What are your coping strategies when loss comes to visit?

Do you actively seek ways to move beyond the grieving and suffering?

Do you just sit and allow it to wash over you?

Or do you go into what I like to call our Non-Coping strategies?

It is important for us to know our behaviours.

As it is through awareness that we can stop and say “hmm maybe I’m in denial here.

Now is the time for me to stop these behaviours and actively seek ways to stop the grieving and suffering.

Look for a process that can easily assist me to move beyond this loss and create my better life.”

For me, I had to experience two major loss events, before I started lookingfor a better way of doing things.

And then I did not like what I found.

In my experience at least, it seemed that there is no clear process to follow, and it is often even ‘promoted’ as a ‘taking forever ‘process, with endless types of coaching/counselling or whatever.

This is why I became a Beyond Loss Mentor and created my Beyond Loss 5step process ~ The Gift of Loss.

Enjoy this video, from a recent Beyond Loss webinar, where I share the more common non-coping strategies.

What are some of your non-coping strategies?

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