working better than romantic long-distance
12:09 relationships that’s what I can say for sure it’s harder when you know my sister I have a
12:14 sister she has two beautiful boys so that’s making things harder you know
12:19 what my parents are not getting younger but I guess so what helps it’s just
12:23 really in connecting with them you know on a regular basis sending whatsapp
12:27 messages photos just trying to be there for them and always try to go home at
12:32 least once a year and stay there a bit longer like a month but I guess it’s
12:36 something that you know I guess a lot of expats
12:40 resonate with it there’s always some kind of longing in you because one part of
12:45 you is always missing yes yes you miss out on events and and you really want to
12:50 be in two places at once but you have to love the world we live in it is a lot
12:54 smaller and we’re a lot more connected with the way that we can actually have
12:58 you know face telephone calls like we’re doing now as opposed to just the old
13:03 phone home type thing certainly yes and so their last pillar which is all
13:10 about your world creation so it sounds like you’re setting up a business that
13:14 you could actually work anywhere in the world from so when you go home it’s not
13:19 as though you’ll you’re not working as well which is great and ideal so what do
13:24 you feel is a great tip in accumulating wealth for our viewers whoo I feel like I
13:31 haven’t accumulated wealth yet that’s the honest one so that’s good
13:36 one of the things what I feel and this is something that I’ve always done like
13:40 stay stay true to your values and one of the things like I’ve always known that
13:46 like having that classic nine-to-five job is not for me and I’ve really made
13:51 it like my priority to live this way and again like you know if you you want to
13:56 not everyone it should have their own business it’s not for everyone basically
14:00 understanding what is it that you truly want to do so how do you want to live
14:06 your life because the truth is sometimes we don’t like that but we all our
14:09 creators of our life you know the bad and the good so I guess for me even when I
14:15 was working for other companies I was working from home so that was very
14:19 important for me to have the flexibility it’s really about prioritizing and not
14:24 lowering your standards yes which is what I love now you trained to be a
14:28 journalist yes and chose not to work in that field long term yes making that
14:35 decision and realizing that it wasn’t your passion after doing all of that
14:38 studying and always thinking that you were going to do that how did you
14:43 come to the conclusion and actually take those steps yes it was definitely one of
14:49 the biggest turning points in my life because since I was 14 I knew like I’m
14:53 gonna be a journalist and like a news reporter you know I knew that’s about
14:57 being a news reporter and then I did my master studies and like the first year
15:02 my master studies I realized that my god like my passion is gone but actually now
15:07 I know that I never ever regretted studying journalism and it’s something
15:12 that I still feel very attracted to you’ll always use those skills anyway
15:16 absolutely I guess it’s more about like writing
15:19 more feature stories and like sharing people’s stories so that type of
15:24 journalism yeah it is beautiful yeah I can see you coming out with a
15:28 compilation book yes it is coming oh is it yes I am already working on it actually I started like just a week
15:37 ago and I have an accountability buddy now as well so yeah excellent can you
15:42 share the title or too early or is it still in working title it’s very much so
15:47 yeah still in progress but I think it’s more about sharing my story as well through
15:54 different cities where I lived yes the good the bad and the ugly of each city
16:04 have a lot of photos to go with it as well which is always great for the readers to have a look at them
16:08 actually dive into that area that’s what I find anyway so I believe you have a
16:14 gift for all of our viewers today do you want to share what that’s about
16:18 yes so it’s a little e book or a guide and it is about balance me that I’m
16:23 really passionate about why work-life balance is a myth and what to focus on
16:27 instead because I truly believe that you know we are all being sold on that idea
16:31 that balance is achievable and we try really hard right so and I think there’s
16:37 something so much more valuable that we should focus on so I feel also the women
16:42 that I work with like feeling really guilty on putting themselves first and
16:46 taking time for themselves and then also feeling guilty that you know now when
16:50 I’m working I’m not you know being with my family the other way around so this
16:57 is a little guide that really challenges your mindset a little bit about balance
17:01 what is achievable and what you focus on instead and also share some practical
17:05 tips they’re an exercise thank you and that could seem so well with the live
17:09 life by design and where you actually by embracing all areas of your life you
17:15 actually end up with your joyous life and you are actually achieving balance
17:20 from a different perspective as you’re touching all of the areas you know she
17:23 said you’re bringing what you’re actually making sure that joy comes into
17:28 your life absolutely doing what you like and it
17:31 face it so many times we spend so much time at work accumulating all of this
17:36 money to buy all of these things that they’re not really making us happy are they
17:40 yeah and so what do you feel makes you happy ooh happy happy is the state of mind
17:46 it’s one of the things to feel happy stop chasing happiness that’s what I
17:50 would say I agree it’s a choice you can wake up and be happy absolutely is there anything else you like to add I was just really saying that like
18:08 really stop you know one of the things that today someone asked me actually
18:11 that you know I’m already doing this all this work on myself and I’m still not
18:15 there and I don’t have that relationship that I want and I was saying that the
18:19 number one thing is before you have this what you really want to have start
18:24 feeling good about your life already doesn’t matter if it’s money in its
18:27 business it’s a relationship you need to find that joy right now and at times can
18:32 be challenging but there’s no other way really
18:35 I totally love that and I think that is a great way to end our conversation
18:40 Thank You Ly for coming on live love by design TV and all of your details are
18:47 below this video the people to reach out because I am sure that you really can
18:52 help everyone to bring the joy and the happiness into their life thank you so
18:57 much thank you bye
18:59 well that is another episode of live love by design TV didn’t you just love Ly I think she’s an amazing lady and I know that she’s going to go
19:10 far in helping people to actually learn to live and love their life which is
19:16 exactly what live love by design is all about what I loved most about her was
19:22 when she actually said that when she went home to Estonia after traveling the
19:28 world she looked around and she realized that it wasn’t as bad as what she had
19:33 thought it had been previously isn’t that true about life we sort of
19:39 put our own perceptions our own awareness onto what is happening
19:44 in our world is it actually reality probably not because when we broaden our
19:50 perspective and we gain more wisdom and we actually learn more about ourself
19:55 ourselves we tend to find out that maybe what we were thinking originally wasn’t
20:02 exactly how it is something to think about isn’t it something for you to look
20:07 around at your life and actually say is this as bad as what I think it is where
20:12 is the joy where is the fun how can I easily tweak this so that I can bring
20:18 into my life everything that I’ve been looking for well thank you for being
20:23 here and I look forward to seeing you on another episode of live love by design
20:30 TV real soon bye for now


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